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Paulding County Progress April 30, 2014

Paulding County Progress April 30, 2014

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Published by: PauldingProgress on Apr 30, 2014
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Special salesevents from ...Chief, Menards,Ruler Foods,Kenn-Feld Group,Paulding AceHardware,State Issue 1
AroundPaulding County 
Paulding SWCDholds fish sale
PAULDING – ThePaulding Soil & Water Conservation District(SWCD) is now acceptingorders for fishlings. Thereis a large variety of speciesavailable including:Bluegill, Hybrid Bluegill,Redear Shellcracker, Black Crappie, Channel Catfish,Jumbo Yellow Perch, LargeMouth Bass, White Amur and Black FatheadMinnows.Order deadline is May12. For more informationon ordering fishlings, fish-ling sizes and pond recom-mendations, please contactthe Paulding SWCD officeat 419-399-4771, emailPaulding@pauldingswcd.or g or visit www.pauldingsw-cd.org.
Tickets availablefor tea/hat show 
PAULDING – JohnPaulding Historical Societyis hosting a tea and hatshow on Saturday, May 10at 2 p.m.Presale tickets are avail-able for $7. Tickets at thedoor will be $10. Seatingfor the event is limited.Contact Kim Sutton at419-399-2388 or PattiBoundy at 419-399-4120for more information.
Courthouse toconduct training 
PAULDING – ThePaulding CountyCourthouse will be closedfrom 8-9 a.m. on Monday,May 5. Courthouse employ-ees will be participating inALICE (alert, lockdown, in-form, counter, evacuate)training.The Paulding CountyCommissioners thank every-one for their cooperation.
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       
 R O O F I N G  &  H O M E  I M P R O V E M E N T
 R  O  O  F  I 
 N  G  &  H  O  M  E  I  M  P  R  O  V 
Denise Gebers/
Paulding County Progress
Jano and his handler, Deputy Gary Deitrick, have been at work four monthson the road for the Paulding County Sheriff’s office. Their services have includ-ed vehicles searches, locker searches, demonstrations to the public and track-ing individuals.
Staff Photo/
Paulding County Progress
Stykemain Chevrolet’s open house celebration on April 26 featured a grand prize drawingfor a 2014 Chevrolet Spark or $10,000 cash. The lucky drawing winner was Gloria Beyer of Paulding. Here, she is congratulated by owner Jim Stykemain. More than 1,000 people at-tended Saturday’s event, which also included a car show, music, tours, games and food.
Grand prize winner 
Sheriff’s K9 unit proving to be an asset
By DENISE GEBERSProgress staff writer
PAULDING – For the past threemonths, the team of Deputy GaryDeitrick and Jano have been patrollingthe roads in Paulding County on be-half of the sheriff’s office.Their services have been varied andvaluable.From Jan. 14 through April 1, 20 ve-hicles had been searched for contra- band with six found to contain drugs.All six resulted in charges to individu-als, two of which were taken directlyto jail.Methamphetamine, cocaine andmarijuana were the drugs discoveredin the vehicles.Additionally, Jano alerted to four other vehicles. Although no drugswere found in any of these, Deitrick said the occupants of each confirmeddrugs had been in the vehicles in therecent past.School locker searches have beenconducted at six locations. Four of these were out of the county.According to Deputy Deitrick schoolofficials handle the situation should analert be made.Twice the pair has provided trackingof individuals. One time they searchedfor a subject who ran from an officer.A coat was located, but the man wasnot. It is believed he got a ride fromsomeone.The other occasion involved a manwho ran from an Ohio State HighwayPatrol trooper following a vehicle pur-suit. This man was not found either,and is also thought to have been picked up by another person. Nine demonstrations have been pre-sented for schools, 4-H groups andcivic organizations around the county.These have been very well receivedwith the pair getting numerous com- pliments.Jano and Deputy Deitrick continuemonthly training in Fort Wayne at theacademy and daily training at home.They are looking forward to addition-al training in May. There will be atwo-day seminar in Wauseon.Jano has been introduced toPaulding County Sheriff office’sSpecial Response Team becauseDeputy Deitrick is a component of theteam. Jano has been included in recentmonthly training events.In a recent report to the county com-missioners, County Court JudgeSuzanne Rister offered her praise of the new K9 unit.Sheriff Jason Landers is pleasedwith the addition of a K-9 unit to hisoffice.“K9 Jano has been a fabulous addi-tion to this office,” he said. “The abil-ity to have this resource available tolaw enforcement within minutes isfantastic.“Jano is causing quite a stir in thedrug community,” the Sheriff contin-ued. “I am receiving information thatthe drug users and dealers are trying tofigure out how to circumvent the sys-tem so our K9 will not detect their  product. My response to that is‘Fabulous!’“I want to make their tax-free busi-ness more difficult. I want the people peddling dope through PauldingCounty to know we are watching themand we will catch them,” he contin-ued.“I have an energetic crew workingthe streets aggressively right now andthe taxpayers should be proud. When Ican afford to add a second K9 to our team, I certainly will,” Sheriff Landersconcluded.Donations are still being acceptedfor Jano’s training and care.
