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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 - What's new?
Welcome to Lotus Notes, Domino, & Domino Designer
License agreement
New features
Overview - New Features in IBM Lotus Notes & Domino 6
Applets - Installable Applets
Client - Notes 6 supports Java Agents on Macintosh OS 9
Client - Populating the To field for certificate renewal request
Client - Smartcard Support
Client - Toolbars: a replacement for SmartIcons
Client - User Security
Client - "Unread" marks are available
Client - Applying multiple meeting updates automatically
Designer - Backend MIMEEntity methods update position in Stream
Server - Automatic Fault Recovery and NSD (Win32 and UNIX)
Server - Command line help for server tasks
Server - DIIOP task and CORBA-remoted Domino Objects
Server - Domino Console
Server - Domino Directory internet site documents
Server - Domino Java Setup Program
Using the New Domino Setup program
To use the old Domino Setup program
Server - Domino Remote Setup
Server - Domino Web Administrator Client
Server - Dynamic Debug_Out facility
Server - IMAP Namespace
Server - IMAP "Other user's domain delimiter" Netscape setting
Notes/Domino 6 deferred features
New enhancements
Client configuration (setup) changes in Notes 6
Setup and Desktop Policies
New Mail Indicators and Notifications
User preferences on the web
Drag and drop enhancements from Windows desktop/folder
New Full Text Engine
Improvements to LDAP service handling of time queries
Passing Notes.INI location when starting Domino Server on Unix
Server access fields now apply to all internet protocols
Cookie logging
'Author' access can run reports on Mail Tracking Reports db
JavaScript - Language updated to JavaScript 1.4
LotusScript - Unix now supports customized locales
LotusScript - language updated to version 5.0
Notes Rich Text to MIME conversion now includes HTML body part
Administration ECL <ECLOwner> key
Client ECL logging
New Execution Security Alert option
ISpy now supports SSL
Chapter 2 - Things you need to know
Directory install and CD-ROM structure
CD-ROM directory structure
Notes CD-ROM directory structure
Value-added applications on the CD-ROMs
Domino Global WorkBench (DGW)
Additional items on Notes and Domino Designer CD-ROMs
Domino Global Workbench
Language dictionary files
Language Dictionary File Name
Monotype WorldTypeTM
SwiftFile Mail Assistant 2.0
InstallShield Tuner for Lotus Notes
Installing the InstallShield Tuner for Lotus Notes
Installing Lotus Notes 6
Upgrading folder design
Webkits - Installation File Unpacking Issue
Activity Trends Installation
Domino 6 Multi-Version Unix Installations
Automated Client configuration
Smart Upgrade by full path method
Before you upgrade from Release 4.x to Domino 6
Busytime dB in clustered configurations must be manually removed
Configuring Partition Servers using HTTP and TCP/IP port mapping
Linux - Default network queue parameter should be reset
Macintosh - Manually remove keychain entry after uninstalling
Macintosh - Upgrading install doesn't change time stamp on files
No error checking for a Replication field setting
Not all mapped network drives appear when browsing
Prerequisite to installing plug-ins from WAS PTF 4.0.3
Setting up Domino on Linux for non-'C' locales
Spaces in Domino Server install path will prevent server restart
Upgrade W32 Domino Server from R4.x to V60 launches Setup again
Macintosh - Recommendations for installing on OS X
Migration from R5 to Domino 6 Shared Mail
Client install requires Windows Installer Version 2.0
Domino 6 cannot install Partition Server over Single Server
Lotus Notes 6 Installation permissions
Macintosh - Need to rebuild desktop to view new icons
Smart Upgrade kit document must have text in "Admin Notes" field
Specify the Server Controller as an NT service at installation
To enable Progress Bar during silent Client install
Uninstall Designer/Administrator via modify leaves icons behind
Upgrading Lotus Notes must be to the same directory
Upgrading to Notes/Domino 6 is supported from 4.5.x
Use IP addresses ONLY configuring hostname for partition servers
With Multiuser Client, turn off Auto Log-on for Sametime
Platforms and requirements
Notes and Domino 6 platforms and system requirements
Windows platforms supported
Windows service pack requirements
Windows 2000 - Server monitoring requirements
Macintosh PPC platforms supported
Macintosh performance advisory
Preference settings on dual-boot Mac OS systems
AIX platforms supported
AIX IOCP and patch requirements
AIX - Installing bos.adt.debug
AIX - Java needs X11.adt.lib installed to run AWT
AIX - Java requires X11.fnt.ucs.ttf for Far Eastern locales
Solaris platforms supported
Solaris patch requirements
Solaris system settings
Linux platforms supported
Linux patch requirements
