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sheet no.2

sheet no.2

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Published by Mohamed Maher

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Published by: Mohamed Maher on Apr 23, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Sheet no.2 Page 1 of 4
Faculty of Engineering1
Year Mechanics (1) 
)2Sheet ( 
Express the following forces in Cartesian form: a)
 And parallel to the displacement
 where A(-7, 11, -2), B( -4, -1, 2).  b)
 And makes angles
 with the positive x, y, and z directions respectively. c)
  
Shown in figure 1. d)
 
Shown in figure 1.
Figure 1
In problem no.1 find the resultant of the following forces: a)
  
  
  
 provided that
 pass also through the point c.
Sheet no.2 Page 2 of 4
OA is a 20,000 N tower rests on a horizontal ground a t O and kept in a vertical position by means of three light inextensible strings AB, AC, and AD and a force P at A parallel to the negative x-axis, as shown in figure 2. Knowing that the tension in
 has a magnitude of 2000 N find the magnitudes of the forces in
 and P such that the total force acting vertically downward at O is 25.8 KN.
Figure 2
A weight of 100 N is supported on a smooth weightless ring hanged on a rope as shown in figure 3 and is kept in equilibrium by the aid of force P. Find the tension in the rope T, and the force P.
Figure 3
If the system shown in figure 4 is in equilibrium find the tension in the two ropes.
Figure 4
Sheet no.2 Page 3 of 4
A transmission tower is held by three guy wires anchored by  bolts at B, C and D, as shown in figure 5. If the tension in wire AD is 1260 N, determine the components of the force exerted  by the wire on the bolt at D.
Figure 5
A rectangular plate is supported  by three cables as shown in figure 6, knowing that the tension in cable AB is 408 N, determine the components of the force exerted on the plate at B.
Figure 6
Three cables are connected at A, where the forces P and Q are applied as shown in figure 7. Knowing that Q=0, find the value of P for which the tension in cable AD is 305 N.
Figure 7

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