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Published by fozystyles

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Published by: fozystyles on Mar 02, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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How to activate, j ailbreak and unlock 1.1.4 firmware with iNdependence (PPC & intel Mac)
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Saturday, March 1, 2008
Installing Cydia (an alternative to Installer) Mac &Windows XP / Vista
Installing Cydia (an alternative to Installer) Mac & Windows XP /VistaWhat is Cydia? It's just like Installer, but it is open source andhas more features. And more importantly, fewer problems to fix.Let's face it Installer and BSD Subsystem and the Term-vt100have many issues that no one seems to want to fix. If you'd liketo learn more about Cydia, then check out theauthor's site here.Let me put out some critical information up front, before I getinto the installation of this program.You can have Cydia and Installer both on the iPhone. This is notnecessarily a replacement for Installer, but it could be.If you have already installed BSD Subsystem via the Installer,then it will be overwritten and a better version will be installed inits place via the Cydia program.You must never update BSD Subsystem via the Installer everagain as you could damage the installation files that Cydia willcreate.If you should use any programs from the Installer that requireBSD Subsystem to run, then you should use the program calledFake BSD Subsystem which I'll cover later.
Step 1.
If you followed my Step 1 guide (sorry Windows users, don't haveone for you yet) for activating, jailbreaking, and unlocking theiPhone, then you should already have the Installer installed. Makesure your Auto-Lock is set to Never. Launch the Installer. It willopen on the Featured page.Press the Sources icon at the bottom. Install Community Sourcesif you haven't done so yet. Press the Edit button at the top right.Now press the Add button at the top left.Enter apptapp.saurik.com, then press OK. It will refresh thesources and you will be back at this screen. Press the Donebutton.Now press the Refresh button in the top left corner. You shouldnow see this in your iPhone's installer sources.Press the Install icon at the bottom. Scroll down to the Systemfolder and press it. Select the Cydia Packager.Install this program. It will take a while to download.Make sure to read this and press OK. Installation will begin.Status messages will appear. Read this message then press OK.
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Creative Commons
 iPhone and iPod Touch ModificationTutorials byAlex Smolyaris licensed underaCreative Commons Attribution-NoDerivative Works 3.0 United States License.Based on a work athacktheiphoneitouch.blogspot.com.Permissions beyond the scope of thislicense may be available athttp://hacktheiphoneitouch.blogspot.com/.
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