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Islamic States of America

Islamic States of America



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Published by theHumanStain.net
Discussion on what the ultimate goals of Islam really are.
Discussion on what the ultimate goals of Islam really are.

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Published by: theHumanStain.net on Mar 03, 2008
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Islamic States of America
Post Date: 3-3-08
Did you know that, according to a 2007 Pew Survey and figures from the EncyclopediaBritannica, there are between four and five million practicing Muslims in the United Statestoday? The Islamic Society of North America records that there are between six and eightmillion Muslims in America today and predict this number to more than double in the nextten years. These figures include prior Americans converted AND immigrants.Did you also know that Islam is the second largest religious body in the world? Second onlyto Christianity. There are more then 1.5 billion Muslims. That's a 'b' in front of the 'illion' andnot an 'm'!OK. So what. What does all this stuff have to do with Bible Prophecy? Hold on there,Kimosabe! I'll get to that but first a few more facts and personal statements before thereally, really good stuff.Considering that the University of Michigan has been accused of using tax payer money forconstructing foot-baths for Islamic prayer and that San Diego public elementary schoolsspecial accommodations to Muslims for adding Arabic language support and giving breaksfor Muslim prayer, it's no wonder law makers are questioning this exception and a blatantviolation of constitutional provision separating church and state. Christians don't even getthat kind of treatment and its the religion that originally came to this country from ourfounding forefathers!Yeah, yeah, I can hear you. What's with all the Muslim bad mouthing. I'm not bad mouthingMuslims. I'm just stating facts. Facts about Islam, the religion is what I have a problemwith, not the people. The Muslim people are sinners; just like the rest of us.The reason why I give you all the facts described above about Islam in relation to the UnitedStates is to give Americans a 'kick in the pants'. It seems that Americans get complacentand start forming 'tunnel vision'. We only see what we want to or better yet, what we have'time' to see. It seems that things only get busier and busier until 'POW' something reallybad happens, like the world trade center tragedy in New York.Now, time for Bible prophecy stuff.In general, Bible prophecy and the Bible in general tend to center on Israel and what Godhas promised to give Israel. This is a critical point to remember when studying Bibleprophecy. That's why much of the news today comes directly from that area of the world;
the Middle East.I would like to make another general statement. It is best to take what the Bible saysliterally and then go from there with interpretation of symbolism, etc. With that said, I willbe discussing a well known prophecy in Ezekiel Chapter 38. This chapter prophesies andlists the nations involved in the last days when the Antichrist has come to power.To save space, I will not retype this passage of the scripture, however, I urge you to getyour Bible, break it open to Ezekiel 38 and check it out while I get to the list of nationsEzekiel predicts will be part of Antichrists final empire. They are Magog, Meschech, Tubal,Persia, Cush, Put, Gomer and Beth Togormah. Yikes! Some of these names look likesomething you would name your cat or pet hamster. Seriously though, of the eight nationsmentioned above, seven of them are descendants of Noah's three sons; Magog being theexception.Well, since these are people's names, how are we going to find out where these places areon a map? Answer - Bible scholars are able to trace these names to 'people groups' andregions and ultimately tie this into its modern day nation. I have listed below the Bible nameand then the modern country name.Magog - Syria and southern TurkeyMeshek and Tubal - Ancient Moschi/Mushki and Tubalu/Tibareni peoples of southern Turkeyand northern Iran.Persia - IranCush - SudanPut - LibyaGomer - Central TurkeyTogarmah - Southeastern Turkey near Syrian borderSo looking at this list above, Ezekiel is saying that the Antichrist will involve Turkey (and thesurrounding area including Iran, down to Sudan and over to Libya) in warring against Israel.You can see that Israel will be completely surrounded.Now, lets jump into the Prophecy Time Machine and jump forward several hundred years toRevelation 17:3, 'With the help of the Spirit, the angel took me into the desert, where I sawa woman sitting on a red beast. The beast was covered with names that were an insult toGod and it