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Christopher A. Galloway election questionnaire

Christopher A. Galloway election questionnaire

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Published by The News-Herald
Christopher A. Galloway is a candidate for Lake County commissioner.
Christopher A. Galloway is a candidate for Lake County commissioner.

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Published by: The News-Herald on Apr 28, 2014
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The News-Herald
Date questionnaire completed: 4/25/14 
Election Questionnaire
 Office sought: Lake ount! ommissioner "olitical part!: #epu$lican %ame: && hristopher '( )allo*a! 'ge: 41 Date of $irth: 1+,2 "lace of $irth: %a-! hospital in .irginia ome address: 044 'u$urn #oad oncord O 44,,Length of residence in that communit!: 10 !ears 3*itter: hris)allo*a!O  ace$ook: hristopher )allo*a! ampaign 6e$ site:  ***(hristopher)allo*a!(com Occupation: onsultant Emplo!er: #ed 7tate 7trategies LL 8usiness address: +41 9entor '-enue 24 9entor Ohio 440 Elected office e;perience: oncord 3o*nship 3rustee <20="resent>O#" 7tate entral ommitteeman <1++?=22>%on=elected office e;perience <$oards etc(>: .ice=hairman of oncord="aines-ille @oint Economic De-elopment Districtormer Lake ount! "lanning ommission mem$er"ast "resident Lake ount! 3o*nship 'ssociation E;ecuti-e ommittee 9em$er of LOA3 <oalition of Large Ohio Ar$an 3o*nships>Ohio 3o*nship 'ssociationEducation <"lease onl! list schools !ouB-e graduated from and list degrees if applica$le>: "ortsmouth '$$e! 7chool C "ortsmouth # <1++ C 7 Diploma>Ohio Ani-ersit! <1++4> 8' C Dou$le 9aor in istor! F "olitical 7cience9arital status: 7adl! Di-orced %ame and age of an! children: 8rittan! 9 )allo*a! <'ge 15>OrganiGations: Lake ount! arm 8ureau/Ohio arm 8ureau%ational #ifle 'ssociationoncord=Lero! ham$er of ommerce9entor 'rea ham$er of ommerce"aines-ille 'rea ham$er of ommerceOhio Ani-ersit! 'lumni 'ssociationOhio Ani-ersit! 8o$cat lu$3he olden 'r$oretum7hould !ou $e elected *hat are three specific areas !ouBd like to change address impro-e or further research and ho* specificall! *ould !ou go a$out itH:

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