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Israel's Triumph at the Red Sea.

Israel's Triumph at the Red Sea.

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"Who is like unto thee, Lord, among the gods? who is like thee, glo-
rious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders?" Exodus xv, 11.

"Who is like unto thee, Lord, among the gods? who is like thee, glo-
rious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders?" Exodus xv, 11.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Apr 27, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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ISRAEL'S TRIUMPH AT THE RED SEA. BY REV. MOSES SMITH. "Who is like unto thee, Lord, among the gods? who is like thee, glo- rious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders?" Exodus xv, 11. This part of the exulting and spirit-stirring song of Moses was expressive of great joy. Truly this heaven- signalized and happy deliverance of the Hebrews was heart-affecting and soul-inspiring. Each spirit, ecstatic in the sunlight of infinite favor, filled and overflowed with love and gratitude to God. Imagination, sped on the wing of faith, hopefully contemplated the distant land of Divine right — the once peaceful tents of the remnant of Israel, safely environed by the far-off hills and towering mount- ains of God. There yet could be seen the fond traces of their race ; their solemn and sacred retreats ; the once holy, but now forsaken and moldering altars, with a gloomy, wild wilderness of innumerable graves, still telling 14 158 Israel's triumph at the red sea. of a holy, beloved, and departed ancestry. Two thou- sand, two hundred and eighty years had scarcely fled when the youthful Joseph, barely surviving his mother's death, was abandoned to the ruthlessness of a Midianitish band and the fearfulness of Egyptian bondage. Dark, gloomy, and forbidding as was his fate, yet God preserved him amid friendship of irony, burdens of duty, snares to crime and idolatry, the horrors of prison, and the allure- ments of fame. An unrealized depth of infinite mercy was concealed beneath the vision of the bowing sheaves, and the obeisance of the sun, moon, and eleven stars, till
the Lord of the house of Egypt, with tears of suppressed feelings, rose up before the aged Israel and his sons, calmly declaring, "I am Joseph, thy brother." God determined to free the Israelites. Moses was com- manded to gather the people. Heaven aided with mer- cies on the one hand, and thundered in desolating judg- ments on the other. The moss-covered ruins of slumber- ing Ramesis, in the region of Zoar, witnessed the collect- ing thousands, bearing with them the bones of Joseph. Turning to survey, for the last time, the majestic ile, the placid lakes, the fertile land of Goshen, then addressing themselves, in obedience to the command of God, they were soon in motion, going "out with a high hand in the sight of all the Egyptians." Sweeping by the lofty hills, over plains of burning sands, and through the mountain - pass, they were soon tented upon the banks of the Red Sea. Scarcely had they ascended the opposite shore, from the depths beneath and the pillar of cloud, till the obedient sea, extending over all the Egyptian hosts, rolled its erratic waves peacefully on forever. The concordant harmony of Israel's song, timbrel, and harp, swelling the diapason of each successive strain — rolling back over the coral graves of the foe, fell like a song of heaven, on the distant, forsaken shore, and ranged along the gloomy Israel's triumph at the red sea. 159 mountains with commingling echoes of sublime and exult- .ing praise. f. The inquiry. ' ' Who is like unto thee, Lord, among the gods?" To discriminate between the gods of imagination and the God of Israel was not to them a sub-  ject of either conjecture or doubt ; and the idea of longer attributing power to insensible and material deities had fled forever. Boundless confidence was then placed in an all-wise, merciful, glorious, eternal, and omnipotent Being.
( 1 .) Astonishment was evidently blending the emotions of heart in this enunciation, as though all imagination or rapidity of thought had been infinitely surpassed — over- whelming love unmerited, and limitless glory of the eter- nal power divine. (2.) Attention is implied. Let all the people turn to this source of imperishable life, overwhelming in its gift and glory. Humility, gratitude, and awe should mark every feeling of each broken heart, while earnestly looking to Christ for redemption from sin, sorrow, and death. 2. Egyptian idolatry was oppressive and degrading to all its votaries ; and the effect, when contrasted with the worship of the true God, rolls up to the vision, conscious- ness, and future hope of man, its appalling mountain of night browing over the stormy waves of the shoreless empire of Spirit, as if convulsed by quaking worlds from beneath and lowering heavens from above. The long for- bearance of God was signalized by innumerable calls of mercy to love and obedience. o less than ten plagues, as compulsatory agents to their repentance, spread, over the whole land, gloom, sorrow, and death. Their inef- fectual invocations to their gods, and fruitless resorts to their sacred groves and templed hills, should have induced an effectual change and inspired perpetual praise to God. 3. The true God was the only hope of Israel; and so he is the hope, and the only hope, of a lost world. 160 Israel's triumph at the red sea. (1.) He could save. He had power to save; he was willing to save ; and he did save, as was every-where evi- denced in their deliverances and preservation. Who could doubt but that they were saved from their enemies ? They saw that the whole pathway of the past was every-where

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