Linux - Domino not supported on SMP RedHat 7.2
Java Support upgraded to JRE 1.3.1 on Win32
Lotus Components are no longer supported
Updating the LSX Toolkit
Setting a character set for full-text indexing plain-text files
CHECKOS warning messages
Server Health Monitoring and Windows Regional settings
Supported versions of Lotus SmartSuite
Supported versions of Microsoft Office
Web browsers supported
Network protocols and methods
NetBIOS over IPX: Notes and Domino on Windows NT or 2000
NetBIOS over IPX: Notes on Windows 98, or XP
NetBIOS: Only 256 sessions per NIC on Windows systems
SPX: Notes and Domino on Windows NT or 2000
SPX: Notes on Windows 98, or XP
TCP/IP: Domino on UNIX and Linux
TCP/IP: Notes and Domino on Windows NT or 2000
TCP/IP: Notes on the Macintosh
TCP/IP: Notes on Windows 95, 98, or XP
IMAP Namespace/Public Folders is problematic with Netscape 7
International language requirements
International issues in Java-based Domino Console
Specifying UCA Collation on servers
UCA - Sorting characters that have more than one pronunciation
Changing the collation rule from ccSTR to UCA
Character set ISO-8859-8 will not be used
DBCS password is legible to a user during setup
Encoded field name isn't decoded when converting from HTML to CD
Input Hindic text during server setup
Linux - ru, ru_RU is defaulting to ru_RU.ISO-8859-5
Linux - Turkish locale settings on Linux
Product Scope for International Language Versions
Unicode stand sorting:String comparison result may be different
Multiple-user Install & International versions of Windows
Statistics pane doesn't convert data from different regions
Switching UI Language to English from localized Notes versions
S/MIME license information
Internet Access and the Outlook Express Migration tool
Rename of user through User Security panel, via mail
Users should locally encrypt databases on multi-user machine
Change to order of evaluation for ACL entries
Enabling and using Extended Access in a Domino Domain
Viewers and Filters
'My reservations' view of Room and Resource database
Client Feature Changes
Displaying pop-up Help for view icons
DocLib template supports the use of groups as reviewers
Document Library (doclibsw6) known issues
Designer Feature Changes
Change to "Never" option when discarding a view index
Views and folders with background images need to be resaved
Server Feature Changes
Web Server: Error 401 is no longer logged to the Server Console
Web Server: Website crawler URL format now disabled by default
CGI scripts must be fully-qualified in Win32 environments
iNotes Web Access: Server and Client Considerations
Default "Use UTF-8 for HTML forms = NO" in the web site document
Java-based Server Setup
Dialup settings in Additional Server Setup
Domino Directory file names other than "names.nsf"
NCSOW.jar and NCSOC.jar removed from the kit
Reusing ID's in Domino Setup
Unlocking Unix system displays for running Domino Java Setup
Windows 2000 - Wrong path to save admin.id
Domino 6 Remote Server Setup requires Java 2 Version 1.3.1
Domino Profile Setup can't get System databases from filesystem
Linux - Using Bi-Di organization name will cause setup to freeze
Remote server Setup from Unix to W32 cannot be Silent
Chapter 3- Troubleshooting
Installation issues
Multiple User Client Installation information
Windows 2000 Single Logon password synchronization
Single Logon - Need Admin rights and restart after install
Install issue with OLEAUT32.DLL and OLEPRO32.DLL
Domino setup screens do not update correctly using Navigator
Automated Client Setup information
Data Transfer Error during installation
Full-text indexes must be rebuilt upgrading to Notes/Domino 6
Macintosh Client Error ". . .'NotesLib' could not be found"
Time Range cannot span midnight for Client Setup
Error 1607: Unable to install InstallShield Scripting Runtime
"1607: Unable to install InstallShield Scripting Runtime"
For verification of a silent install, add "+" to the command
If the client install fails while installing
Mac OS X - Problems connecting to network drives
Macintosh - Don't rename the Notes Install Disk folder
Macintosh OS X - Install folder to desktop
Notes Single Logon & Windows Terminal Server/Client
Please Replace (not Refresh) design for the Mail Journaling db
Renaming desktop icons will have to be manually deleted
Server upgrade may not remove obsolete files
UNIX - Previously installed language pack should be removed
UNIX - remote install causes different ownership of files
Upgrading or installing Notes 6 after a disk failure
Windows Explorer shows the old brand icons for Notes/Domino
Client setup with ID whose Mail tab is blank
Domino 6 Setup overwrites ServerTasks line in Notes.INI
Macintosh - Client Upgrade default folder
Macintosh - Macintosh Installer and Notes ALM feature
Multiple-user Install & user name with extended ASCII characters
