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Venus by Sign House Aspect

Venus by Sign House Aspect



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Published by mesagirl

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Published by: mesagirl on Mar 03, 2008
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Natal Venus in Aries
(Frances Sakoian and Louis S. Acker) Venus rules the principle of love and reaching out to others. Venus in Aries indicatesthose who tend to be aggressive in their emotional self-expression. Their outgoingnatures lend enthusiasm and sparkle to social gatherings. They have no reticence inpursuing the object of their interests, and they can be competitive when seeking theaffection of others. In a female horoscope, this quality may make for an aggressiveapproach in which the woman chases the man. The ability of these people to bepassionate in love and romance results from Mars, the ruler of Aries, which gives energyto the affections of Venus. These affections can be impulsive and unstable, however.  Venus in Aries is in its detriment, because Aries is the opposite sign to Libra, which Venus rules. For this reason people with Venus in Aries demand a lot of personalattention and tend to be self-centred. If Venus is afflicted in Aries, the native's manners can be coarse, lacking refinement.When Venus in Aries is well aspected, there is a positive, cheerful attitude. There is alsothe ability to be actively creative in artistic pursuits. (Babs Kirby and Janey Stubbs)  Venus in Aries is the most impulsive of all the Venus signs, leaping straight intorelationships, usually on the basis of romantic attraction alone. Practical difficulties areno deterrent at all to them. There is something of the knight in shining armour aboutthese people - they like to feel that they are rescuing someone from a miserable existenceand carrying them off to eternal bliss. Idealistic and somewhat naive, the Venus in Aries person expects the best of everyone.Straightforward and direct to the point of bluntness themselves, it never occurs to themthat some people are devious and manipulative. Because of this they feel terribly hurt andlet down when people betray their trust.  Venus in Aries likes to take the initiative and tends to come on pretty strong, which canbe very alarming to more timid types. Aries has little time for the subtle approach,preferring things to happen now, and lacking patience with people who cannot make uptheir minds. Because Venus is the relating principle and Aries is concerned with being itself, there isgoing to be some degree of internal conflict between the self and the other; and it may bequite difficult for the Venus in Aries person to work out a balance between the need forindependence and personal self-expression and the need for relationship and sharing.  Venus in Aries needs space and freedom in relationships, and appreciates independencein others. As lovers, they are warm and demonstrative, giving their love freely and open-heartedly. They need, and can create, an element of excitement in their relationships, sothat life is never dull for someone involved with them. The person with Venus in Aries tends to demand attention and will definitely want to bethe number one attraction in their partner's life. Their love is full of heat and intensitywhich can quickly change to dramatic rage when they feel hurt. Venus in Aries givesdrama and passion, together with romanticism and naive hopefulness. For the Venus in Aries person, the eternally burning flame of hope is what makes life worth living; and
they will never cease to pursue their vision of the perfect love. (Skye Alexander) This is a difficult position for Venus. Here, the planet that represents female energy isplaced in the most masculine of signs. Consequently, Venus has a hard time expressingits natural characteristics of harmony, union and romantic love in a sign that isindividualistic and combative. In partnerships of all kinds, but especially love relationships, you insist on being thedominant partner and are not willing to compromise very much in order to maintaindomestic tranquility. In fact, you don't really want your relationships to be peaceful andharmonious. You prefer to maintain a high level of tension in your relationships, and findconflict and arguments stimulating and exciting. Often you start fights - verbal or evenphysical ones - with your partner, just to see the fireworks. If things stay calm for long, you become bored.  You see love as a contest and partners as opponents to be conquered. It is the chase thatintrigues you most; and you are likely to lose interest in someone once he / she succumbsto your advances. The way to keep your attention is to keep you guessing. Always lookingfor new experiences, new challenges, you tend to be rather promiscuous, or at least tochange partners frequently. Whether male or female, you are usually the aggressor,easily pursuing your 'quarry' rather than waiting for hi, / her to make the first move. Sex is more important to you than affection; and unless you have water signs prominentelsewhere in your chart, you may lack the ability to express tenderness and romance inlove relationships. In itself, this placement of Venus is not an indicator of an artistic sensibility. If you haveartistic talent, as a result of other factors in your birth chart, you are likely to be avant-garde, even rather provocative in the way you express yourself creatively. Your styletends to be highly energetic and forceful, even