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2014 Richmond Town Meeting Explanations

2014 Richmond Town Meeting Explanations

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Published by The Berkshire Eagle
2014 Richmond Town Meeting Explanations
2014 Richmond Town Meeting Explanations

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Published by: The Berkshire Eagle on Apr 28, 2014
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As is the custom, we are providing a brief explanation of each article and line item in the warrant.
Budget Summary
The proposed Fiscal Year 201 budget, including the operation of the sewer s!stem, the ambulance, and several proposed capital improvements, is "#,10$,$$2. The %electmen and the Finance &ommittee continue to present a budget which is sensitive to the current economic conditions !et continues to provide residents with the services the! expect from Town government. 'ighlights of this !ear(s budget include capital investments at the highwa! garage, the continuation of the tree removal program along town roads and within the Town)s cemeteries, and further funding to support the Town)s *ong Term +lanning activities. This !ear)s budget includes a $ salar! increase for all non-school emplo!ees as well as increases in emplo!ee  benefit costs, mainl! health insurance and our pension assessment. 'owever, once again !ou will see that the maorit! of non-salar! related line items have been level funded or reduced from their Fiscal Year 201/ levels. The %chool &ommittee)s Fiscal Year 201 reuest from the town budget is "2,$,/$ which is a /.# decrease from Fiscal Year 201/. The primar! contributors to this decrease is the reduction in costs associated with %pecial ducation Tuition and a slight reduction in the teacher)s salar! line item. The proposed Fiscal Year 201 %ewer 3udget of "214,000 is a slight increase over the budget approved for Fiscal Year 201/. This is due to slight increases in the operating costs of the s!stem. 'owever, it is important to stress that the largest cost within this budget is the debt pa!ment associated with the s!stem(s design and construction. 5t is also important to remember that 100 of the cost of %!stem 6debt and operation7maintenance8 is borne b! the users of the s!stem. The article for the school bond pa!ment 6"1/9,$98 continues to reflect the reduced pa!ment resulting from the refinancing of the school debt. This !ear(s pa!ment represents the fourth  pa!ment in a new ten !ear repa!ment schedule for the "1.2 million borrowed to retire the older  bonds. The brea:down of the revenues that will be reuired to meet the proposed expenditures for Fiscal Year 201 are as follows; %ource of +ercentage of 
 <evenue Total <evenue<eal and +ersonal +ropert! Taxes 6Tax *ev!8 "/,/14,$$292./0 =on-+ropert! Tax 6%tate Aid, *ocal <eceipts, >ther8 "1,#4,00029.#0Total "#,10$,$$2
100Again this !ear, Town ?eeting consideration on the warrant articles will be done using the @consent calendar approach. Therefore, the ?oderator will as: the town meeting attendees for  permission to consider Articles 1-$ together, which will allow discussion of an! of the articles under a single motion and will as: for a vote on all three articles on the same motion. 5n addition, in order to save time at the town meeting, the ?oderator will not read all of the line items, but will read the heading of each section of line items and as: for an! @holds for each section. 'e will reserve an! held line items for further discussion after see:ing approval of an! @non-held line items and then proceed to discuss and vote on an! held line items individuall!. For more information about the town budget process, please contact the %electmen)s >ffice.
Consent Calendar- Articles 1-3Article 1-
e!air "ig"#ays and care $or cemeteries
This is a standard article from !ear to !ear authoriBing the %electmen to supervise the highwa!s and cemeteries.
Article %- e&ol&ing 'unds
This article establishes revolving funds that receive certain revenues and it authoriBes expenditure of these funds without further appropriation.
Article 3- Trans!ortation Bond
This is a standard article allowing the Town to spend a state grant for road construction and repair. The Town)s provisional amount for fiscal !ear 201 is "1#,1.
Article (-
Line Items
This article raises and appropriates the funds for the general operational expenses of the town. >nl! items that are raised and appropriated from taxes appear in this article. 5tems that call for other methods of funding, such as transfers between accounts, reuire separate articles. Also,  pursuant to %ection 104 of &hapter /1 of the Ceneral *aws, we have shown each elected officer)s salar! below each applicable line item on the warrant.
1. Assessors %alaries; "$,#00 - These are the annual salaries of the Assessors with "1200 per Assessor. =o change from Fiscal Year 201/.
2. Assessors xpenses; "2#,000- This account pa!s for the Assessors) office supplies, map updating, contracted services and other expenses. This a "2,120 64.8 increase from Fiscal Year 201/ due to the contracted costs of the fiscal !ear 201 full revaluation. Full revaluations are reuired ever! three !ears.$. Assessor &ler:; "2,/1/- This is the annual salar! of the Assessors &ler:, who wor:s 20 hours  per wee: and handles the da!-to-da! wor: in the office and several other tas:s. $ increase from Fiscal Year 201/./. Audit; "1,000- To be used to fund the annual audit of the town(s boo:s using the town(s outside auditor, Thomas +. %canlon, &+A. =o change from Fiscal Year 201/. . ?oderator %alar!; "0- The ?oderator has decided to no longer accept the pa! associated with this position. =o change from Fiscal Year 201/.#. %electmen %alaries; ",20- These are the annual salaries of the %electmen, with "1,90 per %electmen. =o change from Fiscal Year 201/.9. %electmen xpenses; "2,000- This account pa!s for meetings, mileage, dues and other expenses of the %electmen. =o increase from Fiscal Year 201/.4. Town &ler: %alar!; ",#- This is the base annual salar! of the Town &ler:, who is the town(s official record :eeper and license issuer. $ increase from Fiscal Year 201/.. Town &ler: xpenses "2,/22- This pa!s for mileage, dues and other Town &ler: expenses.  =o change from Fiscal Year 201/.10. Treasurer %alar!; "$9,00- This is the base annual salar! of the Treasurer, who manages the entire town(s financial transactions, provides benefits management for all emplo!ees, including  pa!roll, and oversees properties placed in Tax Title. The salar! for this position was adusted during fiscal !ear 201/ due to an increase in hours. The fiscal !ear 201 amount euals the adusted fiscal !ear 201/ amount =o $ increase.11. Treasurer)s xpenses; "1,00- This account pa!s for meetings, conferences, mileage and other expenses of the Treasurer. This is a "00 608 increase over fiscal !ear 210/ to attend additional training opportunities. 12. Town Accountant %alar!; "1,9$0- This is the annual salar! of the Town Accountant, who maintains the town(s accounts, prepares the wee:l! warrant that the %electmen sign to approve  pa!ment of the town(s bills, and who files regular reports with the Department of <evenue. $ increase from Fiscal Year 201/. 1$. Town Accountant xpenses; "0- This account pa!s for training, meetings, mileage, and other expenses of the Town Accountant. =o change from Fiscal Year 201/.1/. Tax &ollector %alar!; "1/,419- This is the annual salar! of the Tax &ollector, who collects all

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