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Sun Sign House Aspect

Sun Sign House Aspect



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Published by mesagirl

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Published by: mesagirl on Mar 03, 2008
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Natal Sun in Aries
(Betty Lundsted) The Aries type is the most personal of the Fire signs, and it is often seen as selfish. Ariespeople are not selfish on purpose, but they tend to be thoughtless. They pursue their owninterests with enthusiasm and seldom realize that what they are doing might overwhelmor hurt another individual. If this is pointed out to Aries, they will be hurt and usuallydefensive. After giving some thought to the situation, they'll probably apologize. When Aries discover they have hurt or disregarded someone, they are often filled with remorse.It's a combination of idealism and enthusiasm. As Aries people mature, they begin out of necessity to cultivate patience in order to lessen the hurt feelings around them.  Aries usually say 'no' to anything suggested to them at the time the suggestion is made.But the saving grace of the Aries is that they do go away and think about what you'vesaid, and eventually you'll see that they adopt your suggestions, if those suggestions aregood. Aries are always in a hurry, rushing into the future looking to accomplishsomething - and they don't always know what that mysterious 'something' is. They aretrained at an early age to react to accomplishment because Daddy thinks it's important.The father may not accomplish anything in the world's definition of the word, but it mustbe kept in mind that a child's perception of adult behavior may be very different from anadult's. The Aries child may have a parent who either talks about accomplishment or feels guiltywhen enough isn't being done around the home; Aries may also have a parent whoactually is an accomplishment-oriented individual. These children tend to be born toparents who 'worry' about accomplishment. The father of the Aries child is a man whoseems to be respected or idealized for his work. He may only be a laborer, but he is goodat his job. He may also be unhappy; if he is a laborer and he wants to be a businessman,for example, he may retreat into the power plays that frustrated people choose in orderto express his discomfort. When the Aries child is small, Daddy comes home either as a'big deal' or as a tyrant; and, depending on the particular father type, the child willdevelop his own behavior pattern accordingly. The mother is seen as a service figure - it isn't that the Aries child hates the mother, butthe mother-figure is someone who provides a service. In the case of the father-tyrant, the Aries sees the mother as a 'poor, frightened creature' who stays in a difficult marriagebecause she doesn't know how to change her circumstances. The Aries child may bedefensive of the mother; may take Mom's side in quarrels between Mom and Dad, andwill try to help the mother as soon as Aries is old enough to provide emotional or financialsupport. However, the mother gets more pity and compassion than love from this child -and aries will in some way, as an adult, emulate the father's position. This is the way it works: the Aries male is often uncomfortable about his love for hismother - he may care for Mom more than the Aries female does. He may think that he'stoo close to Mom emotionally; perhaps too much like her as far as his emotional reactionsare concerned. If this is the case, he may avoid her as he becomes an adult. He wants tobe as much like his father as possible. Emotional closeness to his mother usually doesn'tenhance his self-image. The Fire sign person has some natural confusion about sexuality -for them, sex includes ideals as well as action and feeling. The idealistic types feel a bitembarrassed about sexuality, so the Aries male tends to treat women like little girls ordaughters - and he plays the father. It may be that when his personality was forming, he
saw his father treat his mother like a little girl. It is not uncommon for the mother of an Aries child to call her husband 'Father' during the child's formative years. The Aries male has an image of Woman that combines Lolita with the maids in King Arthur's court. he wants a genteel woman who doesn't swear, who presents herself like alittle lady, who doesn't confront him; and he's generally a male chauvinist as a youngman. The youthful innocent he is pursuing must also fit his anima image - a long-tresseddamsel in distress. He gets easily disappointed in love situations because he tends to pick the Cancer type femals for a partner. She often turns out to be much stronger than shelooks; he then finds he has toruble running the relationship. He is not really sure of himself in romantic situations - or in relationship situations in general. His Fire signidealism tries to maintain a courtship throughout a love relationship because that's whathe thinks love is. As soon as he sees hair curlers or has to work through a problem thatrequires some kind of compromise, the 'romance' is not as wonderful as it once was. The Aries female has compassion for her mother - but she vows never to put herself intothe same situation that her mother is on. She doesn't want her mother's career, or hermother's kind of marriage. She may be so father-dominated (through either love or hate)that she actually ends up being a 'better man' than most men. In other words, it'simportant to the Aries woman that she acts like a 'man' and not like a 'woman' - that shebe 'rational' rather than 'emotional'. When she marries, she often marries a childish manso that she is, in essence, the head of the household... like Daddy. She tries to prove herself by doing everything well; she therefore has difficulty letting herpartner do anything. It's easy to fall into the trap, for the Aries female can't stand towatch a man do a chore the hard way - so she does it for him. Sooner or later she noticesthat he isn't doing anything - since she has done everything so well, why should he?Ultimately, some event occurs that is so stressful to her that she falls apart and has no-one to help her out of her dilemma because her man doesn't realize that she really needshelp. She can be so overpowering in her identification