Notes/Domino 6 cannot be installed into a non-ASCII name folder
R4.x Server has problems upgrading to Domino 6
Upgrading Single Logon Install still has this feature enabled
WebAdmin - no route to the destination address
Duplicated field names and descriptions for accessibility aids
Meaning of "Access Name" field property
No field contents being announced by screen readers
Windows 95 - Java Applets are not supported
Windows 95 - Java is not supported
Changes to rich-text applets may not appear without refresh
HTML Source Editor: List type fields not returned as Form fields
Date/time format changes in Notes/Domino 6
Field value cannot be used as formula in embedded view
MS Installer runs when accessing page with edit control
Signature of embedded applet changed to signature of modifier
Migrating servlets from R5 to Notes/Domino 6
Using Style Sheets with Netscape 4.x
Changing an editable Field/Formula column to simple function
Embedded calendar view needs to be sized properly
Embedded outline issues
Frameset-Selecting fields in Fields & Functions dialog crash
Known issues with Programmed Tables
LotusScript Debugger cannot test Query and Post DragDrop events
Style sheet resource issues
A sort order is not updated after changing collation rule
Design Synopsis chokes on R5 actions with JavaScript
Issue related to HTML Editor
Issues related to Fields
OS-level database access from apps running in server directory
View/Folder Issues: "Shared, private on 1st use" view
Calendar and scheduling issues
Dragging entry slider on conflicting Calendar entry
Error dragging/dropping meeting with different End Time Zone
Fields not displaying on Group To Do when Alarms are enabled
Importing holidays into the server Name and Address book
In-View Edit feature doesn't work with Alternate Names option
Meeting form prompts to Save when no changes made
Repeating reservations in Resource Reservations cannot be edited
Rescheduling Meetings in different Timezones
Room Wait for Approval document not updated with meeting changes
Scheduler/Find room search is not all inclusive
Some actions in a C&S event unnecessarily cause a Prompt to Save
Unable to accept a meeting invitation previously declined
User with "Reader" access: No access to C&S entry from Internet
Accepting Reschedules from the Meetings View
An Encrypted meeting via Internet generates two e-mails
Assignee must take action on a loop-back delegation
Calendar actions from view when meeting updates are outstanding
Calendar Manager can't edit Repeat calendar entries from browser
Calendar switches to improper week if select Sun. in Date picker
Can't reschedule Online Meeting using ICAL configuration
Cancel Meeting not synched up after declining
Check any Mail or C&S settings changed during Notes 6 beta
Day computation on Two-Day Calendar view
Display issues with Calendar Preferences
Editing manually created resource/room reservations
Error delegating meeting with "Directly to Internet", no SMTP
Forwarded notifications sent to Calendar Manager
Free time and Schedule information viewed from the web
Free time search's preference setting
Free Time search in Island mode
Group name no longer expands in Room/Resource definition
Group To Do assigned via address book removes Participants
ICal - Response actions may be hidden from delegated invitee
iCalendar with Notes and Domino 6
If added invitee declines group To-Do they cannot re-accept
Invitee status - Right-clicking on blank area
Issue responding with comments to loopback delegation invitation
Limitations in repeating meeting delegation on web
Macintosh - Limitation to double-click a Suggested Meeting Time
Meeting duration expands when changing date in Counter dialog
Meeting saved as Draft reverts to default duration when opened
Meeting Scheduler UI on Windows NT
Meeting time changed using the Find Rooms/Resources feature
Non-fatal error displayed in Meeting Scheduler on opening Entry
Possible stale info when re-accepting a declined meeting
Problem dragging scroll box in Summarized Calendar View
Repeating meeting becomes a single meeting
Repeating, Multi-Day, All Day Events in Calendar View
Reschedule Repeating Appointments which spans Midnight
Resource with forward slash is not found with Find Resource
Room unavailable when repeating mtg reschedule date/time overlap
Sametime meeting not updated with Online meeting in Notes
Sending a "Pencilled In" Meeting and Free Time
Updated Invitee list reflected in Scheduler
User can "Propose" after declining original repeating meeting
Using Local Free Time with contact names in Address Book
You can NOT span midnight if you manually book a room/resource
Zero appearing in beginning of server number
Macintosh - Limitation on size of "alert()" box in Javascript
Custom Smarticons for Designer and Administrator
Forwarding of messages to MIME users
