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As Verb: Arrive— Have— Obtain— Receive— Understand— Opportunity— Buy— Catch—

As Verb: Arrive— Have— Obtain— Receive— Understand— Opportunity— Buy— Catch—

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Published by rutgerspals

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Published by: rutgerspals on Nov 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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As verb
:ArriveI got home yesterdayHaveI got a lot of dogsObtainGet me that pen please.ReceiveI got a watch for Christmas.UnderstandI get itOpportunityIf she is here, youll get to meet her.BuyWhen are you going to get a new T.V.CatchIm gonna get you!To reproduce accuratelyYou got it just rightConvinceI got him to give me $20
As Phrasal Verb
:Get inenterGet overrecoveGet outexitGet backreturnGet onenterGet back atrevengeGet offexit, gives pleasureGet downdanceGet out ofleaveGet down tobeginGet (so) intoinvolve, be admittedGet awayescapeGet through toconnect, make understandGet away withescape punishmentGet through withfinishGet aroundavoid doing somethingGet along withhave a good relationship with Get around tofind time foGet uprise from bedget on withstartGet outleave Get over withfinish
As Passive
:Get hit, get beat-up, get robbed, get stolen, get invited, get kicked out, get arrested, get locked-up, getnominated, get elected, get married, get engaged, get divorced, get hurt, get done, get fired, get laidoff, get dressed
As Causative
:ServiceI have to get the car washed
As Become
:Get + adjective = BecomeI got sick. He gets happy. She gets hungry.
As Idiom
Get lucky
have sex
Get the short end of the stick 
receive the worst part
Get all worked up
 become real angry
Get even
revenge something
Get lost 
rude way to tell someone to leave
Get off on the wrong foot 
start something badly
Get in touch with
contact someone
 get out of dodge
escape from a troubled place
 get one’s head straight 
 become clear 
 get it together 
 put in order 
Write if 
is:B for becomeC for causative
CS (services)P for passivePV for phrasal verbV for verb
VH (have) VA (arrive) VU (understand) VO (obtain) VP (possibility) VR (receive)VC (convince)I for idiom1.Get off the bed________2.You better get out of here.________3.After a while, I got him to loan me five dollars.________4.Put your coat on or youll get sick.________5.You got a dog?________6.Bob got robbed.________7.I wanna get my haircut this week.________8.I got really sick last month.________

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