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04-29-14 edition

04-29-14 edition

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04-29-14 edition
04-29-14 edition

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Published by: San Mateo Daily Journal on Apr 29, 2014
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Leading local news coverage on the Peninsula
April 29,2014
Vol XIII,Edition 218
By Angela Swartz
The growth of the Bay Area hos-pitality market has sparkedSkyline College to add a hospital-ity and tourism management pro-gram this fall through a grantawarded to the San Bruno commu-nity college. In July 2013, the collegereceived the Bay Region Retail,Hospitality and Tourism Learn andEarn grant through the StateChancellor’s Office of CaliforniaCommunity Colleges Doing WhatMatters for Jobs and the EconomyInitiative. Employment in thehospitality and tourism sector isprojected to create 210,000 new jobs in California by 2017, anincrease of 11.8 percent accordingto the “Doing What Matters forJobs and the Economy SectorProfile Fact Sheet” generated outof the state Chancellor’s Office of the California CommunityCollege System.The college decided to bring onAndrea Vizenor, who worked in thehospitality industry for 10 yearsbefore teaching high school, toserve as the deputy sector naviga-tor for the Bay Area region. TheBay region is defined as the areafrom Santa Rosa to Monterey. “Building the program fromscratch is exciting,” said Vizenor,who worked in management forHyatt Hotels for 10 years. “We’reworking really closely with indus-try partners to find the best strate-gy to prepare students for work.We want to be able to provide asmany exciting opportunities aspossible.”The program would includestackable credentials, certificates
Hospitality program to begin at Skyline College
 Timing ‘impeccableas tourism sector is projected to create 210,000 new jobs in California by 2017
By Samantha Weigel
After months of arguments overthe fate of Half Moon Bay’s MainStreet Bridge, the City Council ismoving to have the historic infra-structure structurally tested todetermine the best course of actionand attempt to assuage public con-cern.The council directed staff Thursday to engage an independ-ent engineering firm to determineif the narrow bridge between StateRoute 92 and Half Moon Bay’sdowntown could be brought up tofederal safety standards throughrehabilitation or if the city shouldcontinue on its present coursetoward replacing it.Some who advocate for thebridge’s preservation seemencouraged by what they hope isthe council’s change of heartwhile others believe testing won’tmatter and the council is onlydoing so to appear amenable. Regardless, the bridge’s historywarrants testing by both theNational Environmental Policyand the California EnvironmentalQuality acts, according to a city
Bridge to be tested
Half Moon Bay continues to evaluate historic infrastructure
San Mateo County’s highschool graduation rate is 88.2 per-cent and the overall rate in thestate is slightly lower at 80.2 per-cent, according to data releasedMonday by the state’s Departmentof Education.The state’s highschool graduationrate increased 1.3percent in 2013from the yearbefore. It is thefourth year in arow the rate hasrisen, according to the data. Theoverall U.S. rate is 80 percent,according to the U.S. Departmentof Education.“For the first time in our state’shistory, more than 80 percent of our students are graduating — aclear sign of their hard work andthe support they receive from theirteachers, families and communi-ties,” State Superintendent TomTorlakson said in a statement.In the Bay Area, Marin Countyhad the highest 2013 graduationrate, at 91.4 percent, according tostate education data. AlamedaCounty’s graduation rate was 80.4
County graduation rate climbs to 88.2 percent
State and federal rates about 80 percent,Marin County has highest rate in the Bay Area
Kidfully co-founders Alicia Jao andMike Khaw work on the website intheir San Carlos office.
Controversy over Half Moon Bay’s Main Street Bridge flared when the City Council approved replacing it lastSeptember citing safety concerns while a group of activists touted long-standing historical significance.
Activities sitelaunches outof San Carlos
Kidfully aims to make findingprograms for children easier
By Angela Swartz
Parents struggling to find sum-mer activities for their kids cannow look no further than the newSan Carlos startup Kidfully.Kidfully is a local communitysite for parents to the get informa-tion on activities for their kidslike Chinese classes, tennis les-sons, preschools, summer campsand more. The site, launched inbeta in March, allows parents tofind listings of activities in theirlocal area, along with reviewsfrom friends and other parents. Thesite also includes program ratingsof items of interest such as stu-dent-to-teacher ratios, age ranges,customer service, facilities, cur-riculum and pricing.“Our biggest goal is we reallywant to save parents’time bydoing the homework for them,”said Alicia Jao, co-founder of Kidfully. “We spend a lot of timecategorizing and making sureinformation is accurate.”
