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10 October 2009

10 October 2009

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Published by Karthick

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Published by: Karthick on Nov 04, 2009
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Don bosco october - 2009
Glorious Steve sdb
Associate Editor
 Stafford Mantel
Editorial Team
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Philominathan Sagayaraj sdb
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M. Remo Reegan RajDharani Roy Chowdary
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Don Bosco Bulletin,The Citadel,45, Landons Road,Chennai 600 010. Tamilnadu.Phone: (044) 26612138/40.Fax: (044) 26411310.
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5 Private sins and publicscandals
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Printed and Published by Glorious Stephen onbehalf of The South India Salesian Society45, Landons Road, Chennai 600 010and printed at SIGA Press, 49,Taylors Road,Chennai - 600 010.Editor : Glorious Stephen
It is a world of scandal
Ten bigget candal
Scandals are the real attacks on the deeperaspirations and the well - built meaning system ofman. Men and women are shattered by the continousportrayals of scandals everyday. Depending on theseriousness of the scandals people suffer shock proportionately.
With iia politic, the a getwore
Don bosco october - 2009
Pascual Chavez Vllanueva sdb
peaking about the “SalesianFamily” today is to describe acertain “sense o citizenship.” Theexpression is not ound in Don Bosco’s“terminology,” but it is present in hisheart and in the spirit o everything hedid. There can be no doubt that orour Father the centre and purpose o his whole lie was the mission receivedrom God which he saw taking shapemore and more clearly ollowing hisdream at nine years o age, without thatdispensing him rom the obligation, which at times was dicult and painul,o discerning the path it was to takeand discovering the means to put it intopractice. The various activities and work Don Bosco undertook, including theounding o his Congregation, and withMary Mazzarello, that o the Daughterso Mary Help o Christians were not anend in themselves, but a way o carryingout the mission. Describing the charismas “Salesian” rather than suggesting anysense o direct descent indicates a spiritand a style o action inspired by theloving kindness o Saint Francis o Sales.It is possible to think o a movementas ormed by concentric circles atthe centre o which is the “animatingnucleus” which is the FMA and the SDBconsecrated religious. Certainly the tinyseed has become a large tree and this a wood. In the 2009 Strenna I expressedthe very practical orm o our missionin this way: “Let us commit ourselvesto making the Salesian Family a vastmovement o persons or the salvationo the young”.We are then a “amily”, not a “work group”; a amily which lives in communionand has a mission, like a heart that beats with a double rhythm, the systolic andthe diastolic, the two alternatives whichcannot be separated without losingtheir identity. Two documents pointthe way: the Common Identity Cardand the Common Mission Statement.Communion points us towards anaective relationship, an appreciation o individuals and o groups, it speaks o doing things together and conviviality.The mission reminds us that it is not aquestion o just “being together” as onmount Tabor, but o working in harmonyor the education and the evangelisationo the young. The clearest example o this dialectic union is to be ound in thePast Pupils’ belonging to the SalesianFamily. The Salesian Constitutions saythat thy “are also members [o the SF]by reason o the education they havereceived” (SDB.C. 5). No one who hasbeen in one o our houses or centrescan be “rejected”, something unthinkablein a amily. “The bonds are closer whenthey commit themselves to take an activepart in the Salesian mission in the world”(ibidem): in a amily the collaborationo everyone in the common missionis no small matter. Speaking about a“movement” underlines the dynamismo the mission and recalls the passage inthe gospel which describes Jesus walkingtowards Emmaus with two disciples; thedisciples or us are the young: we arecalled to accompany them to Jesus, theonly one who can give meaning to theirlives. All o this we are doing in the much widerperspective o the universal Church, andin more practical terms within the localChurch. Francis o Sales is considered aninnovator when he presents holiness asthe aim o every Christian. Don Boscoputs the emphasis on the right/duty o collaborating in the Church according tothe Salesian charism. The Second VaticanCouncil highlights the apostolate o thelaity and the vocation to holiness. Indeed“Every Christian is either an apostle oran apostate!” (Leon Bloy). The GC241refected on the common mission, in theace o the danger o a “monopolising o the mission” by the consecrated religious, while re-arming their indispensable roleas the “animating nucleus”. We Salesiansorm part o this nucleus, though not inan exclusive manner. The lay people whoshare with us the Salesian mission andspirit are not merely collaborators butpeople who are co-responsible even i ondierent levels. Nowadays a great varietyo groups and associations or voluntaryservice have