Help appears to freeze when using "Always On Top"
JavaScript code created in R5 memo does not working in Notes 6
Known issues using Tables
Known issues using Embedded Editors
Misleading error when field text limit is exceeded
Static text lines are overlapped on some dialog boxes
Status bar now supporting bidirectional text and screen readers
Using Mail Color Preferences with Macintosh
"Only plain text can be used" error message appears incorrectly
Crash closing document opened via shortcut from Windows desktop
Footnoted items display incorrectly when viewing an attachment
HTML attachments do not launch properly
Replication formula fails when using drag & drop method
WinXP, WinME - Improve performance running Notes Client
Calendar Printing: changing font has no effect on printout
DocLib & Forwarding Addresses
Document reduction settings
Drag and drop of private-in-desktop folders
If Notes crashes on opening/editing old language tags
Incorrect indenting of graphic images in rich text table cells
Known drag and drop issues with attachments
Mac Only: Unable to print help docs when print dialog is open
Macintosh - Java agents don't run on Mac OS X
Macintosh - Large images in documents do not print correctly
Macintosh - Menu shortcuts for some Text items not as expected
Picture Border custom color selection may crash (XP)
Print Preview may not reflect exactly what prints out
User is allowed to set invalid startup preferences in Admin Pref
View/Customize with hidden columns
Windows XP - Using WebDAV client with Windows XP
Attachment opens in background
Client Launch with Windows' Single Login feature
Cross-platform issue: 'Notes with Internet Explorer' browser
Drag & drop support for attachments
Issues with Hotspots in Rich Text Fields
Link frames on Personal Welcome Page "C" has display issues
Mac OS 9 - Problem with Japanese IME and Java Debug Console
Mac OS 9 - Problem with "Start With" dialog and Japanese IME
Macintosh - Anchor links don't always link to correct spot
Mail Rules: Fully-qualified name, first forward slash stripped
Multi-user shared dir needs Write access on NTFS system partion
Multiuser client can't browse to private directory if hidden
Must use the "Edit" button within Personal Page F for changes
OLE "associated files" is not supported across platforms
Remote Debugger - selecting an event does not update variables
Setup does not check for disk space on a multi-user Notes client
To view Welcome Page containing "UK My Lycos" use Notes with IE
Win95 - Thai default multilingual font should use CordiaUPC
Windows 95/98 - Error upgrading Client from earlier beta release
Windows 95/98 users must load profile to use a multiuser client
Windows XP - Error: Can't relaunch client after upgrade
DECS issues
DECS Operational Considerations
Designer Issues
Issues related to the Designer UI
Server Error: Entry not found in index inserting resource
Action Bar Button Size properties not supported for web clients
The Action Bar Button Size properties not supported for web clients are:
Dual coded Actions trigger differently than Button & Hotspots
Issues related to Designer Locking
Modification to imported Java agents
No standard sequence of events in Web browsers
Picture events that are not supported
R5 clients will run the Notes 6 coded "Web - Javascript" code
Some Subform events not supported on Web Clients
Directory issues
LDAP Schema
Changes to how the LDAP service handles a search base of country
LDAP - Returning aliases and duplicate attributes has changed
LDAP task automatically loads on Administration server
LDAP searches of groups
LDAP service and remote search operations
Cannot open Directory Catalogs
LDAP service clients using Microsoft Windows XP and SSL
Allowing users to see column values when extended ACLs are used
Configuration directories with Extended Access enabled
LDAP does not honor "Not access server" for Anonymous
LDAP Domino Upgrade Service group migration limited to 500
LDAP searches for naming contexts after upgrading from Release 5
LDAP will not honor abandon operations over SSL connections
LDAPSEARCH tool does not support LDAP_BASEDN
Maximum Internet Name & Password settings with Extended Access
NAMELookups to Remote Directories with Extended Access warnings
Problems deleting Contacts added from Verisign's LDAP directory
DOLS platforms and system requirements
Problems installing subscriptions with IE 5
DOLS only in English for this release
Limit subscription names to fewer than 30 characters/bytes
Multiple directory catalogs may be confusing
Problem viewing "Out of Service" databases on a clustered server
Internet password not synchronizing
Save Offline Subscription Configuration profile document
Scheduled agents do not run offline
Subscription desktop icons may not appear
Sync gets stuck with multiple subscriptions set at 1 minute