e p
e 6
Report says 4 in 5 U.S.highschool studentsgraduate
Sixteen prison months for L.A.man who crushed Chihuahua
LOS ANGELES — ALos Angeles manwho was caught on video running overhis estranged wife’s Chihuahua hasbeen sentenced to a year and fourmonths in prison. L.A. County prosecutors say 45-year-old Michael David Parker receivedthe sentence on Monday. Last week, Parker pleaded no contestto animal cruelty. Authorities said Parker took the 51/2-year-old dog named Cow Cow to aHawthorne alley on Dec. 28, ran it overand left the dog to die.Anearby resident found the dog andput its body in a bag. Police says theytracked down the car from surveillancecamera video and Parker was arrested afew days later.
Con man gets prison for San Diego church fraud
SAN DIEGO — Acon-man-turned-pastor has been sentenced to five yearsin federal prison for embezzling $3million from his San Diego church con-gregation.Barry Minkow was ordered Mondayto do the time after he completes aFlorida sentence of up to 21 months foran unrelated fraud.Minkow, who’s 47, became famousas a teenager for founding the ZZZZBest carpet cleaning company. It madehim a millionaire but was embroiled ina $100 million fraud scheme. Minkowwent to prison, was released in 1995and two years later became pastor of theSan Diego Community Bible Church.Prosecutors say he opened unautho-rized church accounts, forged checksand stole member donations. In a letterto the judge, Minkow said he regretshis actions.In court, parishioners said they felthe’d betrayed them.
Sea World orca trainers begin using safety vests
ORLANDO, Fla. — Trainers at SeaWorld’s marine parks began wearinginflatable safety vests Monday when-ever they work near killer whales, yetanother safety measure implementedafter the 2010 death of a trainer whowas dragged into a pool by an orca.The five-pound nylon vests can beinflated like an airplane life jacket andhave a tube connecting to a small oxy-gen tank that fits in a pouch in theback, said Kelly Flaherty Clark, SeaWorld’s curator of animal training. Thevests took more than three years todevelop with input from trainers, engi-neers and safety experts. On Feb. 24, 2010, trainer DawnBrancheau was interacting withTilikum, a killer whale, in front of vis-itors in a pool at Shamu Stadium inOrlando when Tilikum grabbed her andpulled her off a platform into the pool,then refused to release her. SinceBrancheau’s death, trainers have beenunable to get into the water with killerwhales amid calls for new safety meas-ures.The 22 trainers who work at ShamuStadium have been trained in the use of the vests, which could buy a trainertime to be rescued if the trainer fell intoa pool.“It’s easy to use,” Flaherty Clarksaid. “It’s one of many changes that SeaWorld has made in the last four years.”Other changes include remotely con-trolled pool gates, new walkwaysaround Shamu Stadium and an addition-al raised platform in an orca pool thatcould be used to lift a whale out of thewater should a trainer fall in. But thevests are probably the most visiblechange that park visitors will notice,she said.The start of using the vests had noth-ing to do with an appellate court’srecent decision upholding a ruling thatSea World had violated a federal work-place safety law, Flaherty Clark added. Earlier this month, that appellatecourt in Washington upheld a regulato-ry safety finding against Sea World bythe Occupational Safety and HealthReview Commission following aninvestigation into Brancheau’s drown-ing. The court said Sea World hadexposed trainers to recognized hazardswhen working in close contact withkiller whales during performances.
April 29,2014
The San Mateo Daily Journal
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Comedian JerrySeinfeld is 60.
This Day in HistoryThought for the Day
President Richard M. Nixonannounced he was releasing editedtranscripts of some secretly madeWhite House tape recordings relatedto Watergate.
“An intellectual hatred is the worst.” 
— William Butler Yeats,Irish poet and playwright (1865-1939)
Disgraced financier BernardMadoff is 76.Actress Uma  Thurman is 44.
 The Boeoegg,a snowman made of wadding and filled with firecrackers,burns atop a bonfire in the Sechselaeuten squarein Zurich,Switzerland.As the bells of St.Peter’s church chime 6 o’clock,the bonfire below the ‘Boeoegg’is set alight andmounted guildsmen gallop around the pyre to the tune of the Sechselaeuten March.The faster the head of the ‘Boeoegg,’the symbol of winter,catches fire and explodes,the warmer and more beautiful the summer will be.