By BILL SHERRYCorrespondent
OAKWOOD – Again Monday at OakwoodVillage Council, there was considerable concern re-garding filling the council seats vacated by ToddDangler’s resignation and the passing of Councilwoman Vicki Long. Councilman BeauLeatherman was absent, so a meeting could not beheld due to a lack of a quorum.However, before the meeting started, Mayor Erhard “Bud” Henke appointed Kelly Tumblin andswore her into the council seat being vacated byDangler. At the last council meeting, council agreedto invite Tumblin to the council meeting on April 28to discuss the possibilities of her serving out the re-mainder of Dangler’s term on council. Since therewas no quorum, Mayor Henke chose to appointTumblin instead of having her elected by vote of council. Tumblin will be serving out Todd Dangler’sremaining term.Since he now had a quorum, Mayor Henke start-ed the regular council meeting by reading the fol-lowing remarks to memorialize the passing of Councilwoman Vicky Long:“We wish to make special note of the passing of our council member, Vicky Long. She spent manyyears with Oakwood EMS and a dedication to do allshe could for those in need. The same desire was partof her everyday life and her time on council. Sheserved well with her questions and then seeking de-cisions that would best serve the community she was
Oakwood Council remembers latecouncilwoman; welcomes new member 
there is a different way tolook at certain situations,”observed Landers, who saidhis department was deeplyimpressed with the informa-tion they had been presented.“If we have a noncompli-ant individual who is not fol-lowing orders, there is awhole different approachthat must be considered if the person is autistic,” saidLanders. “It was mandatoryfor every officer and full-time staff person to go. Thefeedback we received wasvery different.“A personal presenter gave us perspective of whatsomeone who is autisticgoes through in an appre-hending situation,” addedLanders.Ruiz said that individuals
By JIM LANGHAMFeature Writer
 First of three-part seriesdealing with issues of autismincluding “Parents and fam-ily members dealing withautism” and “Autism and  society.”
