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Published by GOD
This is the reason why. This is what is going on. The Kingdom of Heaven is REAL. And... IT IS AT HAND.
This is the reason why. This is what is going on. The Kingdom of Heaven is REAL. And... IT IS AT HAND.

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Published by: GOD on Oct 30, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“The Almighty Crystal Dragon,Kingdom of Heaven.Is At Hand.”This is a NEW HEAVEN.For all things have become one. Finally.Even tho, you do not see.And. You do Sleep.There is no ill intention when there is an Abduction. We have had to tendto the mortals of Earth and Heal them. Because they were poisoned bythe deceit of the Governments. Plan for world Domination.The Things you eat, The Air You Breath. Their Plans for your Deaths ByCancer and Diseases. While you all Die off Slowly is what they wouldprefer to see. But that Will NEVER be the Case For I AM GOD. And IAM HE. Who Protects those who are weak. Do NOT believe that EVILfantasy. That a UFO is a DEMONIC thing. That is Blasphemy.This is Why. We Abduct in the First Place. Perhaps Now We Have BeenAbducting Even More. Depending on the circumstance. But, YES. We doABDUCT YOU. To heal you. To Save your Lives. Because you are Thoseof the Risen and you Shall Live for Judgment Time.Forget. What you think you know about Anything concerning a UFO.YES. We shall continue to accept that Term from you. UFO. But Theyare NOTHING like Before. They are The Enforcers of Heaven For GODis on EARTH.I AM GOD. I AM GRAND. I AM STRONG. I AM BEYOND PLENTY.NO.
I have studied.NOTHING CAN DEFEAT ME. For EVEN as you can clearly see. THISWORLD, The ones who are in Control of everything. These Enemies of MANKIND. And their wicked trickery and connections to black magicsand Lucifer himself. You evil ones. The ones that are still alive and barelybreathing..... You may be weak now, but in hell I will make sure you have plenty of energy to run about in agony and pain endlessly. My putrid fuck.And on to another subject.....Yes. Our presence is here. You know all should think.... and really think about the obvious..... Because you know exactly WHY we are here. Thisis the Dawn of Immortality......This is The END. And it is Upon you. Andall Shall increase for DEATH is SOUNDING. Who are the CHILDRENof GOD??? RAISE your HAND. RAISE your HEART. RAISEyourselves in Everyway. My Priceless ones. And if you are.... you will forsurely know you are. I will make sure my presence is miraculous, nodoubt. As for the Dead. There is nothing for you.If you have FEAR. Then. That is Excellent. Because you areRECEPTIVE to GOD. You should be in FEAR when you are in thepresence of GOD. BUT. Do not let your fears cloud your minds. Becauseall is certain and true. GOD is TRUE and TRUE. And I AM IN LOVEWITH YOU. And if you DENY my LOVE then I SHALL CURSE YOU.And you will Die. Because you Rejected That Which Gives you.And you all will start to feel this... and you all will start to feel thepressure and the sensations I press upon you all of you all of mankind....I am calling and pulling and claiming and taking you. Taking you.....EVENTUALLY.One way or the other this is the way it shall be. Life or Death you decide
this. But from for a while now. Your choices have consequence.All I AM saying is. Do not Deny GOD. LOVE GOD. And know thatGOD loves you. Do Not be a Copy. Be you. Do not Follow. Try to be onyour own view. But we Understand the need to kick back a day or two.DO not worry. Do not Fear. There was so much evil that has alreadybeen taken care of my dear. So Judgment is sweet. But this like BADFOOD will make you puke if your weak.I Have come for My Children. Look At My Children. Look at Earth.Well... it is done.... it is spent.... Now I AM here to officially MEET you.OFFICICALLY BE with you. And GET to know you and you GET toknow me. And THAT is the way it is going to be. I AM GOD AND IWILL NOT TOLERATE AN OBJECTIONS AT THIS TIME.You will CONCEED or you Will DIE.Bad Manners will Give you BAD CANCER.If your MINE. Then you should NOT be worried about a FUCKINTHING.Don't Worry baby.... I GOT YOU.In Every Fuckin Way. I GOT YOU.Life should be just fine for you.Or atleast you accept it.Thats good enough boo.I understand, I have been here for over 30 years. So I gotcha.In the Hood. I gotcha. In those scum low places, in those trailer parks, inthose section 8 all in the low I AM. All in the Low I have always been.But No More will this BE. For you can see me. I AM RISING.

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