Troubleshooting tips for DOLS installations
Users must be Reader or higher to install DOLS database
When browser prompts to "Work Offline?" choose 'No'
Be consistent when encrypting subscriptions with shared files
DOLS on a Domino Configuration Directory server
Increasing security on configuration documents
Moving extended mail files from one server to another
Dircat not being deleted when shared subscription is deleted
Webmail: cannot remove folders
Cancelling sync after wrong password causes security problem
Desktop icon not changing when customized
Dircat path not removed from notes.ini when subscription removed
Error during sync about public key not matching the Address Book
If configuration document deleted, users must re-install
Issue if Notes is installed before Microsoft Outlook
Multi-user subscriptions are deleted by Notes "clean up"
Problems opening subscription when browser is Notes with IE
Re-install subscription fails with encryption and ID overwrite
Sync error with *.nsf in Optional Files field
Users can't access encrypted subscription if ID overwritten
Win2K - Sync Details box opens behind Sync Manager
Deleting subscription doesn't remove files
Disabled subscriptions synchronize during upgrade
Discussion Template known issues
Identity desktop icon does not update on re-install
Need proper format to use wildcard for Optional files
Netscape "flickers" during install
Password lost when Offline Security doc is changed after upgrade
Problems with DOLS SSO "Enter application Password" dialog
Server warning: "Cannot locate design note"
To enable DOLS to be used for the IIS plugin
iNotes Access for MS Outlook Issues
Known issues using All Documents folder with iNotes
Known issues using Contacts with iNotes Access for MS Outlook
Known issues using iNotes Access for Meetings and Invitations
Known issues using Tasks with iNotes Access for MS Outlook
Known issues when migrating from MS Exchange to Notes
Known issues with iNotes Access for MS Outlook in Folders
Following are the known issues with iNotes Access for MS Outlook in Folders:
Known problems with iNotes Access for MS Outlook Calendar
Internet issues
Notes may crash if an invalid HTTP request is received
Migration from R5 to Notes 6 Shared Mail
Router requeues messages when a directory replica is unavailable
Upgrade-by-mail and client/server configuration
"Pick Inbox Style" is visible for Full Access Administrators
Encrypt saved copy of Sent message does not disable
Mail Rules handled in order of list
Mail Rules need compaction tool
Return receipt is incorrectly marked in some signed messages
Switching the encoding only affects the message body
The character set UTF-7 does not work for the message body
Unable to clear Email address for some contacts
Upgrading IMAP-enabled Notes 6 mail file returns an error
Setup & Desktop Settings/Policy information
Resave Archive settings from earlier beta versions
Delete Policies and Subpolicies from previous releases
'Default Welcome Page' field becomes blank
'IMAP4 Server Error' when deploying Policies to Notes Client
Crash in the Policy Viewer when switching locations
Keeping Policy documents from servers earlier than 4.67a
Not all Public Archive settings show up in mail outline
Pushing updated policies to the local cache
R5 Setup Profiles & Bookmark creation
Setup & Desktop Settings with conflicting field values
Problem printing code for dual platform (Client\Web) Events
Programming issues
Issues related to programming in Designer
Issues with LotusScript Debugger
Issues with document locking for web applications
LS2J Error handling
Macintosh - Java Agents on a Macintosh Client
Using the Upload tag with the Shimmer Upload Control
Issues related to Agent Runner
Issues related to Find and Replace in the Programmer's Pane
Issues related to LotusScript type ahead (Autocomplete)
Issues relating to WebSphere integration
Non-ASCII characters cannot be used for JSP name attributes
Replication issues
Macintosh - Call status is not cleared on the status bar
Threshold chg. in Replication Settings apply to current location
Change to basic constraints extension for Notes certifiers
Extending the Domino Directory to support LDAP CRL retrieval
Internet Site documents require IP address only for SSL
Possible problem with user access in databases due to ACL
"The requested item does not exist" error
Assigning an existing Admin ECL to a security setting document
Benign Internet Explorer error message
CERTREQ.NSF Purge requests button not working
Creating a Certificate Authority db requires adding Role to ACL
Cross Certify Key menu item is missing
LDAP SSL SASL bind ignores Allow and Deny Server Access lists
LDAP using SASL authentication doesn't fail-over to Anonymous
Misleading error message re: validating agent execution access
Misleading Error: "This document has been altered..."
