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APET Newsletter

APET Newsletter

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Published by spencerarts
APET are developing Salamander, a new & exciting electric car.
APET are developing Salamander, a new & exciting electric car.

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Published by: spencerarts on Nov 03, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Message rom the Editor
Let’s assume alldevelopments originatedor the greater good o the human race.
e are all doers. We do things tosurvive, to live better, but somehow this green idea got skewed.Someone bought a lot o solar panels, which used a lot o carbon-based uels to puriy, in a distantland…Someone bought a lot o sun-rich desert land, and plan to place the solar panels they bought romsomeone…Sooner or later, everyone will need to start paying CARBON TAX…This someone, who bought a lot o solar panels and a lot o desert land,will enjoy carbon-ree energies or  their economies and industries…People who made the solar panelsor them, people who used to own the desert land, will need to pay CARBON TAX, to the people whohave carbon-ree energy.I you ask,I would dene these actionso buying solar panels, buying desertland, a new type o colonization,exploiting resources that are locatedaway rom home.O course, everything is legitimate,because it is through buying andselling. The money is mostly sourcedrom inancing, just numbers thatbanks borrow rom and lend to eachother.The money, used as the tool tocolonize other people’s resources, isno dierent to opium and rum, or even guns and cannons in the olddays.Absolute power comes absolutecorruption is what we know well. Whoever possesses such giganticenergy resources rom the reesun. It is like nuclear technologies,assembled under the same roo.Energy rom SUN to Earth is or everyone equally. It is human nature to monopolize, but on the other sidewe share and love. We believe in the good part o humanity. In APES,we try to develop our technologiesbased on hope or the uture, withsharing in mind. We believe the eort to break suchmonopoly has to come rom every individual. We are here to open suchaccess and provide immediate andadvanced green energy components to encourage everyone’s participation.Again, to make technology as humanas possible.Think about it or our kids, or our uture, or our joint consequences that we have caused. Let’s help, let’sdo it together.
 Andrew Huang 
 APES Group CEO and founder 
e code named our vehicle “SALAMANDER”, a mystic creature that is rumoured to be born out o ire and lives in water,symbolizing the energy solution we provide is GREEN and non-intrusive. Thus striking a balance with nature.
Salamander is a turn-key project allowing any carmanuacturers or entities to go directly into the production/investment planning stage.
APET(Advanced Power and Energy Transportation Ltd.)haschosen the occasion in this year’s IAA show to premiere to theworld our solutions or Electric Vehicles. The power solution is ZOE,Zinc Oxygen Energy, our own development to release the hiddenenergies rom metal Zinc.The ZOE uel cells only carry Zinc as the uel, by absorbing oxygenrom the air, Zinc metal inside the uel cells will become Zinc oxideand release electricity. The energy density is the highest among allavailable batteries o today’s world, hence making
Salamandervery light weight and with much energy to spare.
15-27 SEPTEMBER 2009
FROM maybe the most understated exhibitorin IAA(APET – Hall 8 Booth D30), comes with probably the most comprehensive energysolution to the world – Salamander – the frstMetal Air Fuel Cell Electric Car.
Metal Air Fuel
Cell Revival
inc Air Fuel Cells are no news to the technology society. Previousversions o ZAFC had very high production costs, restricted tomilitary use,and had never been properly promoted.We invented newways to harvest the energy rom Zinc,by using low cost materials,ullyopen cell design,without any screws and glues,allowing re-usage o thecells casing or hundreds o times.The commercialization o ZOE is based on the principles o:1 Not changing habits2.Maintaining existing convenience level3. Quantifable economics in kg o Zinc4. Environmentally riendly5. Zero carbon emission,thus enhancinghuman health6. A true Product o Consideration
The TrueGreen Energycan onlycome romthe SUN…
n order to use a clean energysource without involving thecarbon cycle, we must work on a way to obtain the energydirectly rom the Sun. Weplan to use plain lat mirrorsto relect the heat and lightrom the sun,beaming into ourConcentrated Solar ThermalFurnace, thus creating a veryhigh industrial grade heatsource to process the ZnO andreduced into Zn metal. This isour source o energy.
