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Seek ye first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all
these things shall be added unto you. Matt. 6: 33.


Seek ye first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all
these things shall be added unto you. Matt. 6: 33.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Apr 21, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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THE MULTITUDE— SEEKIG THE KIGDOM BY ROBERT STUART MacARTHUR Seek ye first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you. Matt. 6: 33. Could we but crush that ever craving lust For bliss, which kills all bliss, and live our life, Our barren unit life, to find again A thousand lives, in those for whom we die, So were we men and women, and should hold Our rightful rank in God's great universe. Wherein, in heaven and earth, by will or nature aught lives for self.  — Rev. Charles Kingsley. CHRIST prohibited in various ways the undue seek- ing after the things of this world. He earnestly rebukes all undue solicitude about the things of this life. The best way to get rid of the unnecessary care of things is to have due care for necessary things. The best way to drive out darkness is to let in the light, the best way to keep evil out of the heart is to fill it with good. Christ was a wise teacher. If we subordinate the affairs of this life to the concerns of the other life, both lives will be brought into their proper relations, and both will then be taken at their true value. Such subordination is true wis- dom, its absence brings chaos and ends in eternal loss. It is a constant subjection of our wills to God's will, to ob- serve what he esteems right, a performance of right things in the right spirit.
ow, therefore, O our God, hearken unto the prayer of Thy servant, and to His supplications, and cause Thy face to shine upon Thy sanctuary. Amen. Dan. 9: 17. 244 ROYAL MESSAGES 8-31 And God said, Let there be light and there was light. Gen. i: 3. Gloom dark and thick oppressed my soul In all its dead'ning night; Then whispered sweet that loving Voice: " Let there be light," And there was light. Oh ye who walk in clouded ways, And grope for regions bright. Call unto Him who loves to say, "Let there be light," There will be light."  — Donald A. Fraser. J^<HE day of conversion was to many a day of transfor- ^-^ mation; it was the time when the darkness of doubt and unbelief fled away, and when the glorious light of hope and joy shone with undimmed splendor on their path. Christ became their way, their truth, their light, and their life. An this light shone on their way and so they walk forever in the light even as he is in the light. They are
not left in darkness as to their duty; no willing and obedient heart is ever left long in doubt as to faith or practice. Whosoever is willing to obey Christ's law shall assuredly know Christ's doctrine. We may not have the light far ahead, but we shall have light for the next step, and when that is taken there shall be light for the next and the next; and so we shall move onward in this heavenly light to the end of our course. If I say, surely the darkness shall overwhelm me, and the light about me shall be night; even the darkness hideth not from thee, but the night shineth as the day: the darkness and the light are both alike to thee. Amen. Ps. 139: 11, 12. &-1 LET THERE BE LIGHT— LABOR DAY 245 Son, go work today in the vineyard. Matt. 21:28. Every mason in the quarry, every builder on the shore. Every chopper in the palm grove, every raftsman at the oar, Heaving wood and drawing water, splitting stones and cleav- ing sod. All the dusty ranks of labor in the regiment of God, March together toward his triumph, do the task His hands prepare, Honest toil is holy service, faithful work is praise and prayer.  — Bev. Henry J. Van Dyke. QOEST work in any department of life's activity, physical, mental and spiritual, is the only salvation

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