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1918 Directors Frb Minneapolis

1918 Directors Frb Minneapolis

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Published by: fedfraser on Apr 22, 2014
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page1* Comparative Statement of Resources Xtecember 31,2. Comparative Statement of Liabilities December 31, 19163* Monthly Beport of Proofs & Verifications - Bazik4* Monthly Hep or t of Proofs
 Verificafc ions • Fiscal Agency Sept*5* Proof
Bills Discounted Members S. Proof of Acceptances Bou$*t5* Proof of United States Bo rids
S#/, Investment Operations during month of December 191^
1 '
 Other fedeml Be serve Bank
 « O&siiarative
 Banks Baservs Account - comparative 'S* v Due to treasurer of United states - coiqp&ratlv*9. Capital Dtocfc and Dividends Paid - Comparative10. Earnings for December - Comparative 11* Expenses for December * Goc^arative 13* Expenses Agents Department n t'frfrrm13* Expenses r Fiscal Agent Department for asoorabqr-lQia?14. Expenses - Liberty X,oan
 #ar SsflPingHj # -15#Transit Sparta ant Disbursements & service Charges for December 16* transit Separfcment Beport for December 17* ?win City Clearing®for December
^All^tiaent s tfnft CQarerstoiis
 liberty Xoaii--Bead^eli^eriesWaited States Treasury Certificates of indebtedness 22* Average laming A scots and Bates fur tteconber 23* Gross 2arnings By Months for tear and Averages 24* Gross and let warnings and Bspenses by Months 25* Average Holdings of earning Assets by Months /26. Profit and I*oss Account27* Salary Statistics - Bank and klbogtg
-Laa-a jep&rteent28* Furniture and SquipmeJit (Including vault}28* Reserved for Sundry Expenses29* Gold Holdings of the Ban&and Federal Be serve Agent - CCtajporative 30* Cash Reoord Bank31* Cash Bedord - Federal Bo serve Bank Botes32* Cash Hecord - Federal Beserve Hotes Beo#d frController of Current since openir©Issued, Reissued and Destroyed 33* Ca#i Hocord - Federal Beserve Hotes issued by Agent during 1918 34* Cash Hecord - Federal Bs serve Hotes - Agent*s V&ult Bscord 35* Acceptances held at Close of Business December 31, 1918 37* Bedi scoots Member Banks - By Uosms and states 42* Bill of lading Drafts Biscomfced month of Ifctcember 1918 43* Method of Procedure in Making Various Audits and Sxamlnations of Bant and Fiscal Agoncy Department by Auditing Bepartraant*
COMPARATIVE STATIMENT OF RE9DUECSS FEDERAL RESERVE BANK 0? MINNEAPOLIS 19X8 • 1917Dec* 31st t 1919#Dec. 31. 1917.B/L Draft# definite maturityBills discountedMember banka* collateral notea,Acceptance* bought,Rediscounts for other Federal Reserve Banks,Other
S* Bonds ownedOne-year Treasury notesU. S*Treasury certificates of IndebtednessInterest accrued on U.S.SecuritiesMunicipal warrantsBill of lading draftsCert* of Indebtedness to secure circulationLiberty Bonds sold on Installment PlanSfeppnse currentBank premisesFurniture and equipmentCost of unissued Federal Reserve currencyOther deferred chargesDividend a/c, incl* premium on surrendered stock Disbursements transit Liberty LoanDisbursements, Liberty Loan No, 3 Disbursements, Liberty Loan No#4 Disbursements War Savings Certificates Advances War Savings & Liberty Loan Difference accountDue from other F« B. Banks - Collected funds Exchanges for clearing house Checks and other cash itemsNatl.
 notes and notes of other F. R. Banks, Federal Reserve Banks * Transfers bought, netOther it ems,Member and Noamemfeer backs and bankers,Due from Treas. of U. S, 5# Fond Federal Reserve Banks Notes on hand,Federal Reserve Notes on handMultilated F« R. notes forwarded for redemptionNickels and cents.Gold with Federal Reserve AgentDae from Treas* of tJ* S. Gold Redemption FundGold Settlement FondGold bullion and coinGold CertificatesGold with Foreign AgenciesSilver certificatesLegal-tender notesSilver coin77,064.742,684,673.913,535,460.0017,993,767.6330,374.855.00115,560.00530,000.00266,500*0016,659*094,350,000.004,970*00318,336.3439,500*001.002,878.7486,574.4116,875*35122,816.5410,520.45
2,068,841*15260,988.02375. 5,470,865*82236,200*00463.454.001.813.495.00340.195.00 10.8555,868,410*004,948,850*0023,774,414*922,172,390*006,150,720*00233,154*9733,055*0038,620*001,170.007,022,335.78 A,059,992.00 7,166,877.76 4,988,121*23 1,887,990*00 1,340,000*00 500*00 17,841.63 25,380.00 960,758.32112,686*7166,065.2512,915.492,127*12
599,179*46169.361.00 1,23|,000.00729,552.533,063,947.48*1.420.865.00
 TOTAL HSSOUHCUS......................................................................169,748,788.93 114,181,528.94
COMPARATIVE STATMEJ®OF LIABILITIES FE33ERAL RESERVE BASK OF MIUHEAPOLIS 1918 - 1917Deo* 51.1918 Dec. 21.1917Capital, paid in,2,931,200.002,612,450.00Capital Suspense account
7,700*00Surplus,37,500.00-Profit and loss,428,804.4849,383*55Discount earned -Bills discounted1,175,998.09242,284.63Acceptances bought,106,410.3972,476.74 Transfers bought and sold, net charges,51,920.6035,117.63Interest earned - Municipal warrants,-254*60U.S.Securities,30,116.5249,184*97Bill of lading drafts2,692.326,535.87Penalties on deficient reserves,21,697.863,909.94Sundry profits,4,713.26701.02Discount on U. S. Bonds,47,430.485,682.39Unearned discount ~Bills discounted,95,610.6552,861.94Acceptances boight59,491.3741,412.45Unearned interest on municipal warrants,
6*21Beserved for sundry expenses,14,092.08-Service charges, net
50,590.69U.S. Government deposits - Gene ml Account,5,191,471.438,716,529.47Due to member banks - Reserve Account48,825,966.3739,347,899.01Due to nonmember banks - Clearing account15,500.00-Due to other Fed. Beserve Banks, collected funds-8,449,634.85Gold Settlement Fund - Suspense Acoo unt1,101,434*14-Cashier’s,expense, return item & Div. checks302,513.3731,488.47Federal Reserve bank drafts,-5,096.06Federal Beserve exchange drafts,2,121.10325.90Federal Beserve transfer drafts,63,000.00Federal Reserve banks - Other items3,411,896.562,069,429.73Member and nonmamber banks,2,314,722.991,129,016.30Miscellaneous,156,074.87195,606.52Federal Beserve Bank notes,4,632,000.00
Fedeml Beserve notes outstanding,98,724,410.0051,005,950.00 TOTAL LIABILITIES .
 169,748,788.93 114,181,528.94Ratio of total reserves to combined net deposit andnote liabilities
................................................ 65.8$ 86.9$9

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