he GREEN MOVEMENT has been identied as radicaland anti-social, and worse o all anti-development.However, ater the movie “Inconvenient Truth”, the GREENMOVEMENT had become a more acceptable term.Because even the ormer Vice President, and President-Elect, Mr. Al Gore, cannot change the “system”.He had toresolve to make his presentation one at a time, to appeal to people who would want to listen. We are greatly inspired by his leading, and we know a littlebit more to the solution. Instead o asking everyone tosacrice their convenience, we keep this convenience andyet allowing a carbon-neutral solution to employ energy.Here in Frankurt, i you could spare 30 minutes, wouldyou please visit our booth in Hall 8 D30, at every beginning o the even number hours, 10am, 12pm, 2pm,and 4pm, to pick our brains on how to use metal air uel cells, how to re-use them, how to get the oxidesback to metal, and how we propose the METAL FUELECONOMY.No seats available, no beautiul girls, a mule car, but plenty or your brain.Look orward to sharing with you our GREEN VISION.
 Masa Chiu
  APES Group COO, father of 2 sons, worried about their futuremore than business…
e are so worried that we have to pay our own money to print this out,to raise your awareness, or you to see what we see and what we know.
The frst
Metal Air FuelCell Electric Car!
Energy must come rom somewhere! We learn that the best way is to REUSE, to create a cycle using metal as the energy carrier, attaining the highest eiciency o transporting energy, without creatingpollution.APES – Advanced Power and Energy Sources, the mother company o APET, ocusing on the promotion o a METAL FUEL ECONOMY.By employing ZOE, the energy stored in Zinc can be released aselectricity or our use. Zinc, an element cannot be destroyed during the process, stay within the uel cell and will be 100% recoveredas Zinc oxide. These “spent” Zinc oxide will be processed, to beconverted back into Zinc metal, by a carbo-thermic method. Nothinglost, energy transported.The Metal Fuel Economy is very eicient, with only two steps toconvert energies: 
Zn ZnO(discharge electricity)ZnO Zn(absorb heat or reduction)
Heat energy will be stored directly into the metals, to be used whenneeded. When compared to Coal Fire Power Plants:Metal Fuel Economy is the sustainable way to carry on humansociety development.
Plug Grid Electricity GeneratorCoal Heat Water Steam Turbine
(lost heat toenvironment)(use heat towarm up)(use heat tochangephysical state)(lost heat toenvironment)(rictional loss,heat loss)(magnetism loss,rictional loss,heat loss)(electrical loss duringstep up/step down/ transportation)
Message rom APES CEO
ith an open attitude,we welcome anyone to join us in our march towards the EV uture.Thereore,we are notaraid to use anything new.With our open source LINUX CANBUS,we can control precisely what and whenthese components are supposed to work or and with.For example,our LED head lamp is another revolutionary product,with 20W power consumption,it is about 1/3 thepower needed or the traditional car lamps o 60W in H4 standards.This reduction in power, seemingly small, represents 40W x 2 lamps = 80W power reduction. In EV, it isdirectly proportional to the mileage you are going to get out o the batteries.It is representing 0.8km more or everykWh (assuming 1kWh can run 10km).I the EV has 30kWh capacity,and the car lamp is always on,the LED wouldhelp the car run 24km more per charge!Again,this is a very good demonstration o EFFICIENCY SAVES MONEY.APET will continue to develop adaptable and eicient components into the open source platorm, in order toprovide a wide range o energy solutions.
Efcient components -LED Car Lamps,open sourceLINUX connections
a small ego to pursue a great eco
ur design philosophy is a total solution comprisingpracticality,romanticism,and industrialism.APET is a HK-based company.The mission is to integratethe most applicable, economically viable, habitable, anddrivable electric vehicles.Project Salamander is only a beginning...
Dual Electric Power
Prismatic NiMH battery delivers high perormance, highrate o discharge, non-explosive with enhanced saetydevices,ast charging,unique battery balance managementsystem with ZOE uel cells or household power supply.Every ull charge o 30kWh will provide a normal range o 300km.
Hi-tech Chassis with Strong Protection
Our chassis is built with light weight aluminum alloy whileproviding extra strength to the ront,back and both sides.The battery compartments are well protected rom impactand damage.The perectly balanced weight distribution andlow centre o gravity ensure stability as well as drivability.
Highly Efcient Motor
The Salamander motor uses 0.35mm thick steel coils andthe rotor is made o copper. Thus urther enhances itsefciency.Its super high efciency at 94%+ propels a 1500kgvehicle to reach 80MPH (or 130km/h).
Intelligent Controller
Our multi-unctional controller detects eedback rommotor,human,battery and the road.The motor could bepre-programmed according to driving habit and preerence.Sport mode will provide immediate acceleration.Efciencymode would perorm mildly but with much more mileage.
Open Source CANBUS
All the electrical components o Salamander are controlledby APET’s sel-developed CANBUS.The system is writtenin LINUX open source code,which encourages talents o the world to contribute their solutions,and integrate withcomponent providers.All signalling is devised through ibre-optics and will notsuer rom electro-magnetic intererences.
Drive FromGarage Into TheGreen Future
Contact Us:
1/F,Number 14,Lane 69,Song Jiang Road,Taipei City 104, Taiwan R.O.C.
HKG:+852-31065923 / TPE:+886-2-25084850
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Energy Colonizationin the brewing…

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