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140418 Letter to Paola Testori Coggi - Bee Health Conference

140418 Letter to Paola Testori Coggi - Bee Health Conference

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Published by uncleadolph

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Published by: uncleadolph on Apr 29, 2014
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Bee health conference Brussels, 18.04.2014
To: Paola Testori Coggi Director General, DG SanCo European Commission B-1049 Brussels. Concerning : current state o pollinators an! uture c"allenges in t"e European #nion Dear Director General, Dear $a!am Testori Coggi, %e are &er' grateul or t"e organisation (' t"e European Commission o t"e Bee )ealt" conerence on *pril +
 014 an! t"an 'ou or participating to t"is e&ent, t"us s"oing "o important t"e topic o pollinators is. Some statements o 'our conclusion speec" "a&e calle! our attention an! e oul! lie to communicate to 'ou t"e olloing elements. *s t"e European #nion /eerence a(orator' E#/2 on (ee "ealt" "as e3pose!, nearl' "al t"e colonies in Europe "a&e o&erintere! in 01 it" less t"an 105 mortalit', "ic" is consi!ere! to (e an accepta(le natural inter mortalit' in Europe, e&en t"oug" still not i!eal. 6n 'our speec" 'ou 7uote! t"e igure o 985 o t"e "one' (ee colonies in t"e 1+ countries monitore!2 "a&e o&erintere! properl' !uring t"e inter 01-01. %e oul! lie to un!erline t"at t"e igures pro&i!e! (' t"e E#/ also in!icate t"at one t"ir! o t"e monitore! European colonies un!erent a mortalit' rate "ig"er t"an t"e 105 (aseline. urt"ermore, t"e countries it" t"e "ig"est mortalit' rates #, BE, D, 6, SE2 are, strangel', t"e countries "ere t"e pre&alence o pat"ogens is minimal or *merican oul(roo!, &arroosis e3cept #2 an! nosemosis e3cept # an! SE2. )oe&er, pestici!es as a cause ere not insi!e t"e scope o t"is stu!'. %e oul! lie to "a&e 'our &ie on t"is o(&ious gap. %e oul! lie to stress t"at in uture monitoring stu!ies, it is o ma;or importance t"at all !ri&ers o (ee "ealt" pat"ogens, pestici!es, oo! resources an! climate2 are !ul' assesse!.

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