had seven heads and ten horns.'Revelation 17:9-11 goes on to say 'This calls for a mind with wisdom. The seven heads areseven mountains on which the woman sits. They are also seven kings. Five have fallen, oneis, the other has not yet come; but when he does come, he must remain for a little while.The beast, who once was, and now is not, is an eighth king. He belongs to the seven and isgoing to his destruction.'John's Angel guide explains in Revelation 17:9-11 what Revelation 17:3 means. The sevenheads are seven mountains. Many times, the Bible uses mountains as a symbolicrepresentation for a kingdom or empire. The key is to understand that this passage of Revelation is giving us insight into the fact that before Jesus returns, there will actually havebeen a total of eight empires. The eighth empire will be ruled by the Antichrist. How can thisassist us in our quest to find the final Antichrist Empire? A closer look reveals that at thetime Revelation was given to John, five of the empires had already fallen. This is seen in thephrase 'five have been.' Bible scholars have a generally accepted list of these five empires tobe:The Egyptian EmpireThe Assyrian Empire
The Babylonian EmpireThe Persian EmpireThe Greek EmpireThe sixth empire can be determined by the angel telling John that one empire 'is'. Whichpoints to the empire ruling during John's time; the Roman Empire (which ruled the MiddleEast, Northern Africa and much of Europe - all Islamic areas of the world today).Now the seventh empire is a little tricky and if we can determine what that empire is, thenwe can determine the empire the Antichrist will rule in the end-times because the eighthempire, according to the verse above, will be a resurrected or revived version of the seventhempire. That's what 'the beast who once was and is not' means. In other words, theseventh beast [empire] that was ruling, and then did not rule, will come back as the eighthempire.So, big whoop. We understand that the eighth empire is the same as the seventh. We stilldon't know what the seventh empire is. Ahhhh, are you sure 'bout that? I think we do.We know that the sixth empire was the Roman Empire. Many people today feel that theAntichrists empire will be the 'Revived Roman Empire'. I have come to a more logicalsolution (with the help of a recent book discovery, which I will give later). If the AntichristEmpire is to be The Roman Empire and the Roman Empire was number six, then whathappened to number seven empire? That would mean the final three empires were thesame? That, to me, does not make sense.Remember, earlier I wrote that the Bible centers around Israel. Anything that doesn't centeraround Israel is, immaterial as far as Bible prophecy goes. So that means the RomanEmpire is really 'out' as far as the biblical mind-set goes.That leaves us with what? That, believe it or not, leaves us with some really hard facts. It isa historical fact that each empire listed above was absorbed or assimilated by its successor.The Assyrian Empire defeated the Egyptian Empire, the Babylonian Empire defeated theAssyrian Empire, etc. We get to the Roman Empire and discover that in 395 AD, the RomanEmpire was divided into two portions; the eastern and western portions. The eastern portionbecame known as the Byzantine Empire. In 410 AD the western capital city of Rome fell toto the Visigoths which did not end the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire simply moved itscapital and throne east to Constantinople and continued on for nearly another 1000 years.The Roman Empire did not actually completely fall until the eastern portion of the Empirefinally was conquered by the Turkish/Ottoman Empire in 1453 AD. The Turkish Empireexisted right up until 1909.Now you can see why the Turkish/Ottoman empire is the only empire that fits the necessarypattern of the seventh empire prophesied in Revelation 17:10. This empire is also the onlyone that fits Ezekiel's list and of the Antichrist's Empire of the end-times.I can feel my ears burning now! I can hear all kinds of questions; one of them is 'so what'swith the title of this post - 'The Islamic States of America'? Here's where I tie it all together.It is a well known truth that the Islamic faith hates Jews and Israel in general. In fact, thehatred and desire for killing all Jews is specifically written into the Quran. The Quran and itsIslamic traditions support and cultivate this hate for the Jewish people.The only one that hates Jews more then the Islamic religion is Satan himself. Since the timewhen God showed his favor for the Jewish people, Satan has done all he could to put ahurtin' on them. Satan himself masterminded the Islamic religion using its founder,Muhammad by possessing and controlling his every action.

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