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Kitab Majmu'ah Ahzab wa Aurad wa Rasail

Kitab Majmu'ah Ahzab wa Aurad wa Rasail

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Published by Reeza Bustami
A translation of Sayyid Ahmad ibn Idris magnus opus. Apparently this kitab will be widely used during end times. This translation was made by Liberian students in Islamic International University of Malaysia. It can be improved.
A translation of Sayyid Ahmad ibn Idris magnus opus. Apparently this kitab will be widely used during end times. This translation was made by Liberian students in Islamic International University of Malaysia. It can be improved.

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Published by: Reeza Bustami on Nov 02, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Collection of Chapters (Hizb), Prayers (Awraad) & Letters of Sir Ahmad bin IdrisPage 2Contents of the Book1.The Eight praises2.The Five Chapters (Ahzab) Parts of The Qur’an3.The Fourteen Prayers4.The Chapter (Hizb) of Sword (As-Saifi)5.The Chapter (Hizb) of Richness (Al-Mugani) for Master Uwais Al-Qarni6.The Unconquerable Castles (Al-Husun Al-Mani’ah)7.Letter of Basis (Risalah Al-Qawa’id)8.Letter of Basis (Risalah Al-Assas)9.The Book of Sunah & Spirit of Tranquiled Souls (Kitab Ar-Ruh As-Sunah Wa Ruh An-Nufus Al-Mutmainah)10.Chemistry of Assuredness (Certainty) in the Longing of Allah Fearers (Kimia’ Al-Yaqin Fi Mashuq Al-Mutaqin)11.The Letter of Lordly Breathing12.Beautiful Names of Allah (Asma’Allah Al-Husnah)13.Hadith of the Beginning of Creation (Hadith Bad’i Al-Qalq)Page 3In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.“O those who believe, call to mind Allah many times.”
1. THE EIGHT PRAISES (Al-Mahamid Al-Samaniah)
O My Lord, I do seek refuge by Your (Wajih Al-Karim) benevolent face, Your great Sultan (power) and Your (hukum Al-Qadim) ever lasting wisdom, from the Satan, the down cast one. Oh my Lord, bestow peace andblessings on our Mawlana Muhammad and his household, in every single moment and breath, as much asAllah knows. Oh my Lord, I present myself in front of You before every single soul and breath that is breathedby the dwellers of the heavens and earths, and everything that is being created in Your knowledge or thatwhich has been created in Your knowledge, I do present myself available for you before them all.1.Praises are due to Allah with all kinds of praises that I know of and that I do not know. Praises to Allah for all His “nikmah” that I know of and that I do not. All praises to Allah as much as His all creaturesnumberedPage 4those among His creatures that I know and those that I do not know. (
3 times
). And I present myself toyou before all of them.2.Praises are due to Allah, the Lord of worlds. Praises that could meet His Nikmah, and for which one ispaid double. (
3 times
). And I do submit myself to you before all of them.3.My Lord, praises are Yours, many praises always as You praised Yourself, and double of those praisesas You made a duty You demand from Your creatures. Praises that do not end without Your knowledge.Praises are due to You, much praises the way You praised Yourself, and double of what You demandfrom all Your creatures; much praises that do not end without You will. Praises are due to You, muchpraises, as You praised Yourself, and the doubles of what You obligated on Your creatures; praises thatthe person that say them, seek only to please You. All Al-Hamdu (praises) are due to You, much praises,the way You praised Yourself, and doubles of what You had obligated on all Your creation; muchpraises, everlasting one with every blinking of an eye and every breathing. (
3 times
).Page 1 of 
Page 5and I do submit myself available to you before all of them.4.Praises and thanks are due to Allah for all His Nikmah; praises and thanks as suitable to Jalal Allah(Allah Majesty) and Jamal Allah (Allah’s Beauty) and Kamal Allah (Allah’s Perfectness) and Kibriya Allah(Allah’s Magnanimity) and Azamat Allah (Allah’s Greatness) and Qudrat Allah (Allah’s ability) and sultanAllah (Allah’s Power) as permanently as the permanence of Allah, everlasting as Allah, praises are toAllah as much how much Allah’s knowledge surrounds, as accounted for in His Book, as written by thepen of Allah, as many as what has come into being by Qudrat Allah (Allah’s ability and capacity), asspecified by Iradat Allah (Allah’s will), and the Middad Kalmat Allah (the ink of Allah’s words), as it faitsfor the Jalal (Majesty) of Wajih (face) of our Lord and His Jamal (handsomeness), His Kamal(perfectness) and as much as Allah likes and pleases. (
