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Matt Lynch election questionnaire

Matt Lynch election questionnaire

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Published by The News-Herald
Matt Lynch election questionnaire
Matt Lynch election questionnaire

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Published by: The News-Herald on Apr 21, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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The News-Herald
Date questionnaire completed: ___ 
April 8, 2014
Election Questionnaire
 Office sought: __ 
Congress, 14
 _________ Political party:
%att #&nch
Age: __ 
 ______ Date of birth: _____ 
 Place of birth:
*ashington DC
 Home address:
1+(2 .gar Hill Trail, Chagrin /alls, hio 4402
 ength of residence in that community:
0 &ears
  %att#&nch
 __________ %ampaign &eb site: __ 
 ___________________ Occupation: __________ 
 __________________ Employer:
#&nch  #&nch Attorne&s
 ___ 'usiness address:
1+4++ Chillicothe Rd, Chagrin /alls, h 4402
 Elected office e(perience:
"ain5ridge Township Tr.stee 2008-2011tate Representati6e2012
Non)elected office e(perience *boards+ etc,-:
resident Tanglewood #a7e Ho3eowners Assoc
Education *Please only list schools you./e graduated from and list degrees if applicable-:
Cathedral #atin High chool 1('(ohn Carroll !ni6ersit& "A, 1(+Cle6eland %arshall College o9 #aw D, 1(80
0arital status:
 Name of spouse:
#a.ra #&nch
 Name and age of any children
: ;aren (
 Christine +, ;atie 1
Christ Co33.nit& ChapelChagrin /alls Eagles"ain5ridge Historical ociet&National Ri9le Association
2hould you be elected+ "hat are three specific areas you.d li$e to change+ address+ impro/e or further research+ and ho" specifically "ould you go about it3:
Repeal 5a3acare, plain  si3ple !ntil then we 3.st DE/!ND 5a3acare to protect o.r citi<ens"alance the 5.dget 5& a3ending the Constit.tion with a "alanced ".dget A3end3entClose the so.thern 5order 5& .sing National =.ard .ntil 9ence is 5.ilt$3pose ter3 li3its >12 &ears? 5& Constit.tional A3end3ent
 &hether for past accomplishments or future goals+ "hy should /oters elect you3
$ a3 r.nning on 5ehal9 o9 those conser6ati6e %o3s and Dads, seniors, s3all 5.siness owners, social conser6ati6es and hard wor7ing 3en and wo3en who are 9ed .p with politics as .s.al $  willstand 9or pro6en s.ccess o9 conser6ati6e 6al.es and li3ited go6ern3ent $ a3 tired o9 candidates  who sa& one thing then do another when elected $ will stand .p to an $3perial resident AND the leadership o9 3& own art& Repeal 5a3acare, Red.ce spending, 5alance the 5.dget, a 9oreign polic& that p.ts A3erica 9irst, respect theConstit.tionstop the insanit&@

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