developed; the GC24 sawin this situation a new way o beingaware o others, a challenge to conrontthe dominant injustices and selshness,a signicant vocational option and thecomplement o the educational process2. Voluntary service continues to expandin some Regions. Local and nationalservice, missionary, social and vocationalservice is developing especially in America; in others international andmissionary voluntary service hasdeveloped (Europe); while others are welcoming volunteers (Arica and Asia).Salesian voluntary service is a well- worthwhile opportunity or young people who have been involved in pursuing the youth ministry process as it helps themto make mature decisions about theiroption or a committed Christian lie andit oten becomes the occasion to makecontact with and provides evangelisationopportunities or young people outsideour own centres. In the end, what countsis the salvation o youth.
Solidarity is shown through… the civil, social and missionaryvolunteer movement…It constitutes for the individual a possible
signicant vocation of commitment. Understood as willingness
to devote time to the advancement of promotional, educative and
pastoral initiatives, it leads persons to the sharing of responsibility.
(CMS 20)
Don bosco october - 2009
Glrus Steve sdb
PRIvATE sIns And PubLIC sCAndALs
nd there’s a lust in manno charm can tame,Of loudly publishingour neighbour’s shame; On eagles’
wings immortal scandals y, While
virtuous actions are but borne todie…And though you duck them ne’er solong, Not one salt drop e’er wets theitongue; On eagles’ wings immortal
scandals y, While virtuous actions
are but borne to die.”Juvenal wrote these lines aboutscandals, about the private sins of others which are generally blownup as scandals for the society. Thatis why people say that a lie has noleg, but a scandal has wings. Thenews of a scandal spreads faster than any other news.A scandal is a disgrace, discreditor shame caused by report or 
knowledge of a wrongdoing. When
the reporting is done wrongly it isa defamation or gossip, especiallymalicious or idle; which causes public offence or disrepute. Scandalis a kind of gossip made tedious bymorality.This general tendency to make the private sins of people into publicscandals, is prevalent in almost all
cultures. When it is concerning
a public personality, it is all themore evident and that becomes thehot topic for discussion among theordinary people. Media do their partto amplify these, both as guardianof the people and most often, as away of marketing their productsand for branding themselves.“Old maids sweeten their tea withscandal,” said Josh Billings. Generallyhuman mind is only too willing toaccept them as true whether it is rightor wrong, . Seldom does it despisethem as false reports. For great people both honour and hate comes in high
 proportions. William Shakespeare too
wrote, “For greatest scandal waits ongreatest state.”There is so much good in the worstof us, and so much bad in the best of us. All the same, only the negativeaspects in people seem to attract theattention of people in general. All thegood things of a person disappear the moment one is caught in a publicscandal. This truth about human beings
made Paul Chateld say, “ Scandal
is what one half of the world takes pleasure inventing, and the other half in believing.” Scandalous behaviour of people who have gone before us,helps to formulate the private sinsof the future generation. In the caseof scandal as in that of robbery, thereceiver is always thought as bad asthe thief.The word scandal, skandala in Greek,means things that induce somebody tosin; Jesus pronounces Himself againstthose who scandalize; Jesus says:
Whoever causes one of these little
ones who believe in Me to stumble, itwould be better for him if a millstonewere hung around his neck, and hewere thrown in the sea (Mark 9:42;
Matthew 18:6; Luke 17:1-2). Whoever 
tries to separate anybody from hisfaithfulness to Jesus Christ, is guiltyof scandal.Jesus took very seriously anythingthat lead to sin, and therefore, after talking about scandal, He came tothe point of saying that it would be better for you to cut off your hand or cast out your eye, rather than to bean occasion of sin; that is what weread in Mark 9:43-47 and in Matthew18:8-9.
French Actor, Playwright and Writer,
Moliere, the greatest of all writers of French comedy mockingly wrote, “Itis a public scandal that offends; to sinin secret is no sin at all.” As long as people can hide them from the eye of the public, an event is not consideredas a scandal. But, the sin remains thesame. Somehow by hiding them weare rest assured.There have been people who haveescaped the drudgery of gettingcaught in public. There is still another truth about people who cannot escapefrom scandals. The inexplicableirony is, the more you try to hideyour sins, the blatant they become.The virtuous men do not falter andfail. As a result there is no place in
their life for a scandal. While there
are people who are careless makethe most number of mistakes in life.The more they try to cover them, themore scandalous they become.It isn’t the original scandal that gets people in the most trouble - it’s theattempted cover-up. That is why wesay scandal and failures make news -only success makes history.

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