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Gun Rights Groups Target Unlikely Candidate: A US Marine

Gun Rights Groups Target Unlikely Candidate: A US Marine

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Published by Dan Gaita
“This is a huge issue, that will take effort, alliances and time to remedy. But without compromise solutions, I am afraid we are swimming against the growing current of misinformation, fear mongering and profit driven ulterior motives. I am hopeful that people will take a second to rethink their logic on this. “
“This is a huge issue, that will take effort, alliances and time to remedy. But without compromise solutions, I am afraid we are swimming against the growing current of misinformation, fear mongering and profit driven ulterior motives. I am hopeful that people will take a second to rethink their logic on this. “

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Published by: Dan Gaita on Apr 23, 2014
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Gun Rights Group Target An Unlikely Candidate:
US Marine
April 23
, 2014 - After recommending the concept
 standards in exchange for lifting
of the “assault” weapons ban in C
onnecticut, pro gun-rights and Second Amendment advocacy groups quickly took aim at the Marine veteran, Dan Gaita, a CT Write-In candidate for Governor via his campaign Facebook page. Gaita, a proven and active second amendment supporter knows all to well the dangers the new CT legislation has placed on returning combat vets, especially those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD) that refuse to seek treatment out of fear they will have their guns confiscated and lose federal or state employment opportunities if diagnosed as having PTSD. Gaita, also no stranger to the political toxicity of CT has publicly decried the recent passage of CT Gun Laws as
a shameful example of politicians capitalizing on a tragedy for political gain
. Stating that Connecticut legislators
used the parents and children lost in the horrific tragedy in Newtown as a launching pad for writing and passing emotional legislation that does nothing to protect us from another tragedy while clearly infringing on the Second Amendment rights of law abiding citizens.
 Yet the Connecticut Citizens Defense League (CCDL) and another associated online blog called AR-15, which sells weapons and talks all things guns utterly crucified the Marine and his proposed
compromise solution on the “Assault Weapons” Ban. Many of the members on both sites insulted Gaita’s military service, c
alling him about
every name in the book and lashing out at his proposal as “week” and not in keeping with
his oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. In an ironic twist however, Gaita, also no stranger to confrontation, lashed back calling out several of the posters and pointing out the blinding hypocrisy of their positions. One commenter asked Gaita:
So should we now be required to take a civics lesson before exercising our free-speech
” to which Gaita replied: “
We are already required to take civics in school, which is regulated and funded by our national, state and local governments and overseen by the Dept. of Education
” –
 No reply received. Another member of the CCDL invested a large portion of dialogue on the educating Gaita on the varying definitions of assault weapons and went into great detail about the various different types of ammunitions to which Gaita asked:
how is all that information going to help you change the laws unless you run for office, get elected and re-write the laws? 
- No answer was given. Ironically, when Gaita took the conversation offline and messaged several of the CCDL members privately to communicate in direct
Marine Corps language
 they threatened to post his message (which, unlike other political candidates, utilized multiple expletives) onto the online public forum. Instead, Gaita obliged and posted it for them only to have it first removed, than censored. Gaita took this as an opportunity to point out the hypocrisy of those that are
hell bent on “protecting” the
Second Amendment but quick to violate his First Amendment rights by censoring his message. In trying to keep to the point of the article Gaita repeatedly asked critics:
What has your candidate promised to do to restore the second amendment in CT,
what plan has he/she proposed, written, published and stood by?” 
However, the group members had no real answer other than to insult Gaita’s question, calling it “generic”
 It appears th
e Gun Right’s groups in CT believe that by gathering in mass, waving flags,
taking selfies while rallying at the State Capitol, and starting Gun Rights websites they will
somehow manage to sway the CT Legislator to “repeal” and “destroy” the new CT Gun law
s. Furthermore that anything other than the destruction of the law is unacceptable. Gaita reminded them that 75,000 protestors were unable to stop CT from implementing
sales and income tax. The he asked the group, “how on earth are a couple thousand go
ing to
change a law already on the books”
In a cult like mantra they kept posting “shall not be infringed upon” and “uphold and protect” All the while Gaita
painstakingly worked to explain to the group that changing the law will take time, it will take steps, and any hope for any changes will require compromise. The angry mob of posters would have none of it, and it appears they may have thrown the only baby they had out with the bath water. On November 4
 Connecticut will hold elections. Gun-Rights supporters want Malloy out,
but they still don’t have a potential candidate that has articulated any sort of plan to “repeal or destroy” the new gun laws on the books. In fact, the only real contender that has the
money to campaign and compete against Malloy is Tom Foley who lost in 2012 by about 6,000 votes. Candidate Foley has never articulated his plan or position on the issue of Gun Rights in CT and most have never seen him handle or actually fire a gun.
So why would the Gun-Rights groups extricate
themselves from Gaita’s position and
proposed compromise?
 Well, it appears it is not the Gun-Rights groups, but rather that the Gun makers and sellers have infiltrated and hijacked the groups. These sellers are cleaning up and posting their largest sales and profits following the Newtown Massacre. Guns and ammo sales in CT have outpaced supply in many areas. So long as CT has a ban in place, the sellers out of State have a new marketplace with zero competition. CT Firearms advocates want guns and they will go to any State to get them. Especially when
they’re being repeatedly told that big government is coming to confi
scate them, or when they receive fake letters claiming to be from the State Police threating to go door-to-door. This creates panic and that false panic is driving a frenzy of firearms and ammo buyers. The NRA loves it as their membership has taken off since Dec 2012. The worst part, most of the Second Amendment advocates are completely unaware and thus continue to be duped by the very people claiming to advocate for them.

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