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Feeling Hopeless?

Feeling Hopeless?

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Published by Matthew
A possible cure.
A possible cure.

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Published by: Matthew on Nov 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Feeling Hopeless?
When given the indication, which one may or may not acknowledge, or regard asa sign of providence to take action where action is required, one may or may not takeaction unless fortified with enough will and courage to do so. Instead, the path of inaction, the path that is so easy to follow, and so wide that one may think it is ademocratic and happy way to follow, is the path that one is more likely to choose on theroad to the future. This path however, is the path of folly; it is the path to damnation anda sense of hopelessness and melancholy for a life wasted.It is only when one has a sense of things directly, while this path is being taken,that they can feel regret in the present about the future that they will have wasted. Thetruth of ones life, and the world, is depressing under such circumstances, and it is to thosewho have such direct contact with reality who sense this truth. One wants to change theworld, change their life, and change anything to be freed from such depressingcircumstances. (But they are instead told to take pharmaceuticals to abate thesesymptoms of a depressing world, for the world affects our brain chemistry, and thecircumstances of our lives do so also; would it not be more reasonable to say that our chemistry is right at birth, and put into disorder by circumstance?)One wants to change the world, but how else than by showing the people the Lieof the world around them, the fantasy world that has replaced the Truth, diverting the peoples attention from something interesting to something altogether artificial, lessinteresting, yet more captivating than something real. To someone so bold, failure is notan option; the people must be exposed to the lies and confronted with the truth, they must be set free at their own volition. And yet, it is so against the character of anyone living inthe world to day to own such courage and will, that indeed one must take actions that areagainst their character: I will pray for a miracle in my self. I must pray for a miracle inmy self.And one must rediscover and explore the internet—not that of mans creation, butthat of gods—of the world, and interact with the reality of human natures creation so thatsome change may be affected in the minds of people. To do so is the first step inchanging the forms to which we are accustomed.Rather than focusing on the false Internet—a mere representation of the worldaround us—and therefore far removed from reality, one must go out with the sameaddiction to reality as one who is addicted to an Internet videogame. And indeed we mustlook at life as a videogame, so that we can be more interested, and look at ever deed andevery event as an adventure. Without knowing, this was the impetus of mankind for countless centuries, and well it should—it is only now that we have something to replacethat drive that that drive has been stripped from us.However, it was only until those inventions were at our disposal that our realityand nature of life could be made so obviously clear. One has only to observe and think critically to see that any videogame one plays in life is but a mini-game to the true gamethat is cosmically being played. That game is called Reality Itself; that game to me isGod.1
To participate and learn about the game and its apparatus is to discover god; to beinterested and actively participate in Reality Itself is to have love for god; to make greatstrides in the glorification of the game for others is to glorify god; to know oneself is toknow a facet of god and oneself, and to know the nature of the world around oneself is toknow oneself and be closer to god. With such a perspective it is more scientifically,observably possible to know the will, the nature, and the character of god, for we arerepresentations of that origin. With a fractal philosophy this is especially possible.From such a perspective, it is not difficult to understand the true nature of infinity,and therefore, more easily comprehend the complexity, and the nature of Reality Itself (my god!). And from this perspective also, life is far more interesting, far more open to possibility, and indeed it encourages novelty and complexity. God does not want us to sitidle, our greatest deed is to make the world more complicated by our adventures alone:through us, the universe experiences itself; through us, the world can be made into aheaven, and only through us can this game be changed into whatever it is we most desire.The most important function of such a message is to liberate oneself from thechains of monotony. We are each made in the image of god. Our systems have been madein periods when this truth was not understood to mean that each and every one is divine,not only that each human being is divine, but also that everything is divine, and moreglorified by more complexity.2

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