abrasive or violent. Women with this planetary placement may reject traditional feminine images and putlittle value on such things as home, a husband and family. Independent, outspoken andassertive, you refuse to let any man dominate you, and insist on being free to do as youwish in matters of love. You probably aren't 'feminine' in a traditional sense, for whatmakes you feel good about yourself as a woman is being able to do things like a man. Youwant to show everyone (including yourself) that anything a man can do a woman can dobetter. Thus, you might express this image of yourself through athletics, by being highlycompetitive in the business world, or by playing the role of 'buddy' to the men in your life. As a child, you probably were a tomboy who beat up your brothers and could out-hitanyone on the local Little League team. Men with Venus in Aries tend to be out-of-touch with their female sides (unless theirMoons are in Cancer, Pisces or Taurus) and have little respect for female values, or evenfor women in general. Your ideal woman is one who is 'one of the guys', who likes to playfootball with you and your friends on a Saturday afternoon and can drink the lot of youunder the table afterwards. Emotional, gentle, delicate or sensitive women don't interest you in the least. You want a partner who is strong, feisty and independent, even a little'butch'. Thus, you might find women with mesomorphic bodies, athletes and bodybuilders more attractive than those with 'hourglass' figures. (Julia and Derek Parker) The individual is passionate, falling in love quickly, and will be demonstrative. Sexualfulfillment is of above-average importance, and an unco-operative partner will not betolerated. Although an element of Arian selfishness may well cause problemsoccasionally, the individual wil be generous to a loved one, making sure there are many
occasions of joint enjoyment. Here is a lively friend and energetic colleague. The attitudeto money is extremely enterprising, but a risk-taking element can cause financial losses.Often, there is an enjoyable second source of income, but money can still slip through thefingers. If the Sun sign is Aquarius, Venus here adds warmth and passion to the cool detachmentof the Aquarian Sun. There will be powerful emotional relationships; but sometimesconflict can arise when the subject has to decide whether to deepen one of these throughhome-sharing or marriage; and there may be a delay in making an emotionalcommitment. Independence is most important, as is the Aquarian lifestyle; there will bean active social life and many like-minded friends. There is an erratic attitude to money,with a liking for unusual possessions. If the Sun sign is Pisces, the sensitive watery emotion of Pisces combined with the fierypasion of Aries makes these individuals ardent but caring and tender lovers. At timesthey will be confused by their own emotional intensity; and apprehansion and a lack of self-confidence may clash with a desire for the loved one (Venus in Aries). Nonetheless,the striving for a rewarding relationship is important, as are friends with sharedinterests. Money will be enjoyed, so saving may well be difficult. The subject may findthat impulsive generosity could cause problems. If the Sun sign is Aries, here is a very passionate and enthusiastic partner who needs tomaintain independence within a permanent relationship. Although selfish at times, he orshe will be generous to loved ones, wanting them to enjoy the relationship. Rivalry canoccur in friendship, with the subject needing to take the lead. Money is often mande fromsidelines as well as a main source; and investment will be enjoyed. Impulse-buying canlead to cashflow problems. If the Sun sign is Taurus, the passions are very powerful; and while this subject makes anexcellent, sensual lover, the emotional level is so high that storms may well arise. At suchtimes, possessiveness (Taurus) and selfishness (Venus in Aries) can cause seriousproblems; but the highs will be marvellously romantic as well as fulfilling. Over-emotionalreactions can sometimes cause difficulties with friends. In money matters, the individualis clever; but a liking for luxury will prove expensive. If the Sun sign is Gemini, the Geminian mistrust of emotion can cause problems with thispassionate placing; but there will be good rapport and friendship, and sexual fulfillmentonce the tendency to rationalize is overcome. This is a lively friend with many variedinterests, wanting to do a great deal and travel widely. Spendthrift tendencies must becountered.StaticIf you value aggressive independence in relationships, you might without knowing itrelate to others thoughtlessly and forcefully. Thus, you may experience an endless seriesof temporary alliances. In attempting to prove the Aries self-worth by disregarding the values of others, you may ultimately win the conquest yet end up alone. Consequently, a reluctance to sustain closeness often results in a lack of confidence in your worth and ability to relate to others. When you withhold your ability for positiveleadership in social situations, it may lead to a competitive viewpoint that is destructivefor all concerned. Dynamic  You possess the ability to take the initiative in social situations. You can be a spontaneousleader. With the natural Aries gifts of enthusiasm and courage, you inspire others tocontribute to the group.  You can realize your inherent value when you share your independence in a manner that

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