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Sri Lanka Terror Interrupted – Analysis

Sri Lanka Terror Interrupted – Analysis

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Published by Thavam

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Published by: Thavam on Apr 24, 2014
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- APRIL 21, 2014By Ajit Kumar Singh Apprehensions of an attempte re!i!a" #y the Li#eration $igers of $ami" %e"am&s 'L$$%( )ere pro!en true )hen, in the ear"y hours of Apri" 11, 2014, a Se*urity +or*es 'S+s( team "aun*he a *oron an sear*h operation in the forest area off Paa!iya in  Anurahapura istri*t, an )as fire upon #y mi"itants hiing in the forest $he S+s .i""e three arme "o*a" L$$% "eaers, reporte"y in reta"iatory fire $he ea )ere ientifie as Se"!anayagam Kajeepan a"ias /o#i, Sunara"ingam Kajeepan a"ias $he!ihan an a!aratnam a!aneethan a"ias Appan%ar"ier, on Apri" 10, 2014, troops ha re*o!ere four #a*.-pa*.s *ontaining rations, mei*ine, *"othes, et*, #e"ie!e to #e ha!e #een use #y the s"ain *ares, near the en*ounter site $he S+s ha intensifie their operations in the orthern Region fo""o)ing a shootout in the harmapuram area of Ki"ino*h*hi istri*t on ar*h 1, 2014, )hen /o#i, )ho ha returne to the *ountry after f"eeing o!erseas at the en of the )ar, ha es*ape after injuring a Po"i*e offi*er 3n ar*h 22, 2014, Po"i*e announ*e a re)ar of LKR 3ne mi""ion for any information "eaing to /o#i&s )herea#outs
Crucially, reports suggest that the neutralized local group was functioning under the instructions of LTTE leaders, Norway-based Perimbanayagam Siaparan alias Nediyawan and !rance-based "inayagamoorthi Se#arapillai alias $adiragamaseram
"inayagamoorthi alias $amanan "inayagam Se#arapillai alias "inayagamoorthy  %riazhaghan alias %rialahan alias $athirgamathamby &yyana alias "inayagam'  %ccording to a Press (elease issued by the )edia Centre of the )inistry of *efence and +rban *eelopment,They were preparing the ground for another armed struggle' &mmediate obecties of the local group included the recoery of war li#e material dumped by the LTTE during retreat, re-establishment of LTTE intelligence networ#, regrouping of the potential cadre including those rehabilitated, collecting information on potential targets, including in other proinces &nestigations reealed that the funds for these actiities that came from Europe were being transferred using .awala system' &t was also reealed that many safe houses, ehicles and other resources re/uired for resurgence of the LTTE had been procured by them using this money'
$he S+ ommaner in Ki"ino*h*hi, ajor /enera" Suantha Ranasinghe, in his meeting )ith reha#i"itate former *om#atants of the L$$% in Ki"ino*h*hi istri*t on ar*h 25, 2014, a"erte them to e6terna" threats that )ou" #e ire*te at them #y parties intereste se*uring their return to !io"en*e Signifi*ant"y, out of 11,700 e6-L$$% *ares )ho surrenere to the S+s after the en of )ar in ay 2008, on"y 22 ha!e #een "eft in *amps, )hi"e the rest ha!e #een reha#i"itateInee, in!estigators trai"ing /o#i&s team ha a"reay reporte"y arreste at "east 59 suspe*ts, in*"uing some top L$$% "eaers, in separate in*ients sin*e ar*h :, 2014, of )hom 2 )ere su#se;uent"y re"ease A huge *a*he of arms, ammunition, e6p"osi!es an other materia" that )ere in their possession )as a"so re*o!ere 3n ar*h 5, 2014, for instan*e, Su#ramaniam Kapi"an a"ias ana /opan, the