Missing key file name generates errors in SSL-enabled lookup
NAMELookups to Remote Directories with Extended ACLs
Session Authentication, SSL Database Setting, and Login Forms
User cannot authenticate after upgrade to hierarchical name
"User name" must match the "CN=" field in the x.509 Certificate
Server issues
Network performance stats are disabled by default in NT
Error trying to make second database copy to server
When using Domino for IIS, program directory must be in the path
AIX - Using the Intersolv/Merant libodbc.a driver manager
Compact -L does not work
Linux - Need to set "NOTES_USESNIS = 1" to use NIS
Linux - NSD function does not run correctly
Transaction logging: Unexpected internal error during startup
UNIX - NSD not working when files aren't installed in /opt/lotus
Documentation error: Instructions to configure WebSphere plug-in
DSAPI filename must be added to Internet Site documents
Error when clicking on doc link in ADMIN4.NSF
Linux - Domino Java Setup: cannot browse to directories
Mail Server: All agents need to be signed by 'Unrestricted' user
Run Fixup to correct problem with unread marks and other areas
Using multiple DSAPI filters on UNIX
Windows NT - Java backend method causes crash; no single sign-on
Windows NT - "The service cannot be installed . . ." error
BTree corruption due to a lack of disk space
Compact of shared mail files causes deadlock with server
Linux - /bin/tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
Message Tracking via WebAdmin appears to hang
PANIC: Cannot attach to shared memory region
Setup - Tabbing is lost if a dialog is displayed and then closed
UNIX - Must set "ACTIVATE_SYMLINKS=1" to support symbolic links
"Invalid Message Tracking Request" when tracking via WebAdmin
"|" separators in Webadmin
Webmail Issues
Import from directories is not working in Webmail
Private Folders not visible using Webmail
XML Issues
DXL exporter/importer do not yet handle some design-element data
DXL importer ignores some notes when replacing design elements
Chapter 4 - Documentation updates
Notes Client Help
Changes to ECL in User Security dialog box
Compacting mail database on a server
Delegating access to your schedule information: dialog box
Filtering new mail using rules: picture correction and new table
Modem file Save As dialog box: Help missing
Move to Archive Destination dialog box: Help missing
Multi-user install dialog box: Help missing
Requesting a new User Name: context-sensitive Help inaccuracy
Restricting access to local databases - update
Search Site - Save Search dialog box: Help missing
Selecting documents to archive: dialog box has changed
Setting reading order for bi-directional text
Switch Form: Context-sensitive Help inaccuracy
Using High Contrast mode, or enlarging fonts in Notes
Mail and Address Book troubleshooting: inaccurate Index entry
Saved Searches dialog box: Help missing
Domino Administration Help
Windows 95 - Administrator client not available
Examples for fields that can be excluded from text logs
New NOTES.INI settings relating to the LDAP service
Restriction when modifying user's Internet address
SSL: RC2 encryption with 40-bit key and MD5 MAC
Tell LDAP ReloadSchema command
Archive Criteria Policy Setting applies to all documents
Correction to documentation for "Log= "
Correction to synchronizing databases with master templates
Debug variable for multiserver session authentication (SSO)
Collect information from user calendars - correction
Erroneous URL in Domain Search topic
Inheriting policy settings requires a parent policy
Limit alternate names to 79 characters
Lotus Organizer not supported in Domino 6
New NOTES.INI setting for Internet password change requests
New workstation security access option in Admin ECL
Procedure for copying public keys in the Administrator Client
Seamless mail upgrade requires Multi-user install
Server.load - SendMessage attachment option needs full file path
Submitting Resource Balancing plans to a replica
'Using LDAP to search a Domain index' is not available
Changes in daylight saving time Notes.INI settings
Correction to Administration Request
Set user name and enable schedule agent
Correction to ODS version number
Creating an Internet cross certificate for server-to-server SSL
Cross-domain administration requests - update information
