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Renaissance 2008 May June

Renaissance 2008 May June

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Published by abinthevarmadom

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Published by: abinthevarmadom on Nov 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Renaissance May-June2008 Page 1
University imposes restrictionon religious activities
Manipal University has imposed strict andimmediate restriction on religious activities. As per thenotice dated 27
December 2007, all religious activitiesinside the campus have been banned. So ever since thebeginning of the year 2008, ICPF Manipal’s Sunday service isconducted at rented halls or parsonage. However Christmasand other religious celebrations are permitted to be heldinside the campus on prior permission.
ICPF Manipal Diary 
November 2007 – Mi Cristo 2007, KMC Campus6
January 2008 – Sunday Worship affected due to New Rule13
January 2008 – Farewell to Sisters Pinku, Amy & Cybil25
January 2008 – ICPF Angelos performs at Vaishanvi Sabha Hall26
January 2008 – ‘Sparkz’ ICPF Retreat at Mangalore23
February 2008 – Baptism of Sister Ancy by Pastor Titus24
February 2008 – Farewell to Pastor Shibu Matthew24
February 2008 – Pastor Biju & family takes the charge21
March 2008 – Fasting Prayer held at parsonage27
April 2008 – Farewell to Dr. Gaurav at Nehru Hall3
May 2008
‘Renaissance’ launched and published
“For if you remain silent at this time, relief anddeliverance for the Jews will arise from anotherplace, but you and your father’s family willperish. And who knows but that you have cometo a royal position for such a time as this.”
Esther 4:14
Office Renewal - Reawakening - Revival
A publication of Inter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship, Manipal   
Vol. 1 May-June 2008
ordecai and Esther are two peculiar charactersof the Book of Esther. Esther was a Jewish ladywho became the queen of King Xerxes. God liftedEsther to be the queen of Persia with a purpose.After she became the queen, there was a crisisfor God’s people that the king decided to kill allthe Jews under the influence of Haman, who wassecond to the King. God’s purpose for Esther as aqueen was for the deliverance of Jews. But whenthe request came from Mordecai (Esther’s uncle)regarding the problem, Esther tried to tellexcuses to get away from her responsibilities. Atthis point of time Mordecai sends a warning toher which is relevant in our lives. “For if youremain silent at this time, relief and deliverancefor the Jews will arise from another place, butyou and your father’s family will perish. And whoknows but that you have come to a royal positionfor such a time as this.” Esther 4:14In this warning letter there are three significantpoints:
Now God’s people are in need of her help.Even if she remained silent Jews will not bedestroyed. Deliverance for the Jews will arisefrom another place.
She has to arise and help God’s people.Otherwise she will have to regret about herlife and family later.
Mordecai is reminding Esther that she hascome to this royal position for helping God’swork.
This story of Esther and Mordecai brings warningwhich is relevant for us today:
Are we silent even after knowing the need of God’s people?
God’s church and his work will not be stoppedeven if you and I are not fulfilling ourresponsibilities to God’s work. He will fulfill itthrough another person.
What will happen, if we keep ignoring theneeds of the church? Like Mordecai warns, if we remain silent we and our family will haveto regret later.
Why God has blessed us in such a goodposition now? The ultimate purpose is to useus as an instrument for the expansion of Hiskingdom. So it’s our responsibility to respondto the needs of the church.
The above points are life saving, so not only ourprayers are enough, but we need to move apragmatic (dealing with things in a practical way)spirit for a ‘Renaissance’ (new beginning).BEINGPRAGMATIC WILL MAKE US TO SPEND MORETIME WITH GOD AND HELP GOD’S WORK INWHICHEVER WAY POSSIBLE. Let us stand forGod for such a time as this.
-Abin Thevarmadathil
 Renaissance May-June2008 Page 2