Sunny. Highs around 70.Northwest winds 5 to 15 mph.
Tuesday night:
Clear. Lows in thelower 50s. Northwest winds 5 to 10 mph.Wednesday...Sunny. Highs in the upper70s. Light winds.
Wednesday night:
Clear. Lows in themid 50s. Southwest winds around 5 mph.
:Sunny. Highs in the upper 70s.
Thursday night:
Clear in the evening then becomingpartly cloudy. Patchy fog. Lows in the lower 50s.
: Partly cloudy in the morning then becomingsunny. Patchy fog. Highs in the upper 60s.
Friday night through Monday:
Partly cloudy. Lows inthe upper 40s. Highs in the 60s.
Local Weather Forecast
In 1429,
Joan of Arc entered the besieged city of Orleansto lead a French victory over the English.
In 1798, 
Joseph Haydn’s oratorio “The Creation” wasrehearsed in Vienna, Austria, before an invited audience.
In 1861
, the Maryland House of Delegates voted 53-13against seceding from the Union. In Montgomery, Ala.,President Jefferson Davis asked the Confederate Congressfor the authority to wage war.
In 1913
, Swedish-born engineer Gideon Sundback of Hoboken, N.J., received a U.S. patent for a “separable fas-tener” — later known as the zipper.
In 1945
, during World War II, American soldiers liberatedthe Dachau concentration camp. Adolf Hitler married EvaBraun and designated Adm. Karl Doenitz president.
In 1946
, 28 former Japanese officials went on trial inTokyo as war criminals; seven ended up being sentenced todeath.
In 1957
, the SM-1, the first military nuclear power plant,was dedicated at Fort Belvoir, Va.
In 1968, 
the counterculture musical “Hair” opened onBroadway following limited engagements off-Broadway.
In 1983,
Harold Washington was sworn in as the firstblack mayor of Chicago.
In 1992
, rioting resulting in 55 deaths erupted in LosAngeles after a jury in Simi Valley, Calif., acquitted four LosAngeles police officers of almost all state charges in thevideotaped beating of Rodney King.
In 1993, 
Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II announced that forthe first time, Buckingham Palace would be opened totourists to help raise money for repairs at fire-damagedWindsor Castle.
In 2011
Britain’s Prince William and Kate Middleton weremarried in an opulent ceremony at London’s WestminsterAbbey.
In other news ...
(Answers tomorrow)GIVEN BUNCH INJURYADJUSTYesterday’sJumbles:Answer:They installed solar panels on their housebecause it was a — BRIGHTIDEANow arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, assuggested by the above cartoon.
by David L. Hoyt and Jeff Knurek
Unscramble these four Jumbles,one letter to each square,to form four ordinary words.
 ©2014 Tribune Content Agency, LLCAll Rights Reserved.
   C   h  e  c   k  o  u   t   t   h  e  n  e  w ,   f  r  e  e   J   U   S   T   J   U   M   B   L   E  a  p  p
Print youranswer here:
 The Daily Derby race winners are Lucky Star,No.2,in first place;Hot Shot,No.3,in second place;and Solid Gold,No.10,in third place.The racetime was clocked at 1:44.69.
4 7 63 11 18 20 66 9
il 2
5 Meg
a Milli
3 7 22 30 33 20
ril 2
6 Po
18 19 21 23 35
ntasy Fi
y th
ee m
90 7 7
ily Fo
9 2 7
y th
ee eve
15 16 24 29 35 6
ril 26 Su
r Lott
o Pl
Poet Rod McKuen is 81. Actor Keith Baxter is 81. BluesmanOtis Rush is 79. Conductor Zubin Mehta is 78. Pop singerBob Miranda (The Happenings) is 72. Country singer DuaneAllen (The Oak Ridge Boys) is 71. Singer Tommy James is67. Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., is 64. Movie directorPhillip Noyce is 64. Country musician Wayne Secrest(Confederate Railroad) is 64. Actor Leslie Jordan is 59.Actress Kate Mulgrew is 59. Actor Daniel Day-Lewis is 57.Actress Michelle Pfeiffer is 56. Actress Eve Plumb is 56. Rockmusician Phil King is 54.
April 29,2014
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Leading local news coverage on the Peninsula
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 by Peninsula Special Interest Lions Club 
 Free admission, everyone welcome
. Police responded to a reportof someone being stalked and threatened onthe 2200 block of South El Camino Realbefore 8:48 p.m. Saturday, April 26.