3 times
). And I do present myself to You beforeall of them my Lord.5.Oh my Lord, Yours are praises, many praises, like You praised Yourself, and doubles of what You madeas duty on Your creatures, all of them, as it should suit Your Jalal (Majesty) and Your Great Sultan(power) in every single instant and breathing, to the number of what is in your knowledge oh our Mawlana. (
3 times
). And I do submit myself to You in front of them all.6.Glory to Allah Al-Azim (the Great one), as much as His creatures number and as much He pleasesPage 6and as much His ARSH weight, as much as the ink of His words and as much as the end of Hisknowledge. (
3 times
). And I submit myself to You in front of all of them.7.Subhana Allah (Glory to Allah) and Al-Hamdu lilah (Praises are due to Allah) and there is no god butAllah, and Allah is Great, Wala Hawla Wala Quwat Ila Bi Ilah (there is no mean and power except for Allah), Al-Ali (the most High), Al-Azim (the Great one), in every single instant and breathing, the full of theMizan (the scale), the end of knowledge, the reach of Rida (pleasing), the number of Nikmah and theweight of Al-Arsh (the throne). (
3 times
). And I submit myself to You in front of all of them.8.Praises are due to Allah as it should be for the Majesty of Allah and Greatness of Allah in all instancesand all breaths which His knowledge encompass which continue with eternity. (
3 times
).And praises are to Allah and to our Lord Muhammad and to all his family in all instances and souls that Allahknowledge encompass.
Chapter (Hizib) is called The Supreme Light and The Sealed Treasure.The 1
Subu’ (Seventh) for Monday
In the name of Allah the Compassionate, the Merciful.Oh Lord, pray and greet and bless our head Muhammad and all his families in all instance and all breathswhich amounts Your encompass. Oh Lord I submit myself to You in all breaths and instances and glance thatthe people of the skies and the Earth glance and all creatures in Your knowledge or anything that I wanted tosubmit to You.In the name of Allah the Compassionate, the Merciful praises be to Allah the owner of the world, theCompassionate and the Merciful. The owner of the Resurrection Day.Page 7In the name of Allah the compassionate, the MercifulOh my god enters me into the entrance of truth and let me out from the exit of truth and give me victoriouspower.Page 2 of 
Page 8And know that there is no god but Allah, Oh my Lord, I do request from the Greatness of your essence thatdoes not have and end, that no one knows of except You; and I do request from by Your Great name, theGreatest, and by Your Generous, Beautiful Wajih (face); and I request from You by everything that You knowfor Yourself that nobody knows but You. I do request that You bestow Your peace, blessings on our Mawlana(our ally) Muhammad and his household, in every instant and breath the number of what your knowledgecovers; and that You bestow on me Your nikmat. Oh You who Jalal (Majesty) and Ikram (dignity) belong to; inthe presences of manifestations of Your essence by eye from which nothing can be hidden in earth nor in theheavens. Do pour on every part of my essence the sweetness of that witness till I become a sweet Lordlyessence running down throughout my spirit (nafs) from my nafs (spirit) to my nafs (spirit); as You did bestowYour nikmat on our Lord, our nabi (apostle), our Mawlana Muhammad (May Allah have peace and blessingson him) in that. Substantiate (authenticity) me oh my Lord by my humanity till I become the whole Lordly pupilof eye that does not have any limit, nor can it be estimated by anyone except You; as You did authenticity our nabi, our Lord and our Mawlana Muhammad (May peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) by that. Makeme hear oh You who are hearer.Page 9the seer, the talker, the highest sweetness of your word and