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NLE - CGFNS - Nclex Review Materials 4

NLE - CGFNS - Nclex Review Materials 4

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Published by: koreana-hermosa-4165 on Nov 01, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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• Droplet precaution52.
• Sodium 128 only (
Normal: 135-145 
Dementia of Alzheimer Type
• Check what the pt. is taking54.
What medicine if given shld be monitored for bleeding
• Indomethacin (NSAID)56.
GBS, priority nursing diagnosis
• Aspiration57.
Discharge teaching for Bell’s Palsy
• Provide eye care at bedtime58.
Sign of Scoliosis
• Asymmetry of the iliac crest59.
Normal for a 3 day old infant
• Describe normal tonic neck reflex60.
Manifestation of Paranoid Schizophrenia
• Inappropriate anxiety with delusion61.
Sign of Alcohol withdrawal
• Feeling of euphoria in 1st 24 hrs.62.
Activity for Alzheimer disease
• Reading magazine63.
Type 1 IDDM post renal test 48 hrs ago, watch out for:
• Hematuria64. Correct understanding of antidepressant• Anti-depressant takes effect after 1 week65.
• For chronic pain lasts 3 days• Maybe worn while bathing, showering, swimming• Apply to flat, nonirritated, nonirradiated area like chest, flank, upper arm, back• Overdose : difficulty in breathing66.
Signs of increase ICP in pt. with close head injury
• Increase systolic pressure & weak bounding pulse67.
Positive outcome for Calcium Channel blockers
Decrease chest pain
Obsessive Compulsive Behavior
• To alleviate anxiety
Patient with back pain, proper body mechanics
• Sit with knees higher than hips70.
What to check prior administration of EPOETEN
• BP• S/E : HPN, Seizures71.72.
Patient with pancreatitis if developing ascites would manifest:
Cullen’s Sign
(bluish discoloration of abdomen or peri-umbilical hematoma)
Turner’s Sign
(gray-blue discoloration of flank)• Shallow, rapid breathing• Abdominal pain• Dyspnea & difficulty eating• Orthopnea73.
Digitalis + Lasix = Weight Loss
Side effect of Garamycin
• Ototoxicity• Nephrotoxic• Hypomagnesimea• Muscular paralysis• Hypersensitivity75.
Side Effect of Theophylline
• Tremors & tachycardia• Insomnia76.
Nsg. Management for cleft palate infant
• Enlarged nipple for feeding• Stimulate sucking• Swallow• Rest• Burp frequently77.
Patient with expressive aphasia, best communication:
• Use picture language78.
Diet for patient with colostomy
• DAT• Low residue food 1-2 days postopt• Avoid gas-forming foods79.
Patient allergic to Pseudoephedrine,
What is contraindicated?• Patient taking Ma Huang80.
Patient with testicular cancer, correct understanding?
• Testicular CA is painless81.
1st intervention in prolapsed cord
• Positioning – knee chest/trendelenberg82.
2nd Stage of labor
• Cervical dilatation to delivery of baby83.
Thiazide diuretic, what to watch out for?
• Potassium84.
Manic pt. taking lithium
• Watch out for sodium serum85.
Diet for patient with ileostomy
• Post opt 4 wks -- LOW FIBERnon-irritant diet to decrease fast movement of liquid stool, after can tolerate highfiber dietalready• Foods that thicken stool like boiled rice, low fat cheese should be given• Low fat diet• Normal stool is liquid86.
G & D of a 2 y/o
• Combines 2 words• Kicks a ball• 50 word vocabulary87.
• Decreased sensation of touch• Muscle weakness• Excess glutamate88.
S/S of Kawasaki
• Desquamation of skin• Joint pain• Mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome89.
Watch out for in lumbar puncture
• Increased ICP• Brain Herniation90.
S/S of DVT
• Edema• Calf or groin tenderness• Pain with or w/o swelling• + Homan’s Sign• Warm skin91.
Developmental Milestone of 10 month old
• Pincer grasp92.
Risk for breast CA
• 38 y/o female on oral contraceptive93.
Need to consider anti-coagulant therapy
• If taking Gingko Biloba94.
Check 1st before tonsillectomy
• Bleeding time95.
Complication of CAST

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