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Djed Pillar

Djed Pillar

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Published by Divinity Fae Myst
Things I have researched online, that I wanted to share!
Things I have researched online, that I wanted to share!

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Published by: Divinity Fae Myst on Nov 04, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Djed Pillar
Horaceconnecting the pillar with the loop and ankh.Djed is also known as the Djed Column, Djed Pillar, Tet, Tet Column, or TetPillar. It is associated with Osiris and is a metaphor for the Fertility - Phallis-Omphalos- Tree of Life - 4 meaning 4th dimension or time.The djed seems to have many different uses depending on interpretation - itsmeaning eventually becoming stability.The djed pillar was a roughly cruciform object with at least three cross bars, butalmost always four that became one of the most recognizable symbols inancient Egypt.It was sometimes surmounted by a small capital (or perhaps more correctly, anabacus used to support the architrave), and often stands on a rectangular base.Some depictions of the pillar portray it with human arms holding the royalregalia. In representations and in other instances, such as amulets, the djed pillar could be depicted as flat, but at other times it was produced as a fullyround pillar.Those who have heard various theologians speak on different passages of the bible, or who have read books on theology, perhaps better understand thecomplexity that might exist in a religion that lasted for well over 3,000 years, but which has no live theologists that might explain its mysteries.
Like our modern religion, over time, the meaning of various aspects of thetheology can change somewhat radically.In ancient Egypt, various theologies grew up to encompass a number of different concepts, such as creation, that were explained by varyingmythologies.These concepts sometimes varied by region, or with time.For this reason, it is really somewhat difficult to determine how the concept of the djed pillar actually originated in the prehistoric period and it is likely thatany such efforts are purely speculative.As a fetish symbol, its origins seem to lie in the Predynastic period. Somescholars such as Manfred Luker have suggested that it might have originallyrepresent a pole, perhaps with fertility associations. around which grain or cornwas tied.R. T. Rundle Clark found a different origin. He pointed out that in the OldKingdom, the pillar was shown in wall decorations at theStep PyramidatSaqqara.In these drawings, the djed pillars were shown in the royal palace where theyformed columns supporting windows. When one looked through the windows,the pillars gave the appearance of holding up the sky beyond. He wrote that,"The purpose is clear:...the djed columns are world pillars, holding up the skyand so guaranteeing the space of air and world in which the king's authorityholds good". However, in prehistoric times, he thought that the pillar was partof a "simple harvest ritual" performed by peasants in the Delta.Others believe that perhaps it represented a tree devoid of most of its limbs andfoliage, but the basis of this belief seems derived from theology that might nothave existed in the earliest periods.It's Predynastic origin probably did not involve many of its later conceptualizations centered around more mature theologies.Over time, the djed pillar came to represent the more abstract ideas of stabilityand permanency. It was, like the ankh and 'was scepter' hieroglyphs, commonlyused in this sense within decorative friezes. As prehistorical history becamerecorded, we see various interpretations for the djed pillar.

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