Do not use forward slash (/) when setting SMTP rules
DST_Begin_Date and DST_End_Date are obsolete in Notes/Domino 6
Error in DOLS documentation
F1 help for Server Analysis tab not working correctly
LSI Notes.ini variables for internationalization
Messages of normal importance and priority evaluate incorrectly
New views and processing options in ADMIN4.NSF
POP3 Session statistics on Linux reporting incorrect values
Renaming roaming users
Restriction to configuring system mail rules
Set Secure server command - Correction
Show Memory server command - documentation update
TRANSLOG_Style Notes.INI setting includes Linear style
Updated description for SMTPDebugIO Notes.INI setting
Using transform files for end-user installations
You must be assigned the UserCreator role to register a user
"Dbcache Disable" and "Dbcache Show" server commands
"Grace Period" and "Kit Type" fields don't exist
"My Reservations" private view must be rebuilt
Domino Designer Help
Windows 95 - Designer client not available
The R5 URL command "?OpenServer" is no longer supported
The R5 URL object $defaultNav is no longer supported
Clarifying documentation for @GetViewInfo
Displaying "hover" text for view icons
DTD element changes and additions
JSP tag library updates
Missing Help for the Control tab of the Field Properties box
Programmable tables
Restricting access to categorized main topics, but not responses
Syntax for database reference in computed Named Element
Using Domino Connection Resources (DCRs)
Do not use the NoteID in URL command syntax
Don't use LotusScript BP functions with alternate charset
Programmable color for view columns
Update to "Using HTML on a page, form or subform" doc
Updating View Selection Condition if a form alias changes
Domino IIOP supported in Domino 6 for hosted environments
Some Domino Admin tools available only with Service Provider
Netscape POP3 clients in a hosted environment
New views categorized by hosted organization name
Upgrade to Service Provider software impact on Site documents
Prevent users from viewing ADMIN4.NSF in a hosted environment
Security - Limit access to ADMIN4.NSF in a hosted environment
DECS Administrator Documentation
ISO Latin-6 (ISO-8859-10) is not supported
Additional DECS Guide availability
Domino Designer Programming Guide
Writing named element formulas
@Version return value for Domino 6
Document and design element locks (LotusScript classes)
Item.setValueDouble, setValueInteger, setValueString, setNames
NotesRichTextDoclink, Section, and Table examples
NotesXMLProcessor.SetInput and SetOutput
@GetFocusTable - where to use it
Calendar and Scheduling Interoperability
Calendar and scheduling interoperability: R4 and Notes 6
Roaming using Notes 6 Clients may crash earlier servers
Calendar view "busy row" color used as Entry Background color
Opening local DB with Notes 6 causes R5 to reset unread marks
View sorting: case and accent sensitivity migrating from R4.6
SMIME encrypted mail appears already decrypted at view level
Migrating TeamRoom 4.1 to TeamRoom(R6) must go thru TeamRoom(R5)
TeamRoomR6 Alternate Name Support when migrating from TeamRoomR5
Chapter 6 - Domino for iSeries
Welcome to Lotus Domino 6 for iSeries
Removing beta or pre-release versions
Using silent mode with domwzd.exe
Multi-versioning is not supported
SNMP Agent is not supported
Monitoring platform statistics
Domino and OS/400 signatures
Syntax error in batch installation documentation
Installing and Managing Domino for iSeries
Domino 6 for iSeries Implementation Redbook availability
Chapter 7 - Domino for z/OS
CPU Reduction and z/OS Improvements
Java runtime environment now ships with Domino 6 for z/OS
New Fault Recovery and Servicability Features
Support of multiple Domino 6 releases in one LPAR
Verity Keyview Filter Support
Domino HTTP DSAPI filter for host authentication (optional)
z/OS Console Support for Domino
Required PTFs for z/OS to run Domino
Some graphical support in Mail Reports not yet available
z/OS-only restrictions for DECS
Domino Console restrictions for z/OS
Expand File System for Full Text Search
Known issue with Japanese DB2
EBCDIC html files will no longer be supported by Domino http
Serviceability and fault recovery
Serviceability and Fault Recovery
LotusScript on z/OS and AS/400 support for native EBCDIC strings
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