At a recent county semi-nar, local law enforcementofficials were given infor-mation to assist them indealing with those who haveautistic tendencies.Following the meeting,Paulding County Sheriff Jason Landers said that itwas very helpful to be ableto identify potential charac-teristics of those who areautistic as versus those whoare noncompliant.“After we met with Cathy(Ruiz, parent mentor,Western Buckeye Educa tion -al Service), we realized that
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Law enforcementlearns aboutdealing with autism
2A - Paulding County Progress Wednesday, April 30, 2014
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Blood drive set
PAULDING – An Ameri -can Red Cross blood drive has been scheduled Thursday,May 8, from 11:30 a.m.-5 p.m.at First Presbyterian ChurchFellow ship Hall, located at114 W. Caroline St. inPaulding.To donate blood, call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767) or visitredcrossblood.org to make anappointment.sewer systems that are notmeant to be flushed.Keyes will be in conversa-tion with Oakwood Boy ScoutTroop 19 in regards to gettingtheir assistance with a springclean-up Oakwood day. Adate will be set that will corre-spond with the troop schedule.Council President MelissaFigert and Mayor Henke will be meeting with a companythat supplies, installs, removesand stores Christmas decora-tions at 6 p.m. May 15 in thecouncil chambers.Bob Burkley from Payneextended an invitation tocouncil to support him in hisrunning for Paulding Countycommissioner.Council voted to go back toa one meeting per monthschedule starting in May sothe next regular council meet-ing will be at 6:30 p.m. onMay 19 in the village councilchamber.old mattresses and televi-sions, are being discardednear the old dump and la-goon area. The gate leadingto the area will be locked andwill be closely monitored inthe future. Guests attending the coun-cil meeting were Mark Holtsberry, who is running inthe upcoming primary for Paulding County commis-sioner, and Paulding CountyEconomic Development di-rector Jerry Zielke.with Autism SpectrumDisorders and developmentaldisabilities are seven timesmore likely to come in contactwith law enforcement than amember of the general popu-lation. She referred to oneautistic individual who policearrested because they thoughthe was drunk, and he hadn’tdisclosed his autism.People who are autistic,said Ruiz, have a difficult timeunderstanding and using lan-guage, relating to people,events and objects in the envi-ronment and dealing with sen-sory stimuli such as pain,hearing, smell and taste. Theyalso bear the characteristic of repetitive behaviors.They may also be nonver-bal, have limited speech anddifficulty expressing needs, if verbal, repeats verbatimwords and phrases of others(echolalia), talk to themselvesor no one in particular, havetrouble with correct volume or intonation, avoidance of eyecontact and flee from officersor violate other’s personalspace.Ruiz noted that autistic in-dividuals may also becomequickly upset with changes inroutine, lack fear of real dan-ger, are unable to report pain,avoid or be highly sensitive totouch and have sustained,repetitive actions such asrocking back and forth.Other possible characteris-tics include covering their earsor eyes and looking away, dis- playing clumsiness, toe-walk-ing or having difficulty run-ning, displaying fascinationwith and attracted to water and being attracted to reflec-tions and shiny objects.Landers said that the safetytraining helped officers andhimself have a deeper under-standing of certain situationsand responses.Ruiz presented the sheriff department with a DVD for further training of how toreact in meeting a person withautism.“This DVD is designed tohelp officers to keep in mindhow to react when they comeinto mind with an autistic in-dividual,” said Ruiz.Landers said that he plansto use the DVD for viewingand discussion with officers.elected to serve. SHE WILLBE MISSED!”Oakwood resident BrentMeeker was in attendance atthe meeting to observe thefunctions of council and will possibly be a contender to fillthe spot created by Long’s passing.Police Chief Mark Figertreported the following callsreceived and cleared for themonth of March: unclassifiedcriminal complaint (3), do-mestic (1), theft (2), childabuse (1), custody dispute (1),suspicious person (1) and fire(1). Ten complaints were re- ported and 10 cleared for themonth.Figert reported that theOakwood EMS is missingsome daytime runs due to alack of personnel. Figert alsonoted that he had attended arecent Paulding County EMSmeeting to get some assis-tance and is in communicationwith Paulding CountyHospital personnel regardingthis situation.At their last meeting,Mayor Henke informed coun-cil that there was a problemwith PERS regarding council being paid on a per meeting basis. Council accepted the proposed change of a yearlysalary of $1,200 per year  payable monthly. This would be the same amount just being paid in a different manner.In regards to this informa-tion council unanimously sus- pended the rules, declared anemergency and passedOrdinance 14-06 regardingthis new pay schedule.Village administrator JohnKeyes told council that the park cleanup is almost com- plete and that he had repaireda sewer check valve and blockage. Keyes noted thatthe blockage was caused by people flushing items into the
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Paulding County Progress
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Crowley fills vacant seat on Payne Village Council
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Denise Gebers/
Paulding County Progress
Members of the Special Response Team (SRT) of the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office conducted training Saturday, April 26 atthe Antwerp School. Their day consisted of reviewing first aid procedures, handling tactical situations and building clearing. On-duty Antwerp officers even stopped by for a while and were worked into a couple of scenarios, once portraying “bad guys.” Theeight-man team was also joined by several deputies who aren’t currently part of the team. Training is usually held monthly in athree- or four hour-block of time. Here the team has a “suspect” pinned down in the school front entry as he holds a “hostage.”