. Apatient was reported for punch-ing a nurse on the 200 block of West 39thAvenue before 8:43 p.m. Friday, April 25.
. Apair of sunglasses was stolenfrom a locked vehicle on the 900 block of South B Street before 9:35 a.m.Friday,April 25.
. Awoman reported her purse wastaken from her shopping cart after a personhad asked her some questions on the 1800block of South Grant Street before 8:01p.m. Saturday, April 26.
. An unknown suspect wasreported for smashing a window and steal-ing a laptop, an iPad and other miscella-neous items from a rental car at theElephant Bar on Old Bayshore Boulevardbefore 9:19 p.m. Thursday, April 17.
Aburglary was reported at theSan Francisco Church of Christ on GilbrethRoad before 1:07 p.m. Thursday, April 17.
Stolen vehicle
. Ablack Hummer wasreported stolen on the first block of Stanley Road before 5:15 a.m. Thursday,April 17.
Police reports
Trying to catch a movie
Aman ran into a store and stole DVDson Metro Center Boulevard in FosterCity before 12:17 p.m. Monday,April 7.
By Michelle Durand
Aman who inappropriately touched twoyoung girls at a San Bruno Target store inseparate incidents on the same day and waslater found to own child pornography and alife-sized doll of a female child settled bothcases Monday with a five-year plea deal.Glenn Albrecht, 40, pleaded no contest totwo counts of felony child molestation andone count of felony child pornography pos-session. In return, he will be sentenced Aug.14 to five years prison and ordered to regis-ter as a sex offender for life. Albrecht is freefrom custody on a $300,000 bail propertybond and Judge Cliff Cretan agreed yester-day that he can leave thestate between now andsentencing hearing.The settlement is “pret-ty reasonable,” DistrictAttorney SteveWagstaffe.“This is obviously afellow who is likely torepeat his actions,”Wagstaffe said. San Bruno police arrested Albrecht Aug.26, 2012, after he allegedly touched the but-tocks of a 6-year-old girl who had wanderedby herself into an aisle. The girl told herparents immediately and pointed out a manlater identified as Albrecht when he re-entered the store. The father struck Albrechtand store security detained him until policearrived.Albrecht was wearing a shirt emblazonedwith the phrase “Rub me for luck.”Asearch of Albrecht’s home turned up alife-sized doll of a female child, accordingto the District Attorney’s Office.After his arrest, investigators learnedafter that incident but before apprehensionAlbrecht grabbed an 11-year-old girl’s but-tocks.
michelle@smdailyjournal.com(650) 344-5200 ext. 102
Man takes plea deal for groping girls at store
• The
South San Francisco Parks and RecreationDepartmen
t will be hosting the first
MasterPlan Open House
9a.m.-1 p.m. May 3 at the
Joseph Fernekes Building
located at
Orange Memorial Park
, 781 Tennis Drive.
Glenn Albrecht
SACRAMENTO — California would pro-hibit businesses from charging a fee to takemug shots off their websites under a billthat passed out of the state Senate onMonday.Sen. Jerry Hill, D-San Mateo, said web-sites that extract and compile criminalrecord information from police and sher-iff’s departments have proliferated in recentyears. These sites charge hundreds or eventhousands of dollars to have people’s book-ing photos removed whether or not a per-son was actually charged or convicted, hesaid. “This is extortion, plain and simple,”Hill said.SB1027 passed theSenate on a 34-0 vote. Itnow moves to theAssembly.Hill quoted figures fromthe state attorney gener-al’s office saying morethan 930,000Californians were arrest-ed in 2011. Yet more thanhalf of them were neverconvicted or had the charges dropped.It’s likely all those people have theirmug shots online, Hill said.According to Hill’s office, such commer-cial websites have turned a public serviceinto a profit by charging substantial fees tohave information removed. There havebeen instances where people have lostwork because their booking photo for sus-picion of driving under the influence wasposted online even though the charge wasultimately dropped. Five other states including Georgia,Illinois, Oregon, Texas, and Utah alreadyhave banned fees for removing mug shots.An additional 14 states are now consideringsimilar legislation.California’s bill is being backed by somelaw enforcement groups such as theAssociation for Los Angeles DeputySheriffs. In addition to the ban, the bill imposes afine of up to $1,000 or the cost of damages,whichever is greater. There’s no known opposition so far.
Bill would ban chargingfee for removing mug shots
 Jerry Hill

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