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Ed Jerse election questionnaire

Ed Jerse election questionnaire

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Published by The News-Herald
State Senate 25th District Candidate Ed Jerse election questionnaire
State Senate 25th District Candidate Ed Jerse election questionnaire

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Published by: The News-Herald on Apr 23, 2014
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The News-Herald
Date questionnaire completed: April 18, 2014
Election Questionnaire
 Office sought: tate enate ! 2"
 District#olitical part$: Democrat %ame: Ed &erse Age: "' Date of (irth: April 8, 1)"8 #lace of (irth: *le+eland, Ohio ome address: "4 East 212
 treet, Euclid, Ohio 4412- .ength of residence in that communit$: 4/ $ears itter: %A 3ace(oo: &erse for enate *ampaign 5e( site: Ed6erse7org Occupation: Attorne$ not currentl$ practicing9 Emplo$er: ecentl$ retired as *u$ahoga *ount$;s Director of egional *olla(oration <usiness address: %A Elected office e=perience: tate epresentati+e Appointed 1))", Elected 1))'>20049, Euclid *it$ *ouncilman 1)8)>1))-9 %on>elected office e=perience (oards, etc79: Euclid #lanning ? @oning *ommission #resident, Bo+erning <oard of %OA*A %ortheast Ohio Areaide *oordinating Agenc$9 Cem(er, *ount$ #lanning *ommission *ount$;s representati+e to he 3und for Our Economic 3uture *ount$;s representati+e to the ustaina(le *ommunities *onsortium enior Associate, *le+eland omorro7
Education #lease onl$ list schools $ou;+e graduated from and list degrees if applica(le9: t7 &oseph igh chool,1)/' Beorgeton ni+ersit$, <7A7 istor$, magna cum laude, #hi <eta appa, 1)80 ar+ard .a chool, &7D7 1)8-7Carital status: Carried %ame of spouse: hannon 3ogart$ &erse %ame and age of an$ children: edd$, 21 Cairin 1) EliFa(eth, 1- <ill$, 117 OrganiFations: er+ed on the t7 &oseph igh chool econdar$ Education *ommission in the 1)80;s7 hould $ou (e elected, hat are three specific areas $ou;d lie to change, address, impro+e or further research, and ho specificall$ ould $ou go a(out itG: he three areas ould (e: economic de+elopment, education, and the re(uilding of Ohio;s infrastructure7 On economic de+elopment, e should re+italiFe e$, (ipartisan programs that ha+e (een adrift: hird 3rontier, *lean Ohio, istoric #reser+ation a= *redits, echnolog$ Hn+estment a= *redits, and the Ohio *apital 3und7 <usiness leaders are not satisfied ith the current ad+ancement of these programs7 H  ould push for a comprehensi+e re+ie of the status of these programs and for a rein+igoration of them7 5e should re+italiFe our dontons and encourage inard de+elopment to counteract the asteful effects of spral7 On education, H support Earl$ *hildhood Education, a focus on impro+ing educational attainment, and aligning curriculums ith 6o( opportunities7 3urther research is needed into h$, as has (een suggested, the impro+ements deri+ed from Earl$ *hildhood Education are not sustained o+er time and ho that can (e rectified7 Ohio;s infrastructure needs to (e re(uilt and the need far outstrips the funds currentl$ dedicated to that tas7 A solid infrastructure attracts and sustains (usinesses the re(uilding of the infrastructure (rings high>pa$ing 6o(s7 H ould document and emphasiFe the need and ad+ance the case that the re(uilding of the infrastructure ould (e a greater engine of economic groth than marginal income ta= cuts, hich disproportionatel$ fa+or the ealth$7 5hether for past accomplishments or future goals, h$ should +oters elect $ouG
H firml$ (elie+e that H am the onl$ candidate ho can mae a real difference in the epu(lican>dominated tate enate7 here are onl$ 10 Democrats in the -->mem(er enate and " of those 10 Democrats ill (e gone ithin to $ears of this enator taing office7 Bi+en that d$namic, and ith Ohio facing huge challenges relating to 6o(s and education, e need a enator ith (road e=perience ho can (e a leader, a spoesman for %ortheast Ohio, and a difference maer7 H ha+e the education, (acground, and a(ilit$ to (e that +oice and to get things done7 H am an attorne$ and former #rosecutor and, ha+ing ser+ed in the Ohio Department of De+elopment and as the Director of egional *olla(oration under E=ecuti+e Ed 3itFBerald, H ha+e e=tensi+e e=perience in economic de+elopment7 As a tate epresentati+e for o+er ) $ears, H as at the center of the fight7 H ser+ed as the aning Democrat on: the 3inance ? Appropriations *ommittee, hich considers the state (udget the 5a$s ? Ceans *ommittee, hich considers ta=es and the *riminal &ustice *ommittee7 H as a frequent spoesman for the Democratic *aucus on the most comple= issues and, despite (eing in the minorit$, H authored to su(stanti+e (ills, on da$ care safet$ and +ideo +o$eurism, that (ecame la7 H also stood for transformational change on redistricting and the transformation of the *le+eland schools and a poll of lo(($ists named me the area legislator ICost .iel$ to Jote ith *onscience7K As Director of egional *olla(oration, H (rought the ") communities of *u$ahoga *ount$ together in an unprecedented I<usiness Attraction and Anti>#oaching #rotocol7K 5ith man$ considering the enate Democrats Iirrele+ant,K e need a enator ho can (rea through the partisan di+ide, gain the respect of the ma6orit$ and the media, and get things done7 H can7 H ha+e (een endorsed ($ the .ae *ount$ Democratic #art$, *ommissioners Dan ro$ and &ud$ Coran, tate epresentati+e &ohn ogers, and Dennis Ecart7 H respectfull$ as for $our +ote7
NOTE TO CANDIDATES: Please be aware that this questionnaire will be published.

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