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Starving Cries Going Unheard ~ WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC!

Starving Cries Going Unheard ~ WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC!

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Published by Luc Majno
This is my take on humanity's incomprehensible cruelty and neglect, as I discharge yet another writing this evening...
This is my take on humanity's incomprehensible cruelty and neglect, as I discharge yet another writing this evening...

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Published by: Luc Majno on Nov 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Starving Cries Going Unheard
Introduction: In 1994, I witnessed one of the most difficult choices that I would ever have tomake. In seeing this Sudanese little girl dying, and the vulture patiently waiting to move in, Irealized that, being so difficult for me to even look at it long enough to generate the kind of feelings that I needed to ‘come out’ to write on this, I also came to grips with how painful andshocking it would be for others to see this, and then, read my writing on it. So, I waited.However, 15 years or so later, nothing has changed in this world. No, Mother Earth’s conditionsadly worsens, day by day, as we, the caring kind, look on in disbelief, the kind of feeling that thisimage generates for us as we sit in disbelief and stare at the inhuman nature of suffering that OUR GOVERNMENTS are generating… The time has come tonight for me to write, and compare thisimage to what I feel is parallel in human suffering. Please stay with me, and learn.P.S. The photographer, Kevin Carter, took his own life, three months after receiving the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Photography ~ for this picture ~ that same year.0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-
“It is not the cry of a Warrior, but the wail of an infant in the wind. My land is being taken away.” 
- Cherokee, 1836 
Scholars and well-to-do neck-ties have learned well.They know that all one has to do isto steal and kill what matters mostfor sadness and death to follow.Tragically, their starving cries go unheard.Dispossessed of their Sacred Landforbidden to speak their Sacred Languagesscarred for their love of their Traditionsthey walk as hollow shells of Humansaway from their Beloved Everythingas the vultures laugh behind themTragically, their starving cries go unheard.
From smallpox-ridden Residential Schools purposely commanded to dust the left-oversoff of their fancy clothes and possessions,the ‘principle’ vultures waited for their students’ coughing deathsAnd today, they smile as they continue their murder with ‘vaccinations’ ready to move in for the killOn every Reserve possible“Quickly now, time is of the essence!We must wipe away their very presence!”Tragically, their starving cries go unheard.When my listening ears hear thatthe repent-full sinner shall always be forgivenI cannot imagine what waits in the wingsfor the criminals who have ‘made’ these two countrieswith the blood and tears of the First PeoplesI wash my handsI feel dirtyI feel responsibleFor if I do nothing nowI am just as guilty as they once wereAnd as they are nowI will pray for themThe invadersThe ones the Red People once embracedupon their lonely and sick arrivalon Turtle islandOnce victims themselvesOf the very sickness that they sinceHave transferred upon thoseWho hath saved them!Tragically, their starving cries go unheard.

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