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Holding Hands With Household Materials

Holding Hands With Household Materials



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Published by ninayuri20

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Published by: ninayuri20 on Nov 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Holding Hands with Household MaterialsI know you find the topic very simple. But in this topic, you will apply what youhave learned in matter in real-life. You will familiarize yourself with many householdmaterials and learn to handle them properly.By the end, you should be able to:C-classify household materials according to their uses;H-handle them properlyA-apply what you have learned in first aids in case of accidents;O-observed caution and practice responsibility and;S-spread the information of what you have learned.How should household materials be classified and handled?What materials do you need at home? What are their uses? How do you handlethem? Household materials are more useful if you classify and handle them properly.There are many of these materials at home. At times, you don’t know where to place them. Here, you’ll learn some tips on how to classify them.You’ll also be able to learn how to handle them by just merely recognizing itschemical compositions and other characteristics.Generally, household materials can be classified based on their uses. They should be handled properly for safety reasons.What should be done in case of accidents?Sometimes, household materials are not handled properly and accidents happen.Here, you’ll also be able to learn some first-aid techniques that can be applied in case of:
Minor Burns
Serious Burns
Foreign body in the eye
WoundsSome household materials are dangerous. Mishandling these materials may causeaccidents. In case of accidents, it is important to practice first-aid.
How to Classify Household MaterialsThere are many household materials at home. At times, we are confusedwhere to place them. Here are some tips on how to classify them.Tip no. 1Look around the house and make a list of all materials you see. Identifyalso its use. Here’s an example.Household MaterialsUse1.Soap2.Toothpaste3.Salt4.Cooking Oil5.Face Powde6.Fertilize7.Glue8.Insecticide9.Shampoo10.Band-aid11.Vinega12.Lotion13.Garden Tools14.Detergent15.AlcoholCleaningCleaningCookingCookingCosmeticGardeningRepairingKilling insectsCookingCleaningFirst-aidCosmeticGardeningCleaningFirst-iadTip no. 2Group the materials according to the use. Here’s an example:Cooking1.Salt2.Cooking oil3.Vinega4.Cleaning1.Soap2.Toothpaste3.Shampoo4.DetergentKilling insects1. InsecticidesRepairing1. GlueGardening1.Fertilize2.Garden ToolsFirst-aid1.Band-aid2.AlcoholCosmetics1.Powde2.LotionYou’re done! Next, you’ll find out where to place and how to handle them properly.

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