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JD'S Revenge

JD'S Revenge

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Taken from the Pulp Fiction Crime Drama.
JD'S Revenge
Taken from the Pulp Fiction Crime Drama.
JD'S Revenge

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Published by: West Coast Publishing on Apr 29, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Excerpt From JD'S Revenge DRAFT
 Get The Full Ebook @ JD'S RevengeAll Rights Reserved ! J"mes E #"nce $op!right % &()
All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, scanning, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher.
All the material contained in this book is provided for educational and informational purposes only. No responsibility can be taken for any results or outcomes resulting from the use of this material.While every attempt has been made to provide information that is both accurate and effective, the author does not assume any responsibility for the accuracy or use/misuse of this information.
The $r"igslist *elp +"nted AD 
“So let me get this straight youre paying !"#.## per hour for some tour guides$%&rian Wilson listens carefully to the other party on the phone. &rian was responding to a help wanted ad he came across on 'raigslist. (e was very e)cited, he could use !"#.## a hour even if the *ob was  *ust for one weekend. “ +kay  am to meet you at the -ennys on &lackstone at " pm today got it.%&rian met the two owners of the tour bus company, eter unn and 0d (ampton at a local -ennys.&rian lived in 1resno so the *ob market was tight, he did everything he could to make a good impression. “+2 &rian you got the *ob3% “1or real$ Wow3 'ool3 “ 4emember were meeting here at "  pm sharp, have all the things itemi5ed on that paper we gave you and be ready to go.% “ got it no  problem  will be here 6r unn.% eter unn and 0d (ampton were both cattle farmers they owned hundreds of acres of cattle farms *ust outside 1resno. 7he ne)t day &rian was at the -ennys a half an hour early he noticed this girl looking around with some bags in the parking lot. “ (ey are you waiting to go on that tour guide *ob$% “8eah in fact  am3% “6y name is &rian3% “m &ridgette nice to meet you.% the two talk awhile and then a couple pulled up in a red 9olkswagen. “Are you guys waiting for the tour bus gig$% “8eah3% 7he couple in the car had also been hired for the *ob 0ric and 'ynthia. As the four got ac:uainted,a black van pulled up with eter driving and 0d in the passenger seat.eter unn was black ;ft tall and very muscular 0d was white and about the same si5e as eter even though there si5e was intimidating, they both came across as some really nice guys.“Alright everyones here, were going to 8osemite thats were are tour is this weekend, so we want to hurry up and hit the road, its about a three hour drive.% As they went up the winding mountainous roads leading up to 8osemite national park. “(ere is your pay for the weekend.  rounded it off, here is five hundred dollars each.% “Wow3% “ am willing to do this type of work anytime3% &rian says gleefully. “&y the way,what is it were going to actually do again$% &ridgette asks the two in the front seats. “-ont worry we will e)plain everything once we get there.% eter e)plains. After another forty five minutes of driving. “+2 were almost there,eter takes a right onto a country road off the main road and stops. “+2 its almost dark and  wanted you to see the area, will be working in tomorrow.%“&ut there is nothing here3% “7he sites are a little further back off the road let me show you.% 0d tells them as he gets out of the van. 7he four tour guides follow 0d into the dense wooded area and after walking for a about five minutes.“Wait  forgot something,stay here  will be right back.% 7he four looked pu55led as they looked around and couldnt see any camp site any were near were they were. After waiting a few minutes they hear the van speed off.“What the 1<ck3% 0ric 8ells as he makes out the sound of the van leaving.“ know they did not *ust leave us3% 'ynthia states in a worried tone. All four run back to were the van was parked and sure enough it was gone. “7his cannot be happening, why in the 1<ck would they *ust leave us like this3% 0ric yells. “=ook they left something3% &ridgette draws the others attention to a bo) thats labeled game supplies. “What in the hell is this$% 0ric begins ripping the bo) open.“A tent,military 640s,flashlight and one two way walkie talkie.% 0ric inspects the bo) to see if there is anything else. “-ammit my phone  left it in the van3% &rian says as he starts to pace back and forth on the side of the road.

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