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America's Darkest Secret| The Nine Stages of American Autogenocide, By HIDDENMURDER

America's Darkest Secret| The Nine Stages of American Autogenocide, By HIDDENMURDER



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Published by Rbg Street Scholar

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Published by: Rbg Street Scholar on Apr 19, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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 America's Darkest Secret | The Nine Stages of American Autogenocide From:
ica's Darkest Secret
The Nine Stages of American Autogenocide
Originally Saturday, September 16, 2006 (Revised January 13, 2009) Martha Rose Crow, M.S.
Source: http://hiddenmurder.blogspot.com/2006/09/americas-darkest-secret.html
“What’s Amer
ican Autogenocide Really About?
Cover RBG Communiversity
 America's Darkest Secret | The Nine Stages of American Autogenocide From:
What Autogenocide Means
Auto comes from the Greek reflexive pronoun while genocide comes from the Latin words gens meaning "race, tribe" and -cidere meaning "kill." (source: http://wikipedia.org ) American Autogenocide is the deliberate, systematic and legal murder of American citizens by socially-engineering the die-
off of populations that are “problematic” for the interests of
wealth and power. Most victims prematurely die from social forces targeted at them to cause them to wear out by stress. This process is called "Weathering Away" or "Attrition By Stress from Shock." The simple formula for this is: SHOCK=STRESS=PREMATURE DEATH BY AUTOGENOCIDE.
Although it has to be “legal,” autogenocide is always committed under the radar so the media won’t be compelled to report it and so the people won’t see it or understand it. More,
the genocide is blamed on the victims and their deaths are hidden-attributed-to other causes rather than the primary one of autogenocide. What is different between this genocide and other genocides is that this unique genocide doesn't produce mass graves. Instead, the victims are spread over a large geographic area and buried singly, thereby hiding the body count. This keeps the deaths sanitized and homogenized. It also keeps the autogenocide surreal; thus enabling the village to deny It's existence when clues to It's existence are ambundant and abundantly transparent.
Six Primary Factors to Genocide
There are six primary factors underlying genocide.
 there is an overpopulation of people from groups that are not economically or socially important and/or viable to the political and economic elite.
 genocides usually happen in times of shortages. The shortage behind the current American autogenocide is work. America is losing jobs while the population continues to grow. The wealthy and industry are loathe to pay taxes to support negative or low producers
 America's Darkest Secret | The Nine Stages of American Autogenocide From:
(useless eaters) because the costs of maintaining these people (via increased taxes and social costs) affects their profits and earnings. When there are too many people in times of great shortages, they become restless and can group together to force democratic and social changes the economic/political/military elite
don’t want and work tirel
essly and relentlessly against. The
factor is that genocides are common to psychopathic societies. The stronger the institutional and cultural patriarchy, the stronger the chances for acts of genocide to exist, whether external or internal. Threat to power (now or in the future) is the
underlying factor of genocide. For example, approximately one-third of all Americans are minorities and that number is expected to rise unless that population begins to die off. If minorities become the majority, the old, established rule of the country by white male elite will not hold for long unless the country becomes a dictatorship. The
 primary factor to genocide is that women and children are the primary targets. Women are exterminated because of their fertility. Eliminate them and the next generation of unwanted people will automatically be eliminated or at least be considerably downsized. This applies to the elimination of children as well.
, modern autogenocides don’t happen without the help of the media. They constantly
distribute the propaganda preparing the village psyche for acceptance of the deaths. They officially ignore the suffering and premature death, thus lending approval to its justification and execution.
As good servants to the status quo, the media “hides” the parts of America the ruli
ng and
economic elite doesn’t want the majority of the village to see. Only when a fluke thing
happens, like an Act of God like Hurricane Katrina, will America see its other, darker side. Now even that has faded and become buried as the national media has mostly forgotten it at the request of their elite masters. Autogenocide has to be hidden until all the people that are

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