By JOE SHOUSECorrespondent
PAYNE – The PayneVillage Council met in regu-lar session Monday night.The vacant council seat wasfilled, the wastewater opera-tor will soon take his new po-sition, and the village clean-up date was established.Steve Crowley, currentchairman on the PayneZoning Board, was selectedby the council to serve as itsnewest member at Mondaynight’s meeting. Crowleywill fill the vacant seat left by Kathy Feasby, who waselected as HarrisonTownship fiscal officer at the2013 general election last November.Jarrod Childs, currentwastewater assistant opera-tor, recently passed his statewastewater test; once he re-ceives his license, he willmove into the position of wastewater operator.Village clean-up is sched-uled for 8 a.m.-3 p.m. June21. Erie Recycling will beconducting the clean-up withdumpsters being set upacross the street from the firestation at the town parkinglot. The cost for EricRecycling services will be$2,362.Those who are 65 yearsold or older or who are hand-icapped and have items theywould like to have picked upare asked to call 260-602-9670.Mayor Terry Smith report-ed state highway intersectionrepair and resurfacing of Ohio 49 will take place dur-ing the summer of 2015.A motion was made andunanimously passed to ac-cept the the pothole repair inthe the amount of $1,417.Payne zoning inspector Tom Sinn reported six vehi-cles within the village are inviolation for expired license plates. He reported that twoverbal notices had beengiven and another vehiclehas been in violation for more than two years. Sincethe vehicle’s owner has beenwarned on two occasions.Police Chief RodneyMiller advised Sinn that theowner could face a fourthclass misdemeanor. If the ve-hicle is not properly tagged by April 29, Sinn will file thenecessary paper work againstthe owner.Chief Miller reported thatunauthorized items, such as
Staff Photo/
Paulding County Progress
Early Monday afternoon, April28, a sinkhole opened at the in-tersection of two alleys behindthe post office in Paulding whena motorist drove through thealley. The front left tire droppedinto the sinkhole, requiring atow truck to pull it free. The driv-er, Kay Langham of Paulding,was not injured. It was not be-lieved there was damage to thecar. The area around the holewas barricaded by the Village of Paulding. On Tuesday morning,Mayor Greg White said thatcause of the hole remains un-known, but it has been filled andpacked down. White noted thatif utility workers suspect theproblem is related to last year’ssewer separation project he issure that the project engineer would have been contacted toinspect the area.
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for the government at NellisAir Force Base working for G.A.S. – Government Ac-counting Services, where heworked for 12 years.His real passion in life hasalways been his family. Heloved spending time with hisfamily and friends. He lovedto travel, play games, docrossword puzzles and watchgame shows.He will be dearly missed by his loving wife, Robbie;son, Shawn DeLong(Stephanie) of Henderson, Nev.; daughter, Tammy (Rob)Purvines of Chandler, Ariz.; brother, Ray, of Antwerp; andtwo grandchildren, Alexan-dria and Makenzie Purvines.He was preceded in death by his parents, Clifford De-Long and Ursie Hemenover of Antwerp.Services were held Mon-day, April 28 at Palm Mortu-ary, Henderson, Nev.In lieu of flowers, memori-als can be made to WoundedWarriors or Catholic Chari-ties. Paul was a veteran anddonated many times to vet-eran charities during his life-time and St. Rose Hospitalsof Southern Nevada providedkind and compassionate care.
