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Exhibit A Keith E Miller MD retaliation against Dr. Shirley Pigott

Exhibit A Keith E Miller MD retaliation against Dr. Shirley Pigott

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Published by Shirley Pigott MD

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Published by: Shirley Pigott MD on Nov 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 November 2, 2009Dr. Miller’s Current Retaliation Efforts1.Lawsuit against Dr. Pigott and Dr. Steven Hotzeclaiming thattheir whistle blower claims againstDr.Millerconstitute slander.2.Lawsuit against Dr. Pigott seeking a permanent injunctionto stop Dr. Pigott’s whistle blower acts againstDr.Miller and his nurse.( Due to Dr. Pigott’s whistle blower activity, theStateofTexashasforced both Miller and his nursetoceaseimproper conduct)3.Coordinating with Wharton County District Attorney Josh McCownin an effort to sendDr. Pigott to prison. (After beingstopped at night, on a dark highway, for driving 74mphin a 65mph speed zone, Dr. Pigott refusedto open her cardoorbeforegoing to a publiclocation.)Dr Shirley Pigott(TexasMedical Board Watch)Dr. Pigottformed Texas Medical Board Watch andhas been working with a groupof whistle blowers to exposeimproper, unethical conduct by the Texas Medical Board and its boardmembers.Whistle Blower GroupOther participants of theproject include Dr. Steven Hotze (a co-defendant in Dr. Miller’sretaliation lawsuit), theAssociation ofAmericanPhysicians & Surgeons (organization that hassued TMB)andapproximately 50additionaldoctors and medical personnelwho are aware of theunjust conduct of the TMB and its board members.Claims AgainstTexasMedical BoardThe whistle blower grouphas accused the Texas Medical Boardand itsboardmembers of allowing: 1) Anonymous complaints from insurancecompanies, hospitals, pharmaceuticalcompanies, attorneys and competitors2)Anonymous “expert” witnesses against physicians 3)Kangaroo courts held in secret 4) Denial of patients’right to testify on behalf of their doctor 5)Prohibition of note taking and recordings in hearings 6) Denial of due processto physicians 7)Discipline for menial and trivial records’ findings 8) Intimidation tactics 9) Forced settlements10) Conflicts of interest.Whistle BlowerGroup’sSuccesses to DateThecurrentstate of the whistle blowers’efforts andsuccesses is:
1.Passage of new legislation in 2007 outlawingunethical conflicts of interestbyboardmembers of the Texas Medical Board. (This new lawforcedDr. Millertoresignfromthe TMB)2.Pending lawsuit in federal court inAustin,wherein theAssociation ofAmericanPhysicians & Surgeons is suing the Texas Medical Board. (Dr. Miller’s conduct while a board member will bereviewed in this lawsuit)3.Resignation ofDr. Don Patrick, the Executive Director of theTexasMedicalBoard.4.Current investigationof the conduct of the Texas Medical Boardand itsboardmembers by the Texas Legislature.Intensity of Dr. Miller’sAngerToward Dr. PigottThe intensity of Dr. Miller’sangerandretaliationtowardDr. Pigott isdue to Dr.Pigott’s successas a whistle blower in wreckingDr. Miller’s“gold mine”andDr. Pigott’s acts as a whistle blower concerningcriminal conduct byDr. Miller’s nurseand family member.Dr. Miller’s“Gold Mine”Prior to Dr. Miller’s forced resignation fromtheTMB, aprimarysource of hisincomewas from
expert witness fees
fortestifying against doctors andhospitals in medical malpractice cases.Lawyers suing doctors orhospitalssought out Dr. Miller’stestimony, which was alwaysthat thedoctor orthehospital was negligent.Dr.Miller’s opinion was extra valuable since Dr. Millerwason the Texas Medical Board and Director of the Disciplinary Committee. He was
The Man
;”he set the standardsrequired of doctors and hospitals. Dr. Millerwas able to pack his schedulewithexpert witness jobs; able to chargelarge fees; able to makelotsof money.Dr. Miller created a“goldmine”by unethicallyusing his position with the Texas Medical Board.Before 2007,Dr. Miller was criticized forhaving a conflict of interestbyactingas a witnessagainst doctors and hospitals, while being on the TMB.Although the conflict ofinterest wasclear and obvious, Dr. Miller refused to correct hisimproper conduct. Only afterthe TexasLegislature and the Governor of Texasdeclared,in 2007,thatDr. Miller’sconduct wasillegaldidDr. Millerresignfrom the TMB on August 30, 2007.
Dr. Pigott provided theTexaslegislaturewithinformationthatled to the new law thatoutlawed Dr. Miller’s“Gold Mine.”(Attached:TexasMedical Board Watch, Keith MillerMD, Conflict of Interest; Red Devil Award)
Dr. Miller’s Nurse(Bridget Hughes)Bridget Hughes worked for Dr. Craig McMullenin 2004 and 2005. During this time,NurseHughes,for her own use,forged Dr. McMullen’s name to more than 50 prescriptions for narcotics.This was a crime in violation of the ControlledSubstance Act. When Dr. McMullendiscovered her crimes,he fired Nurse Hughes.

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