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Donna Roller Letter

Donna Roller Letter

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Published by hefflinger
Nebraskan Donna Roller submitted this letter with her concerns on the Keystone XL pipeline to all of Nebraska's representatives in Congress. The letter was also published in the York News-Times on Friday, April 25, 2014.
Nebraskan Donna Roller submitted this letter with her concerns on the Keystone XL pipeline to all of Nebraska's representatives in Congress. The letter was also published in the York News-Times on Friday, April 25, 2014.

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Published by: hefflinger on Apr 26, 2014
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Mike Johanns 404 Russell Senate Office Bld. Washington D.C. 20510 Dear Senator Johanns, I am in Washington this week for the Reject and Protect march against the KXL pipeline. I am taking this opportunity to hand deliver my message to you. A compass symbolizes an instrument that can be used for adjustment or change of direction, a moral and ethical direction to take . As an elected representative of this state I ask that you change direction to integrity and honesty that our water and land is under threat by a massive tar sands pipeline -KXL. The very presence of the tar sands and its diluents are an undeniable destruction to life sustaining elements of land, air and water, as we all have witnessed in Alberta Canada and from the many pipeline spills already occurring in the United States. Honesty and integrity demands that you must be truthful to all citizens of Nebraska and to this Nation regarding the risk of tar sands to our environment and the true intentions of Trans Canada. Trans Canada has falsely represented the safety and purpose of the pipeline to the people of this state and to America. We the people in Nebraska refuse to be the sacrifice zone for Tar Sands shipments to the gulf. I ask for your courage to acknowledge the truth that undue influence of rich powerful interest in oil (i.e. Koch Brothers, ALEC and their cohorts) on the government of the United States. You surely also know that Trans Canada has forced financial influence and political pressure on our State Legislature to the point of violating our Nebraska Constitution. This corporate control has reached a level of tyranny forced upon the citizens of Nebraska and all citizens. Pollution and threats to our water supply is not an political issue but a ethical issue. The political and powerful wheels of money surrounding the KXL in Washington has no limits. It is hard to realize and accept that our Nebraska representatives have all sold us out. We have the most to lose and yet you are willing to throw it all to the hope that a leak will never happen in Nebraska. Water is of short supply all over the world and Nebraska has it underneath our very feet. Agriculture is Nebraska economy and agriculture demands water and you bolster support for all things agriculture, yet take a hypocritical stand supporting the KXL pipeline that endangers our water and our land. How many citizens of this country must bare the repercussions of pollution by Oil and gas pipelines before you act on our behalf? I must also remind you that Good Friday marks the one year anniversary of the massive tar sand spill in Mayflower, Arkansas. Citizens have lost their homes and children and adults are suffering from lifelong health problems. As our representative in Washington you have the authority to vote on many policies but you do not have the right to deny my grandchildren or my children the right to a sustainable life on our family farm and inevitably on this planet. Science does not support your position that Climate Change is not caused by humans. This failed approach to climate change means our children will witness the extinction of human life on earth by the end of this century unless we act now in reducing carbon release in our atmosphere. The KXL is a line in the sand where we must say no more. Nebraska literally is that line in the Sand (hills). The risk to our life on this planet is a high price to pay for the billions of dollars profit gained by Oil companies. I am confident that the majority of people in Nebraska will stand with you to change your mind by saying no to KXL. Affirm the truths that you already know but are unwilling to admit. The decisions you make now will become your legacy. And your names will not be forgotten by my children and grandchildren. Respectfully, Donna Roller 2000 Twin Ridge Rd. Lincoln, Nebraska

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