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Why Do Vaccine Makers Still Defend the Use of Mercury

Why Do Vaccine Makers Still Defend the Use of Mercury

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Published by hap hazard
vaccine and use of mercury
vaccine and use of mercury

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Published by: hap hazard on Apr 24, 2014
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Why do Drugmakers Still Defend the Use of Mercury in Their Vaccines?
Posted By Dr. Mercola | March ! "##$ | %" &ie's
Health advocates have expressed outrage over a CDC recommendation that pregnant women, infants and children should continue to receive injections of thimerosal-containing flu vaccines, which contain mercury. This recommendation comes despite an Institute of edicine advisory that mercury-containing vaccines should not !e injected into these sensitive populations.Thimerosal"s harmful effects on the immune, meta!olic and nervous systems have !een widely documented. However, Dr. #ay $ie!erman, while ma%ing a presentation for the CDC regarding the recommendation, ignored the !ul% of peer-reviewed research, and instead focused on a small num!er of highly critici&ed and flawed epidemiological studies that have found no harmful associations.Dr. $ie!erman has !een a consultant to erc%, 'laxo(mith)line, and (anofi-*asteur, and is on the spea%ers" !ureau for all three vaccine-ma%ers. erc%, 'laxo(mith)line, and (anofi-*asteur all currently use thimerosal in their products.The majority of flu shots contain + micrograms of mercury, an amount considered unsafe for anyone weighing less than  pounds. Dr. ercola"s Comments How can government officials go to sleep at night %nowing that they are allowing a toxic poison to !e injected into harmless infants through government-mandated vaccinations in the majority of the /nited (tates01ither these officials have no conscience or they are !rainwashed and deceived. There is no dou!t that mercury is a poison, plain and simple2 that is why it is used as a 3preservative3 to %ill organisms. That is also why it should 41516 !e used in infants. There is 47 moral justification to use this toxic poison in defenseless infants.How is the use of mercury in vaccines !eing defended0 The so-called experts and various governmental entities are !eing richly paid off !y their tight association

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