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Mccloskey Family

Mccloskey Family

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Published by mccloskeyfamily
The McCloskey Family Tree
The McCloskey Family Tree

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Published by: mccloskeyfamily on Apr 20, 2014
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Patrick McCloskey
Tyrone - Ireland
McCLOS!" IS M" L#ST $#M!%%%
atrick is my &irst% In 181'( at the a)e o& thirteen( I le&t Tyrone County o& $orthern Ireland( the country o& my *irth( and sailed to the Pro+ince o& $e, Bruns,ick( Canada% I came to Canada ,ith my sister( Sarah McCloskey( ,ho ,as ust one year o& a)e. I started my ne, li&e here( in this ne, land( as a /eddler( carryin) a /ack on my *ack and sellin) my ,ares in the Miramichi istrict as &ar north as Bathurst% Later( I /urchased a horse and ,a)on and had a lar)e red chest made to hold my ,ares%
 Patrick’s red chest 
Woodmen’s Museum – Boiestown, New Brunswick
 met Sarah Mcenna o& Bathurst( $e, Bruns,ick( and ,e ,ere married in 23% My dear *a*y sister( Sarah( died in 1824( at the youn) a)e o& t,enty-&i+e% My ,i&e( Sarah( and I started our &amily and ,ere *lessed ,ith ei)ht sons and a dau)hter% 5e tra+eled to and settled in Boiesto,n and carried on  *usiness as )eneral merchants in a small store attached to our house
 Added by Stephanie McCloskey eb! "#$#%
This in&o &rom marria)e records - Bureau de Sant7( Bathurst( loucester Co%( $B%The in&o ,as transcri*ed as &ollo,s9 
Bridegroom: Patrick McCloskey
 - s/elled McClosky Parents9 :ohn 
Bride: Sarah McKenna
 Parents9 :ohn Mcenna5itness9 !llen onely; :ohn Mcenna9 Catherine <Mutan=>ate o& Marria)e9 ?thday o& Octo*er 1823 O&&iciatin)9 :%M% <Manor=>1
 McCloskey amily &istory
5%@% McCloskey( Ltd%
eneral Merchants
atrick died in 1866 at a)e 60( and his ,i&e( Sarah( continued to run the store% In 18?4( ,hen PatrickAs son( 5illiam @ichard ,as 12( he ,as sent o&& to the Currie Business Colle)e in St% :ohn to learn his trade% @eturnin) home( 5illiam clerked in the &amily run store% #&ter the death o& his mother( 5illiam took o+er the  *usiness( ,hich also included a lum*er and hemlock *ark *usiness( shi//in) the *ark to tanneries in Massachusetts to *e used in dyin) leather% 5illiam ,as a leader in the community and acti+e in *usiness u/ until his death in 1'14 at the a)e o& 2% The ori)inal store( ,hich ,as connected to the house ,as too small to handle the *usiness so a second store ,as *uilt near the old one% This store ,as a*out 30 &eet suare and ,as a t,o-story *uildin)% It ,as *uilt in 18? and ,as o/erated as such until a*out 1'0?% Other *uildin)s ,ere utiliDed as the *usiness increased and it ,as said the McCloskeyAs handled e+erythin) &rom Eneedles to casketsF%
Patrick McCloskey and &amily in &ront o& house and store%
Built in the early 1800As%
# third store ,as *uilt on the location o& the current one in 1'0?% This *uildin) ,as t,o-story and measured a*out 4 &eet *y ?0 &eet% In 1'12 the *usiness incor/orated% In 1'3 it ,as destroyed *y &ire and another( lar)er *uildin) ,as *uilt the same year% It is the current *uildin) and measures 0 &eet *y 83 &eet ,ith t,o &loors and a *asement% Gedlei)h H% McCloskey( son o& 5illiam @ichard( &irst *e)an ,orkin) as a clerk in his &atherAs store at the a)e o& 1% urin) this time he )ained ,ide e/erience in the merchandisin) *usiness% Gis t,o sons( Jincent and arrell( assisted their &ather% Gedlei)h mana)ed the store until his death in 1'?0% arrell and his ,i&e GaDel no, mana)e the *usiness% Their son( Brian( a &i&th )eneration McCloskey( came into the *usiness in 1'?2 and is no, +ice-/resident% <u/date9 arrell ,orked in the *usiness until he took sick and ,as hos/italiDed in :an% 300'% Ge died He*% 1 &rom stomach cancer% GaDel retired a&ter su&&erin) a heart attack at the a)e o& ?8% The *usiness is no, run *y Brian%=3
 Mc CLOS!" H#MIL" GISTO@"1806 P#T@ICMc CLOS!" married c% 1823 181' Sarah Mc enna  *% Tyrone County <Bathurst( $%B%= *%Tyrone County $orthern Ireland $o% Irelandd% 3? $o+ 1866 in Boiesto,n( emi)% 1820 to $e, Bruns,ic $e, Bruns,ick( Canada d% 6 $o+ 18'0( a)e ?1 occu/% Ga*erdasherK/ro/rietorKyeoman motherAs name9 Burns reli)% @oman Catholic emi)% 181' ,ith his sister9 Sarah McCloskey * 18184
 'n $()$ Sarah Mc*enna McCloskey was listed in the +oell -irectory asan 'nn *eeper!

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