conversation in every situations of mine with thewhole of me, till there is no atom of the parts of my essence that is excluded from that Lordly hearing for asecond or lower. Continuously everlasting, as You did make Your nabi, our Lord and Mawlana Muhammad(May peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) hear that way. And make me oh my Lord a devotecompletely in your service, a devotedness in which there is no a single smell of Rububiah (divinity) for no onebut You, among Your creation, till I become in devotedness on the firm foot that does not get shaken by anykind of ambiguity in any way. Make me taste oh my Lord the sweetness of that servitude (devotedness) in allmy breathings, from the sea of Lordly pouring sweetness, the sweetness of Lordly manifestations on everyLordly sweet things in the existence by Lordly observation, the most correct words, the tongue of the pins of the eternal sciences, the manifestation of the everlasting realities, Your servant of essencePage 10Turjiman (translation) of You Lordly devan of grandeur, the most saint, Your nabi (apostle) and our Mawlana(Master) Muhammad (May peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). The manifestation of essence of Lordly grandeur that is the brightest. Give me my due in completely oh my Lord, as You gave him his due, tillthe whole of me with all of its parts are fused in the sea of true reality, the purity of which cannot be corrupted(stained) by any kind of mud, till the whole essence in every way. Manifest Yourself to me my Lord, by thesecret of Your Lordship eternality that is embedded in Your word: Allah! there is no god but He. the Living, theSelf-subsisting, supporter of all. No slumber can seize Him nor sleep. His are all things in the heavens and onearth. Who is there that can intercede in His presence except as He permitted? He knows what (appears toHis creatures as) before or after or behind them. Nor shall they compass anything of His knowledge exceptas He wills. His Throne does extend over the heavens and the earth, and He feels no fatigue in guarding andpreserving them. For He is the Most High, the Supreme (in glory).Page 11
The 2nd Subu’ (Seventh) for Tuesday
Manifest for me oh my Lord, in the position of Al-Istiwa that compresses all the ranks of true Lordhood till Igive every Lordly rank its worth and duty from me without any defecting in the balance of justly strait lordlyunit till my handling things become a total lordly handling uniquely by the unified lordly rank from all ways.Manifest yourself for me oh my Lord by grandeur that is collective for the meanings of all Lordly names thatare the collective seas of realities of all names, so that I can become true by the truth of realities of the namescomprising the reality of every Lordly name by its shariah (jurisdiction), standing by its reality in the heavensof my ruh (spirit) and its shariah (jurisdiction) in the earth of my body; so that my ayah (sign, verse) be fromthe book of Allah, the dignified, the Almighty from where are the Lordly manifestations. It is Allah in theheavens and on the earth who knows Your secrets and appearance and knows what you do. Till I becomethe whole of me faces seeing by every face to a name on the sunnah (nature) of shariah (ways) of manifestations (Al-Tajali) in the realities, so that the ayah of my face be from the book of Allah, the Greatalmighty form where the manifestations of His Lordhood, Al-Wahidiya (the Unified) Al-Rahmaniah (theGracious Al-Rahimiah (the Mercifulness): Your Lord is one Lord, there is no God but He. He is the Gracious,the Merciful. So that the ayah of my face be from the book of Allah the Great, Almighty, from where themanifestations of the Lordly Kingdom: Oh my Lord, the King of Kings, You offer Kinghood to whom Youplease.Say: “O Allah! Lord of power (and rule), Thou givest power to whom Thou pleasest, and Thou strippest of power from whom Thou pleasest; Thou enduest with honor whom Thou pleasest, and Thou bringest to whomThou pleasest; in hands is all things Thou has power. Thou causest the night to gain on the day. And Thoucausest the day to gain the night; Thou bringest the living out of Page 3 of 

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