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Love or Hate? NEW 11-01-09 Chapter 1-15 :)

Love or Hate? NEW 11-01-09 Chapter 1-15 :)



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Published by Marisol
Okay so i put two chapters i this one.So if i don't get any comments i'm not writing. I know i might sound mean but i realllly want to know what you guys think so far.You hate it.Love it Ehhh?Comment me pwease and maybe i'll write 3 chapters next time :) LOVE YA'll .... Mari
Okay so i put two chapters i this one.So if i don't get any comments i'm not writing. I know i might sound mean but i realllly want to know what you guys think so far.You hate it.Love it Ehhh?Comment me pwease and maybe i'll write 3 chapters next time :) LOVE YA'll .... Mari

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Published by: Marisol on Nov 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Love or Hate?Chapter 1"What mom,please no.I'll go with anybody but him please." My mom Rene issendingme to camp with Edward.Edward Cullen. School's playboy!She's high.Imeanwe used to be bestfriends.USED TO BE.Not no more.We would alwaysbe together.But that wasbefore Middle school.After 6th grade,he became a jerk.He stopped talkingwith me.Sincei don't hang out with the 'popular people'.I mean what's so specialabout getting drunk,laid,then everyone knows you."'Bella please don't yell.Plus Emm needs to take your car." "Why?"She hesitated. "Mom" "Fine,they are going in couples and since youand Edward don't have a couple you guys need to...to....share."WHAT!! "You mean he's giving me a ride,sleeping in the same room,andspending all my time with HIM!" She looked taken back. "Yes i trustEdward more than i trust anyone else,Bella please don't make this hard forme."Then she walked out the door.Why does she always do that!We can never have a decent talk,becauseshe always walks away.Well since i'm going with Edward i guess i bettercall him.I went up to my phone.Yes i know i said i hated him,but He'sEmm and Jazz bestfriend.Moni and Sam are my older brothers.They'redatingEmm Rose,who hates me.Jazz with Alice,who loves me.Both Edwardssisters.Before i could dial his number he called me.Birthday sex by Jeremith startedto play.I answered on the fourth ring,suprised he knew my number.Naw probably Alice gave him my number. "Hello." "Hey Bella it'sEdward,i'm going to be ther in like 5 min. so please be outside and ready.""What! I just woke up.Your crazy.It's 6 o'clock,i'm not going to schoolat 6 O'clock in the morning." I shouted through the phone. "Fine,do you havefood,i'm starving." Tipical Edward.I hung up pissed.My bags were alreadypackedthanks to Alice.I don't know what she put in there and i don't want to know.When i was done with my shower,i got dressed.Fadded jean skirt with a whitespagetti strap.First i don't ever wear Skirts,but i need to make an impression.I'm going to San Diego national camp.For musicians.Me well i sing.Edwardsing,and plays the piano.I can to but just decide not to.Reminds me too muchof me and Edward when we were little.Emm Rose and Alice sing.Jazz playsthe guitar and sings.Nobody has heard me sing.I pefer it like that.I will only sing if i want to.
"BEEEELLLLAA!!" Edwards voice called from down stairs.I ignoredthe chillit ran down my spine.I never liked Edward,and never will.Plus he goes fordumb blonde girls.I gnored him and started to look for my white vans.Then i remembered they were under the bed.I bent down to get them whenthe door flung open.Shit,stupied skirt.Edwards POvWhat's taking her so long.One i'm hungry and i need to eat and now!So i ran up to Bella's room.I haven't been in that room ever since 5thgrade.I miss my Bell.But for some reason she stopped talking to me oncewe got to middle school.I flug the door open to see her bent down,skirt rising.Bella waswearing a skirt?Damn it looked good on her.I stared at her like a dumbass.Knowing that i should turn around.But i just couldn't. "Shit" Bella'sbeautiful voice sounded pissed. "What are you doing in here!" She yelled.I didn't notice that she had straightened up.I was still staring at her."Hello anyone in there." She said anoyed,but a small blush came upto her ckeeks.She still blushed.I loved it when she blushed.I wouldalways brush my hand over her cheek when we were little.I smiled at thethought,and her blush got redder.She turned around and grabbed her Vans and saton her bed.I was still standing there.When my phone rang.My booty call."Hey what's up Jessica." Jessica Stanley was the biggest whore you willever meet.Bella snorted,then pushed her way through the door.When shegotclose to me,a electrical current went through me.I'm pretty sure she didtoo because she stopped right in between me and the door.I wanted to kiss her beautiful lips.I started to lean in,she was too.She likedme.I know i sound like a 4 year old,but today.Today is really wierd.I feeldrawn to her.Then she heard Jessica. "Babe,babe,what's wronganswer,babe?"Bella leaned back looked at me with pained eyes then whispered. "Lets go"Then left.Damn it Jessica.I hung up on her.Then i realizedit.Me EdwardCullen was falling for Isabella Marie Swan.That can't happen.She was justsonormal.I was way more than better.Chapter 2Bella's POvWhy did he do that.Why did i feel drawn to him.He was Edward Cullen.Jerk of the school.I hated him.I mean come on he was going to kiss me while hewas
talking to Jessica.Wow that's special.Jessica the whore from the school.I mean i wasn't a virgin either.But i only did it once.With Jacob Black.Last year.He had to move.And i really missed him.I went outside,to wait for Edward to come.I didn't even realize i wascrying,until i looked into the cars window.I tried to convince myselfi was crying over Jacob.But deep inside i knew i was crying because ofEdward.Chapter 2Edwards POvWhen i was walking down to my car i stopped and looked out the window.What i saw hurt me,more than it should.Bella was crying,trying to clean hertears,but they kept on flowing.She pulled away,she did.I didn't so i shouldn'tfeel bad,right?Shit Bella.Bellas POvAs i tried to wipe away my tears,didn't go so well.Edward came out of thehousewith a frown.Maybe Jessica wanted to meet with him.When he looked up,iturnedmy head around.No way was i going to let him see me crying.He sighed thenput my suitcase in his trunk.Wow he was being nice.I looked up to find out hewaslooking at me.I turned and opened my door.I put in my ipod,loud.Tryingto just forget everything.But i couldn't.I keeped on thinking aboutEdward,Jacob,and moreOf Edward.What is wrong with me!Half way thinking about what just happened.I felt freash tears comming.But before i could wipe them away,they slipped.Stupied tears. "Bellsyou okay.?" Edward asked concern full in his voice.Why dose he care.He didn't care about me.Did he.? "Just thinking about Jacob." It was lie,a big fat lie.But i couldn't tell him that i liked him.No.I will neverlike this jerk.'Maybe he'll change.Just tell him' Stupied inner voice. 'Never'"J-jacob?" He whispered mostly to himself.I nodded. "Who's Jacob."He sounded worried.Hurt. 'He can change Bella.Give him a chance''Shut up!' I sighed "My ex-boyfriend,i miss him a lot." I whisperedto myself. 'No you miss Edward,and you so wanted to kiss him.'I sighed knowing my inner thought were telling the truth.I lookedup to look at his perfect lips.They were just so kissable.How canyou not want to kiss them. "Did he break up with you.?" He was nosytoday. "No i did." He looked relived. "He had to move to Forks withhis dad.Since his mom died.He wanted a long distance relationship.But i couldn't,not kowing if he was cheating so i broke up with him."I sighed and continued to look at his lips.

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urgggg....... i hate edward in this story i hope she ends up with sean at least he'll make her happy
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love it
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please write more!
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