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Yoga Vasistha 2

Yoga Vasistha 2

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Published by Tagenarine Singh
Yoga Vasistha
Yoga Vasistha

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Published by: Tagenarine Singh on Apr 24, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Vivekananda Page 1
 YOGA VASISTHA by Swami Shyamananda Paramahansa SECTION 2
"Holy Sire, like a dream city, like an illusion, like a fantasy, Bramha has conceived the world and body in his mind. How come and why has it become so true to us?" Sri Rama asked. In the beginning the creation feels to Bramha like it is false. But later, he becomes so convinced of its reality, because by a widespread maya he too becomes part of an everlasting dream. And because this dream is created by each individual, like waves in the ocean by wind of each individual's former will from former creations. Out of his own will lingering from former life to enjoy supremacy of Bramhahood, he too stays bound. And he remains so until its fulfillment. Answering your question of how come and why this impossible became possible, I would say dreams, illusions, hallucinations are always controversial, full of contradiction as they are by nature. And that is how they are and have to be and we ought to accept as they are--see, fire exists in water of the ocean that is why it is called badavagni. From pure water lotuses are bloomed. People live and fly in space. Himalayas have both simultaneously frozen ice and flowers of all seasons. As water flows from stones, nectar drips from chandrakant gems, one sees one's own death in dream while still alive. Ganga flows in the sky. So also this entire show is a vast indrajal, gandharva nagar, a shambari maya. A myth is appearing as truth and truth has become a myth. A deer has fallen in a ditch; he is miserable, but then falls in another, greater ditch again with lots of mud in it. Same way ignorant man falls in the mire of illusion, and then begins to see series of connected illusions declaring them professionally analyzed, scientifically proven truth. Through laboratory tests, expert's tests, history tests, archeological proofs and politician's recommendations, he solidifies his personal illusions and turns them into truth and falls in the ditch creating the total impossibility of ever attaining the Truth.
Vivekananda Page 2
A monk was practicing Yoga. Systematically he succeeded to master states of non-violence, non-falsehood, non-sensationalism, non-alluring and non-possessiveness of mind. He mastered then inner and outer cleanliness, contentment, austerity, study of scriptures and abiding by the will of the cosmic. Then he mastered pyramidical posture, then balanced prana and prana airs. Then he disconnected the urges of senses from their moorings towards their objects. Then he focused concentration, then penetrated deeper recesses of his consciousness crossing all the way from sub, unconscious and deeper unconscious to the state of Mystica Trancensia. He enjoyed it so much. He stayed on that ascended state of timeless, breathless and bodiless state of relaxation longer and longer. When he descended down back to body consciousness he strolled around, ate something, smelled some flowers growing outside, then entered into the state of trance again. A long time passed. Then one day some visitors came. They left a book of someone's autobiography in the cottage. Before going to rest he read the book and entered in sleep. His system was so clean, whatever he thought reflected in and through his mind all the way. His name became Jhivat in his dream. He was both a drunkard and serviceful man to the wise men. After service he drank his favorite Double Scotch and slept. In dream he became a bramhin. He studied the scriptures well and became an evangelist and began preaching the word of God. Exhausted one day after long hours of giving a sermon and collecting enormous amounts of tithings he slept, while still counting all the dollar bills. In dream he became a President of United States of America and began making his army bases in every third world country and almost buying them. He slept again one night in his White House and saw another dream in which he had become the most prosperous President of the world. He was successfully able to place electrodes in the skull of governing leaders of every nation of the world. And sitting in the White House in a huge laboratory with a group of scientists, he began operating the brains of every leader of the world. One day a most beautiful lady from Moscow came to visit him. In the White House they dined together. Music played. After everybody left they retired to the bedroom where they fell in love and made love together. Both together, embraced, fell asleep. He entered then in another dream. He had become a most beautiful woman, a nymph in heaven. There he grew up as a dancer. While dancing her eyes met with one of her audience who was a very handsome angel. After dance he rushed
Vivekananda Page 3
onto the stage and took her in his warm embrace. They married and started living happily. Then one evening they went for a walk in a picturesque garden. From there in a computer they saw all the most beautiful gardens of the earth. Together they started visiting the planet earth in their well built flying saucer. Kashmir, Switzerland, Disneyland, Vedaland, Niagra Falls, they traveled, strolled, sported and played music. One day she saw a wonderful golden deer. Large eyes charmed her and she took her to her planet as her pet. She kept her in the next room. She slept in the night with her angel husband and saw a dream in which she became a deer. She was wandering forest to forest in lush, green grass and trees surrounded with vines blooming with flowers. Seeing these she slept and saw herself being a bumble bee humming around the flowers. Then she saw herself being a lotus flower. One day an elephant came and ate the lotus. Then lotus became an elephant in next life. Rushing towards his girlfriend he fell in a ditch and was beaten by hunters so much that he swooned and saw in dream he became a creeper. A swan came from somewhere and ate it. Then becoming a swan he started swimming in Manasarovar lake. One day he heard about Bramha. He wanted to become his vehicle swan. Then as water becomes a wave he became a swan of Bramha and began carrying him to all different planets of the three worlds. Then Bramha one day initiated him into the wisdom of Absolute Truth and he entered into deep meditation. He became enlightened. Then one day that swan was flying around Himalayas and he felt, I must become Lord of yogis--Shiva. And he became Shiva. Being Lord Shiva he then peeped in and saw all his former bodies sleeping and was highly surprised to see that he suffered out of illusion just for nothing. He decided to go to each of them and wake them up. He stood up, rose into the sky and flew. He arrived to the spot where the monk was resting. He woke him up. Monk was highly surprised and happy to see that Lord Shiva himself came to give him his darshan. He felt there are more of me. Now they both proceeded further. They arrived at the place of Jhiwat. His body laying like a corpse, wine pots lying all around. They awoke him too. He was happy to be awakened before too late to go to work and fishing. He too felt there is more of his parts. They went further, arrived at the sea beach residence of the evangelist where on the heap of a billion dollars, project maps and documents of a new Biblical University were lying around. They awoke him. Arrived at the White House, then awoke Mr. President. Then all the five people came to the new bedroom of Mr. President. He got up and joined them. They went to the heaven in

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