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The Life of Prophet Muhammad

The Life of Prophet Muhammad

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Published by: hacene on Nov 01, 2009
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In the Name of Allah the Compassionate the Most Merciful 
The Life of The Prophet
Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him
ContentsPageSubjectAContents1How It All Began4The Children of Ishmael6The Promise at Zamzam8The Elephant Refuses to Move9The Prophet is Born10A Time with Halimah11The Orphan's Childhood13The Prophet's Marriage15The Coming of The Archangel Gabriel17The First Muslims19The Troubles Begin22The King Who Believed24The Cruelty of Quraysh27The Year of Sorrow28The Night Journey and The Ascent to Heaven31The Treaty of Aqabah32Al-Hijrah35Arrival in Yathrib37The Battle of Badr40Uhud-Defeat Comes from Disobedience44The Battle of The Trench48The Treaty of Hudaybiyah52The Invitation56Entry into Mecca59The Lesson of Pride At The Valley of Hunayn62Tabuk-The Test of Faith65The Farewell Pilgrimage68The Prophets Death71Glossary
How It All Began
early four thousand years ago, in the Sumerian town of Ur in the valley of the river Euphrates, lived a youngman named Abraham. The people of Ur had onceworshipped Allah but as time passed they forgot the truereligion and started praying to idols, statues made of woodor clay and sometimes even of precious stones. Even as asmall child Abraham could not understand how his people,and especially his father, could make these images with theirown hands, call them gods, and then worship them. He hadalways refused to join his people when they paid respect tothese statues. Instead he would leave the town and sitalone, thinking about the heavens and the world about him.He was sure his people were doing wrong and so alone hesearched for the right way. One clear night as he sat staringat the sky he saw a beautiful shining star, so beautiful thathe cried out: ‘This must be Allah!' He looked at it in awe forsome time, until suddenly it began to fade and then itdisappeared. He turned away in disappointment saying: Ilove not things that set. (Koran vi.77)On another night Abraham was again looking at the skyand he saw the rising moon, so big and bright that he felt hecould almost touch it. He thought to himself: This is myLord. (Koran vi.78) But it was not long before the moon setas well. Then he said, Unless my Lord guide me, I surelyshall become one of the folk who are astray. (Koran vi.78)Abraham then saw the beauty and splendor of the sunriseand decided that the sun must be the biggest and mostpowerful thing in the universe. But for the third time he waswrong, for the sun set at the end of the day. It was thenthat he realized that Allah is the Most Powerful, the Creatorof the stars, the moon, the sun, the earth and of all livingthings. Suddenly he felt himself totally at peace, because heknew that he had found the Truth.When he said unto his father and his folk: What do youworship? They said: We worship idols, and are ever devotedto them. He said: Do they hear you when you cry? Or dothey benefit or harm you? They said: Nay, but we found ourfathers acting in this manner. He said: See now that which
you worship, You and your forefathers! Lo! they are (all) anenemy to me, except the Lord of the Worlds. Who createdme, and He guides me, And Who feeds me and waters me.And when I sicken, then He heals me. And Who causes meto die, then gives me lift (again) And Who, I ardently hope,will forgive me my sin on the Day of judgement. (Koranxxvi.70-82)One day, while all the townspeople were out, Abrahamangrily smashed all the idols with his right hand except forone which was very large. When the people returned theywere furious. They remembered the things Abraham hadsaid about the idols. They had him brought forth beforeeveryone and demanded, 'Is it you who did this to our gods,0 Abraham?' Abraham replied, But this their chief did it. Askthem, if they are able to speak.' The people exclaimed, 'Youknow they do not speak.' 'Do you worship what youyourselves have carved when Allah created you and whatyou make?' Abraham continued, 'Do you worship instead of Allah that which cannot profit you at all, nor harm you?'(Koran xxxvii.95-6)(Koran xxi.66)Finally, Abraham warned them, Serve Allah, and keepyour duty unto Him; that is better for you if you did butknow. You serve instead of Allah only idols, and you onlyinvent a lie. Lo! those whom you serve instead of Allah ownno provision for you. So seek your provision from Allah, andserve Him, and give thanks unto Him, (for) unto Him youwill be brought back.(Koran xxix. 16-17)The people of Ur decided to give Abraham the worstpunishment they could find: he was to be burnt to death. Onthe chosen day all the people gathered in the centre of thecity and even the King of Ur was there. Abraham was thenplaced inside a special building filled with wood. The woodwas lit. Soon the fire became so strong that the people werepushed back by the flames. But Allah said: “O fire, becoolness and peace for Abraham”. (Koran xxi.69)The people waited until the fire had completely dieddown, and it was then that they saw Abraham still sittingthere as though nothing had happened! At that moment theywere utterly confused. They were not, however, moved bythe miracle that had just happened before their very eyes.

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