hea of L$$%&s internationa" meia net)or., )as arreste after his arri!a" at the Banaranai.e Internationa" Airport in o"om#o, fo""o)ing his eportation from a"aysia A**oring to partia" ata *ompi"e #y the South Asia $errorism Porta", at "east 95 former L$$% *ares<sympathi=ers ha!e #een arreste 'from )ithin an outsie the ountry( after the en of )ar in 2008Signifi*ant"y, on Septem#er 19, 201, Ajutant /enera", ajor /enera" ahina >athurusinghe, asserte that there )as a possi#i"ity of a#out 4,000 former L$$% *om#atants, )ho )ere sti"" at "arge, regrouping$he 3*to#er 2, 2008, in*ient in )hi*h an unientifie gunman .i""e t)o Army so"iers an injure another at Parantha.aathan in annar istri*t )as the "ast
terrorism-re"ate fata"ity ti"" the Apri" 11, 2014, in*ient >o)e!er, se!era" !io"ent in*ients re"ate to former L$$% *ares an sympathi=ers ha!e #een re*ore in the inter!ening perio, in*"uing one prominent in*ient in Inia? on ar*h 17, 201, $ami" a*ti!ists in $ami" au, Inia, assau"te a Sri Lan.an Buhist mon., ientifie as Banara, at the entra" Rai")ay Station in hennai, in support of the L$$% 3n ay 2, 2012, Po"i*e arreste fi!e persons for the murer of Anre) ahenrarajah  Anthonipi""ai, a anaian $ami" of Sri Lan.an origin, )ho )as .i""e at Kaagn*heepuram "ane near the Paranthan @un*tion in Ki"ino*h*hi istri*t on ay , 2012 3ne of a""ege .i""ers, ientifie as A A.i"an, )as a former L$$% mi"itant In!estigations are sti"" on in the *ase+ormer *ares<sympathi=ers of the L$$% ha!e a"so *"ashe )ith S+s on se!era" o**asions, )hi"e attempting to *ommemorate the eath of their *omraes uring the %e"am ars In the )orst su*h in*ient sin*e the en of )ar in 2008, some stuents at @affna ni!ersity, sympatheti* to the L$$%, *ommemorate aa!eerar ay 'artyrs& ay, )hi*h *ommemorates ea L$$% fighters( on o!em#er 29, 2012 $he fo""o)ing ay, a tense situation e!e"ope at the *ampus, resu"ting in a !io"ent *"ash #et)een stuents an S+s Later, on e*em#er :, 2012, 10 stuents )ere arreste uner the Pre!ention of $errorism A*t 'P$A( Po"i*e *"aime a"" of them ha #een in!o"!e in Cterrorist a*ti!itiesD )ith the L$$% #efore 2008 an none of them ha *omp"ete a /o!ernment reha#i"itation *ourse for L$$% suspe*tsIn aition, the L$$% is #e"ie!e to ha!e assiste se!era" of its *ares to es*ape from prisons In the "atest of su*h in*ients, four L$$% *ares )ere he"pe to es*ape from the $rin*oma"ee @ai" in the ear"y hours of o!em#er 12, 201 %ar"ier, on Apri" 19, 201, an L$$% *are, ientifie as ahenra Rajah Shashiharan a"ias risty, )ho )as arreste in o!em#er 2011 an imprisone after #eing foun gui"ty of .i""ing 10 persons, es*ape from the Pottu!i" ourt premises at Pottu!i" to)n of Ampara istri*t In a more !io"ent in*ient insie prison, on @une 27, 2012, a group of L$$% *ares at the Ea!uniya Prison, reporte"y "e #y former Sea $iger 'Sea ing of the L$$%( "eaer Shashi Kumar, too. three jai"ers hostage, emaning that authorities re*a"" L$$% suspe*ts )ho ha #een transferre to the Boossa etention amp in /a""e 3n @une 28, 2012, S+s "aun*he an operation an res*ue the jai"ors Se!era" prisoners sustaine injuries, an t)o L$$% *ares ie "ater 3n @u"y , 2012, Prisons an Reha#i"itation inister, hanrasiri /ajaeera, o#ser!e that the unrest in the Ea!uniya Prison )as a )e""-p"anne *onspira*y of the L$$% internationa" net)or., as the L$$% suspe*ts at the prison )ere foun to ha!e sate""ite mo#i"e phones an other

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