PAULDING – Helen Imo-gene “Jean” Scarbrough, age81, died Wednesday, April 23at the Lutheran Hospital of Indiana, Fort Wayne.She was born Sept.7, 1932 inPauldingCounty,the daugh-ter of Francisand Vir-ginia(Ladd) Pier. She was a home-maker and a member of theMt. Zion United MethodistChurch, Grover Hill.She is survived by her companion of 35 years,Vaughn Sanderson, Paulding;children, Sandra (Steve)Stecker, Mindoro, Wis., Sue(Edgar) Doster, Paulding, andMichael Scarbrough, Wren;siblings, Eileen Haines of Markle, Ind., Ray (Joan) Pier,Antwerp, Carroll “Toot”(Marilyn) Pier, Oakwood,Roger (Marlene) Pier,Antwerp, John (Bonnie) Pier,Melrose, and Dave (Sarah)Pier, Charloe; three grand-children; and six great-grand-children.She was preceded in death by her parents and a brother,Robert Pier.Funeral services wereTuesday, April 29 at Mt. ZionUnited Methodist Church,Road 151, Grover Hill, withPastor Dave Prior officiating.Burial was in Hedges Ceme-tery. Den Herder FuneralHome, Paulding, was incharge of arrangements.In lieu of flowers, the fam-ily requests donations madeto Community Health Profes-sionals or American Cancer Society.Online condolences may besent to www.denherderfh.com.
NICK ERFORD1960-2014
OAKWOOD – Nick Er-ford, 53, went home to bewith the Lord at 9:55 a.m.Saturday, April 26 at Defi-ance Area Inpatient HospiceCenter.He was born Aug.14, 1960 inDefianceto Arthur and Norma(Adams)Erford. Hisfather isdeceasedand mother survives in Defi-ance. On March 14, 2003, hemarried Kelly Hahn who sur-vives. Nick retired in 2012from Nickels Bakery. He at-tended Bethel ChristianChurch in Arthur. Nick is also survived bythree daughters, Tara (Jamie)Corbiere of Monroe, Mich.,Elizabeth (Jeremy) Troyer of Oakwood and Chelsi (Scott)Vogel of Continental; two sons,Joey Sherry of Continental andCaleb Sherry of Van Wert;three grandchildren, Kylie,Taylor and Harley; four broth-ers, Dennis (Becky) Erford of Defiance, and Bruce (Diane)Erford, Tim (Pam) Erford andJeff (Jill) Erford, all of Oak-wood; and two sisters, Jean(Bruno) Garza of Defiance andSheila (William) Holley of Oakwood. Nick also was preceded indeath by a sister, JoyceCopsey; and a sister-in-law,Barbara Erford.A funeral service was heldTuesday, April 29 at Heitmeyer Funeral Home, Oakwood, withPastor Chris Baker officiating.Burial will be at a later date.Memorials may be given tothe charity of donor’s choice.Condolences may be sentto www.heitmeyerfuneral-home.com.
STEVEN WYSS1948-2014
SMITHVILLE, Tenn. – For-mer Paulding resident StevenWyss, age 65, died Thursday,April 17.He was born Aug. 27, 1948in Fort Wayne, the son of Johnand M. Gertrude (Hake) Wyss.He married Carla Ann Ha-nenkratt, who survives. He re-ceived his BS in mechanicalengineering from Purdue Uni-versity. Steve began his career at the Grizzly Plant in Pauldingand was transferred toSmithville in 1979. After 43years, he retired as test servicesmanager. He was a member of St. Gregory Catholic Church,Smithville, and National Asso-ciation of Watch and Clock Collectors.He is survived by his wife,Carla Ann Wyss, Smithville;two children, John Paul Wyss,Smithville, and Stephanie(Graham Porter) Wyss, Little-ton, Colo.; his mother, M.Gertrude Wyss, Fort Wayne;siblings, Jeanne Wyss, SouthBend, Ind., Beverly Courtney,Tampa, Fla., Gregory Wyss,Corunna, Ind., Christine Giant,Fort Wayne, Paul Wyss, Yoder,Ind., Lisa Werling, Fort Wayne,and Ann Wyss, Fort Wayne.He was preceded in death byhis father, John, in 1997.A Mass of Christian Burialwas held Saturday, April 26 atDivine Mercy Catholic Parish,Paulding. Burial was in St.Paul Cemetery. Den Herder Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.In lieu of flowers, the familyrequests donations made toHope Lodge, 2008 CharlotteAve, Nashville TN 37203 or St.Gregory Building Fund, St.Gregory Catholic Church, 712W. Main St., PO Box 712,Smithville, TN 37166.Online condolences may besent to www.denherderfh.com.