reetings!We are privileged to be in the Year of Renaissance!The word ‘Renaissance’ can be articulated asrenewal, revival, regeneration, and newbeginning. A simple word with simplifiedmeanings, but has a great deal to do fromhistory. Back into the history of the church, thisword was coined to amplify new era, newbeginning of Christianity (Church reformation,etc.). This history had its origin with Christ Jesusand still connected with ‘the One and the OnlyJesus of Nazareth.’ Speaking of Renaissance in Manipal means a lotwith the situations of the church today. We as achurch envision this year as an YEAR OFRENAISSANCE- A new beginning of harvest,renewal of souls, revival and building a sanctuaryfor the ‘LORD GOD ALMIGHTY’.From the Old Testament time people looked for anew beginning. God desired to be with Israel andthat relationship marked a new beginning in thelife of Israelites. Every now and then it’s seenGod choosing a place for his name to dwell, anddelighting to dwell among his people, to dwell inZion and so forth. Exodus 25:8: - “And let themmake me a sanctuary, that I may dwell in theirmidst.” We as a church are in the emerged situation of making a sanctuary in the heart of Manipal,where youth could come and worship our LordGod Almighty without any restriction. At presentwe need to look fora place in everyweek for worship,which is bringingan inconvenienceespecially for newcomers. We believeGod has brought usto “Such a time asthis” for His heavenlywill to be done.” I invite all the well wishers of ICPF Manipalchurch to take part in this glorious occasion topray, participate and put forth your blessings.May our Lord Almighty keep you all in His graceand make you a blessing for the expansion of HisKingdom.
Pastor Biju ThomasICPF Manipal
nter Collegiate Prayer Fellowship- Manipal hasits humble beginnings 17 years back. ICPFManipal is the only church ministry of InterCollegiate Prayer Fellowship. ICPF is a ministryamong the youths of this generation, reachingthem through different methodologies such asBible Study Groups, Personal Counseling, Anti-Drug and Smoking Campaigns. At Manipal,presently we have 50-60 regular members(students) every Sunday. We conduct ourSunday services in rented halls, which isexpensive.As a church we are in an emerged situation of making a sanctuary in the heart of Manipal,where youth could come and worship our LordGod Almighty without any restriction. We humblyinvite your sincere prayers for this matter. Byfaith we believe in God to see the building of  “ICPF Center” in the heart of Manipal soon.
We as a church envision this year as a YEAR OF RENAISSANCE- Anew beginning of harvest, renewalof souls, revival and building asanctuary for the ‘LORD GODALMIGHTY’
 Renaissance May-June2008 Page 3
“He who began a good work inyou will carry it on to completionuntil the day of Christ Jesus”
Philippians 1:6
Dr. Gaurav Chaudhary
t was a bright sunny morning, gentle breezewhispering in my ears was bringing along thesmell of wild moss growing on the roadside. Itsfreshness was diluting all tiredness of the longprevious day. We had been makingarrangements travelling from college to thecamps in Brahmapuri, a place near Rishikesh atfoothills of beautiful Garwhal. Everyone filled withexcitement to begin the journey to experiencethe ultimate white waterriver rafting challenge inGarwhal, one of the knowadventure sport of thatregion. The excitementwas growing when we allfinally reached ourdestination, Marine Drive.This point was to unravelthe marvelous rafting trip.We got down from the jeep, my friends wasexploring the place when suddenly we heard ashout from our guide who called all to the shore.The sound of gushing water was tremendous,and then he introduced to our instructor. He wasshort in stature and stood close to the raft with ahusky, bold voice. He gave us promptinstructions. He told in an authoritative tone, “The most important aspect of rafting is rapidswhich will come on our way, which we have tocross”. When we approach the rapids theinstructor asked us to pay attention to hisinstructions carefully, having said this he rowedthe paddle across. He showed us with action,how to maneuver over those rapids. When I say “forward” throw your bodies forward onto thetides, taking the anger on the raft paddle, theraft with great force.” He said. Listening to this Ibecame bit nervous, felt a chill going down myspine but with calm assurance he encouraged usand we got onto our rafts. Then appeared thefirst rapid at the speed of 30 to 40km per hourwater rushed on the raft andhe shouted “forward”. We allstarted to paddle with fullforce and out of myamazement we got acrossthe rapid quite smoothly.Rapids will always keepcoming in our lives…but ourwonderful awesomeinstructor who sits on thecentre of our life says, (“forward...I’m withyou”). Jesus asked His disciples who were afraidof the storms, “Where is your faith?”, “Why areyou so afraid?” (Mathew 8:26), Almost leading usto attack every tide which rises higher, so let ustrust His voice. Our redeemer, Our Savior LordJesus instructs us to paddle hard through everyrough waters. Surely He will take us to thedestiny which He has set for us. Phil 1:6 “He whobegan a good work in you will carry it on tocompletion until the day of Christ Jesus”.Let Jesus Christ be the instructor of our life, andobeying Him for a joyful and adventurous life.

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