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Advice to Sannyasins–Part 1

Advice to Sannyasins–Part 1

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Published by Dew Nada

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Published by: Dew Nada on Nov 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Advice to Sannyasins–Part 1
 Swami Sivananda Saraswati 
There are various kinds of vrittis
 –some painful, some pleasant. To destroythese vrittis Patanjali Maharshi
suggests abhyasa
and vairagya,
by whichall the vrittis subside and you enter into samadhi.
The same thing is said by the Lord in the Bhagavad Gita also. Arjunaquestions the Lord regarding the impetuosity of the mind. Just as it is difficultto catch hold of the wind with a pair of tongs, so also it is difficult to controlthe mind. Lord Krishna says: “Control this impetuous mind through abhyasaand vairagya.” Vairagya is the most essential factor, indifference toenjoyments herein and hereafter. Through dosha drishti,
you can developvairagya. The mind is filled with sensual samskaras.
It is very difficult towean the mind from the objects. The method is to remember the descriptionof the world given by the Lord in the Gita: this, world is impermanent, full of sufferings, the abode of sorrow. All the sensual pleasures appear to be pleasant in the beginning, but in the end they are like poison.
Remember the Vairagya Dindima of Sri Shankaracharya:
“Lust, anger andgreed are the thieves lurking in the mind; the jewel of wisdom is plundered by these dacoits.
Therefore, wake up, O man of this samsara!
Wake up;life is waning; you are caught up in this wheel of samsara. You are roasted byvarious kinds of anxieties and expectations. You do not realize, but this life isgradually waning away.” Constantly dwell on these thoughts; you willgradually develop vairagya. Study Bhartrihari’s Vairagya Sataka, and theDivine Life Society publications
 How to Get Vairagya
Vairagya Mala
, etc.,and the Vairagya Prakarana of the Yogavasishtha.
Cultivation of vichara
for sannyasa
A swan splits a mixture of water and milk and rejects the water and drinks themilk alone. Even so, a paramahansa
rejects the sensual objects which give pain, abandons this illusory world of names and forms, identifies himself with the undying atman
and drinks the nectar of immortality.Mira Bai deserted her husband; Raja Bhartrihari his wife; Vibhishana his brother, Ravana; Bali his guru, Sukracharya; and Prahlada his father,Hiranyakasipu. You can desert anyone who stands in the way of God-realization. But be careful that your aspiration is genuine and firm. If youhave an intense spiritual thirst for God, and if you have a passionate wife to pull you down, what istheearthly use of having such a disastrous partner with intellectual, psychological disparity and discord? You cannot sacrificeyour noble ideal just for the sake of  pleasing someone. Can you?Is not a kingdom valua bleto be owned? Is not a summer-house or a pleasantgarden with sweet-smelling flowers pleasant to live in? Is not the company of young maharanis
with tender waists and lotus-like eyes dear as life itself,and very pleasing? Yet wise, dispassionate men like Bhartrihari, Buddha, andGopichand retired into forests abandoning all these things, considering theseas worthless as straw, for realizing the Self which alone can confer immortality infinite bliss and eternal peace.Tell me now friends! What do you find really in this illusory world?Happiness or pain? Joy or sorrow? Have you understood the illusory nature of this mayic creation? This world is a mere appearance. The mind and thesenses are deceiving you at every moment. You have mistaken pain for plea-
sure on account of clouded understanding. There is not an iota of happiness inthis sense-universe. Abandon this selfish struggle for amassing wealth. Marchdirect to that wire-puller who is moving these toys of flesh–human bodies— who is keeping up this big show, who is behind this show. In Him alone willyou find lasting happiness and perennial joy. Merge in Him by practisingdaily meditation.During adversities, troubles, extreme difficulties, sickness, etc., a feeling of utter helplessness and of the presence of a mighty mysterious power or hidden governor of this universe, creeps over your being. But such momentsdo not last for a long time. And they are very few, also. Maya
is very powerful. The illusory sensual objects invade the mind and cloud theunderstanding. But a man of dispassion and discrimination is always vigilant.Maya is afraid to approach him.Prana
or the life-breath is as impermanent as the drop of water on thelotus-leaf which is likely to be thrown by the slightest breeze. It is not certainthat the man who is living today will live the next day. Life is as evanescentas a bubble. Try therefore to attain immortality.There is an internal peace which is not disturbed by external happenings. Thisis the supreme peace of the soul or atman. He who rests in this peace is ableto meetdifficulties and troubles with fortitude. He is not upset by adversities,calamities and trying circumstances.Who is your real father? Search for Him. Who is your real mother? Searchfor Her. What is death? Why are you attached to the flesh? Be attached to theimperishable atman, the indweller, the immortal friend and well-wisher.
A sannyasin’s analysis of life
Discrimination will tell us that this is a strange world that we live in. This is avery big museum or wonderful show. The flowers and the Himalayanscenery, the Niagara Falls, the sea, the sky are beautiful and charming. Butthe earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, lightnings, thunderstorms, landslides,cyclones, epidemics of influenza and plague are awful and threatening. A beautiful wife is very charming; she is very sweet when she is young, whenshe smiles, when, she puts on a beautiful dress, when she sings, when she plays on the piano or violin, when she dances in the ballroom. But she looks

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