HENDERSON, Nev. – Master Sgt. Paul Clifford De-Long, 73, of Henderson, Nev., passed away Tuesday,April 22 at Kindred Hospital-St. Rose de Lima in Hender-son.He was born July1, 1940 inAntwerp.Paul grad-uated fromAntwerpLocalSchooland re-ceived anassociate’sdegree in businessfromClark CountyCommu-nity Col-lege. On Aug. 14, 1965, hemarried Robbie Reno. He re-tired from the United StatesAir Force after 23 years of service. He returned to work 
Wednesday, April 30, 2014Paulding County Progress - 3A
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The Amish Cook
By: Lovina Eicher
(Good Friday). The Amishchildren won’t go as Good Fri-day is an Amish holiday in thiscommunity. The half day is tomake up one of the misseddays due to the bad weather this winter. Our five school-agechildren went back to schoolMonday after a week homefrom spring break.Daughter Susan’s handsseem to be healing gradually.She was moved to another jobwhich she greatly appreciated.She is feeling better every dayand hopefully it will all behealed soon.The farmers down the roadare planting their fields. Itlooks like they might be plant-ing potatoes. Timothy’s (Eliza- beth’s friend) third maredelivered a foal on Sundaynight. He now has four foals athis place as Susan’s ponyRoxie and her foal are there,too. We want to go see the four new foals sometime. They’realways so frisky and full of life.We are in the process of get-ting a permit accepted to buildon a ramp to the house. Lorettawill be so glad for it. I wouldlike to thank all you readers for you’re support you have given.It is appreciated very much.Joe would also like to getsome sidewalks made to thehouse before church servicesare held here. It will help a lotto keep dirt from gettingdragged in.My rhubarb and horseradishare peeping through. The tulipsIt is turning out to be a nice,sunny day. The temperature isalmost 40. We awoke onemorning this week with theground all covered with snow.It stayed cold for a few dayswith the temperature goingdown to 22 one night.My husband Joe and the boys planted 30-40 pounds of  potatoes on Saturday. Joe tilledall the gardens but I haven’thad a chance to plant anything.I would like to plant peas,radishes, lettuce, and onions.At least a little of each so wehave some ready earlier. Thatdepends on the weather, Iguess.Sister Emma and her daugh-ters came yesterday to assistdaughter Verena and I withcleaning for our upcomingchurch services. Walls and ceil-ings were washed off, furniturecleaned, windows cleaned, cur-tains washed, etc. I thought wereally accomplished a lot. Lastweek the girls and I cleaned themaster bedroom and bath.Everything seems to be gettingdone on schedule.Saturday the children rakedmost of the yard. It still needsto be raked in some areas. Itlooks like dandelion greens are popping through. I hope to golook for some today. The chil-dren want to color eggs for Easter so dandelion salad will be a good way to use up someof those colored eggs.The school planned a half day school for tomorroware looking hearty, too. I’mwatching to see when the as- paragus pops also. I lovespring!After a long winter it will beeven more special. God hascreated a wonderful world.How often do we take all our needs for granted? Do we ap- preciate our blessings enough?I read a saying recently thatsaid “what if God only gaveyou tomorrow for what you prayed for today”. How true tolife, people tend to get so busythey truly miss the purpose wewere put on this earth to beginwith. I hope everyone had avery blessed Easter.Try this recipe!
3 eggs2/3 cup oil2 cups sugar 2 teaspoons vanilla1 teaspoon baking soda1 teaspoon salt1 teaspoon baking powder 2-1/2 cups flour 2 cups zucchini (shredded)Topping:1/2 cup brown sugar 1 cup butterscotch chipsBeat eggs, oil, vanilla, andsugar. Then add flour, soda, saltand baking powder. Then stir in zucchini. Pour into a greased15x10-inch cookie sheet.Topping instructions:Mix together and spread ontop of batter. Bake at 350° for 30 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean.
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In our hearts you will always stay,Love and remembered every day.
Sadly missed by:Your Family 
Hazel Stahl2-5-1927 –4-29-2009Douglas Sherry 3-20-1971 –5-2-2009
In Lovin
 g Memory of 
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