with 'fatherdom' that she runsaway from all the mature folks and winds up loving people who need to be saved. This is exemplified in the positive sign female who has an overdose of the masculineprinciple within her system and within her environment. When this principle is notunderstood, both the personal life and the career can be affected by thismisunderstanding. The misunderstood masculine principle causes one to imitateculturally definied 'masculine' behavior. It is possible for an Aries female to develop acareer, to develop her mind, and to find enjoyable and creative outlets for expressionwhen she understands what kind of energy she is blessed with. Jung's definition of the'animus' may give a better understanding of the problem. The positive sign femaleunconsciously lends more credence to the animus, and thereby loses a part of her senseof feminine values. When a woman has no real sense of the feminine within herself - thatis, she doesn't think women are worth much - she often tries to be what she considers'manly'. This has nothing to do with homosexuality; it merely indicates the kind of hardness that can be involved in developing the personality.  Aries women can be extremely competitive with their fathers later in life; they canunconsciously illustrate the strength of the mythic Father image. For example, when an Aries female is involved with family situations, she often tries to outdo her father. Shemay even try to take away her father's position in his marriage. A case in point is an Ariesfemale who rushed into the middle of her parents' marriage at a time when the motherwas critically ill. The father wanted to do one thing; the daughter wanted to do another.The daughter didn't ask her mother what she wanted in terms of therapy. Instead, Ariestook over the solution of the problem. The moral of the story is that she was trying to be'a better man' to her mother than her father was. Of course, this attitude alienatedeveryone in the family and poor Aries couldn't understand why. When Aries don't understand their energy; when they don't understand what motivatesthem to action, their wonderful Aries ideas can be wasted because they may not be
presented in an acceptable manner. The Aries female, in her quest for being helpful toothers, may push ideas on people when they aren't ready to accept those ideas, or whenthose ideas haven't been asked for. The influence of the father on the Aries female turns her into the Scarlet O'Hara type -one who runs from strong men, who tends to approach males like another male becausethat's what Daddy would have done. When Aries examine their reactions to life, they'llfind that they resemble the father in an uncomfortable fashion. Idealism has to betempered, for too much idealism means that we are living in an unreal world. It meansthat we make unrealistic demands on our partners and then become wounded when thesedemands are unanswered. Aries people tend to ask for things that are selfish - in otherwords, they don't consider the needs of their partner. They often don't know how to voicetheir ideals; and when their feelings are hurt, they get buried deep inside and are notshared. When Aries people decide to abandon idealism, they tend to put themselves intostrange types of relationships which can hurt them even more. For example, the Ariesmale (who is basically loyal and idealistic) may get into sexual relationships that have nomeaning, therefore debasing his emotional and sexual needs. Or the Aries female maydraw to her the type of men who have some unhealthy sexual habits. In order toparticipate with these men, she must turn off a part of her personality, for she is aromantic idealist. (Haydn Paul) The Aries personality tend to be an initiator and pioneer, expressing self-assertion anddirect energy into the world. You should have ample creative energy and enthusiasmsthat can be exploited, allowing you to start a variety of activities. One problem can be afailure to complete them, due to losing interest and becoming bored; and you tend toleave several lose ends of uncompleted projects in your life. There are strong motivationsto prove yourself through energetic activity; to be enterprising and ambitious, making your presence noted in the world. You can be animated by a desire to be 'number one',becoming competitively minded; and this will influence your career and social expression. You could become an effective leader, as fame, authority and superiority suits you, or so you believe.  You can be quite impatient, impulsive and spontaneous in your actions and decisions, yetoften you can fail to devote enough time and attention to acturally listening to the adviceof others, or to considering the consequences of your choices; and this can create severalproblems later. You may need to consider your options more carefully before you rushinto action; if you can do this, then you will find greater success. Associated with this isthe need to discover more effective relationship with others, to be more considerate, andto think through the possible effects of any self-centred style of expression.  You will be attracted towards idealistic causes, seeing yourself as an opponent of socialinjustice. There can be a naive, innocent outlook on life at times, where you believewholeheartedly in high ideals; while this can be battered by reality, you are unlikely tobecome truly cynical, 'street-wise' or 'world-weary'. You try to speak the truth as much aspossible, and can find it hard to lie; and even if you do try, it is rarely convincing. Youhave a quick mind with distinct philosophical tendencies, and a sensititivity towardshigher thought, morals and ethics. You need independence and freedom, so that you canindulge in your impulsive decisions to act.  You can be quite secretive regarding your personal life, feelings and emotionalexperiences, and are often reluctant to reveal your plans to others, especially as you canbe deeply hurt. There is an attraction towards the past and traditional ways, which can bereflected in your home environment and attitudes; and you value domestic andrelationship security more than you may be willing to acknowledge. This need evokes asentimental response from you to family life, and you can be vulnerable in that area. Aries females:

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