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Military Rail Bibliography MHI

Military Rail Bibliography MHI

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Published by Nancy

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Published by: Nancy on Nov 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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USAMHI RailroadsRefBranchdv Feb 89, May 91
 A Working Bibliography of MHI Sources
 Gen/Misc....p.1Korean War....p.3Vietnam War....p.4Since 1973....p.4
 Assoc of American Railroads. Railroad Planning for Defense...A Guide. Wash, DC, 1956. 23 p.UC313A8.Case Institute of Technology. "Railroad Vulnerability Program." Tech memo 21, Aug 1958. 141 p.CASE-TM21.Aerial delivery of anti-railroad mines. See also Tech memo A3 & A5, same subject.McAdams, Samuel C. "Adequacy of Railroad Transportation in the United States." Student paper,AWC, 1960. Arch.Magruder, Carter B. Oral hist trans & papers. Arch.Senior logistician & RAC analyst. See esp unpub study "Recurring Logistic Problems..."Photographs. Constabulary Train of Gen Ernest Harmon, Germany, ca 1947. Donald C. Brett Coll,#1-3. PhotoArch.Formerly Hermann Goering's train.. Christening 27th Gen Hosp train, Japan, 1946. H.V. Milne Coll, Box 57, #17608.PhotoArch.U.S. Army. Engr Developmental Research Labs. Development of Railroad-Demolition Devices,1949-1957. Report, Ft Belvoir, 18 Jan 1962. 107 p. EDRL-1664-TR.. Transport R&D Cmd. "Study of Rail Operations Under Conditions of Fluid Dispension."Typscript, TRADCOM, ca 1964. 40 p., drawings. UC313A4.
Railways Since 1945 p.2
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Railways Since 1945 p.3
See also:
 - Air Univ Per Index, 1949-, Per.- Defense Tranpostation Journal, 1948-57, Per.Most on microfilm.- Rpts & studies of various nations' railroads esp USSR, 1950s-60s, Unclass Doc Coll (see card index)
 Black, R. B., et al. An Evaluation of Service Support in the Korean Campaign. Study, ORO, Tokyo,Mar 1951. 243 p. DS918B52.Description & analysis of ongoing experience; incls various documents & directives asappendices. See pp. 221-43.Gray, Carl R., Jr. Railroading in Eighteen Countries. NY: Scribner, 1955. Chap 13. UG523G72.Huston, James A. Guns and Butter, Powder and Rice: US Army Logistics in the Korean War.Selinsgrove, PA: Susquehanna U, 1989. 491 p. DS920.5L6H87.See pp. 244-251.Lasher, Edmund C. Oral hist transcript. Arch.Transport officer, Eighth Army.Pace, Frank. Oral hist transcript. Arch.SecArmy mentions rr use.Photograph. Trains destroyed by US air attack, 1950. H.V. Milne Coll, Box 36, #9769. PhotoArch.U.S. Army Forces, Far East, & Eighth Army (Rear). HQ. Logistics in the Korean Operations. Vols I,III & IV. Camp Zama, Japan, Dec 1955. DS920.5L6L63.See Vol III, Chap VI, pp. 9-24.U.S. Army. Trans School. Military Railway Organization. Special text, Ft Eustis, Apr 1950. 75 p.TS-ST-55-280-1.. Operation of Railroads: Operating Rules. Special text, Ft Eustis, Apr 1950. 75 p.TS-ST-55-280-1.U.S. Dept of Army. Operation of Railroads Operating Rules. Field Manual 55-56, Dec 1950. FM.. Office, Under Sec Army. Army Operation of the Rail Transportation Systems Pursuant toExecutive Orders Nos 10141 and 10155. Wash, DC, 15 Sep 1952. ca 150 p. HE2751A75.

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