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Gooden Jacob InquiryProposal

Gooden Jacob InquiryProposal

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Published by jgooden4

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Published by: jgooden4 on Apr 30, 2014
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Jake GoodenProfessor PadgettEnglish 110228 January 2013What is the role of Social Media?he !ri"ary function of cell !hones has e#ol#ed o#erti"e fro" #oice calls$ to te%t "essaging and no& social "edia' My !hone !lays a s"all (ut significant !art in "y life (ecause it allo&s "e to stay connected to the outside &orld &ithout actually ha#ing to (e there to &itness it' he internet online ca!a(ilities of !hones today allo& "e to get )hicago *ears ne&s u!dates at a "o"ents notice &hich is !erk e#ery fan of any s!ort desires' +n addition it allo&s "e to co""unicate &ith !ast friends that + graduated &ith &ho ha#e gone to different colleges #ia te%t "essage and social "edia' y!ically + use "y !hone to (ro&se social "edia and ne&s ten "inutes for e#ery t&o hours' o "e this ti"e is ,ustifia(le to catch u! on e#erything + &ant and it gi#es "e a ten "inute (reak fro" &hate#er + "ight (e doing during that ti"e fra"e' When it co"es to social "edia + a" not a #ery a#id !oster$ for one$ + a" a guy and it is not socially acce!ta(le for guys to  !ost a (unch of selfies and secondly + feel like + need "ore !ri#acy than "ost and + don-t like others kno&ing e%actly &hat +-" doing &hen +-" doing it' + "ainly ,ust ha#e it to (e a(le to kee! u! &ith fa"ily and friends as &ell as kee! u! &ith the ti"es in today-s technology' he a#erage ."erican s!ends a(out t&o hours a day on their s"art!hone + feel that + a" a "oderate to (elo& a#erage user of a cell !hone$ + do see &here the addiction can co"e to social "edia (ecause of the  !sychological !ositi#e and negati#e reinforce"ent in#ol#ed' +f an indi#idual recei#es a lot of attention on a !hoto or status it "akes the" feel acce!ted (y society$ this acce!tance could urge the" to !ost "ore and if they kee! getting the sa"e attention that rush could create a !ro(le" to &here they are al&ays checking their social "edia &e(site' +f an indi#idual does not get a lot of attention to their status or !hoto then they could feel shunned (y society and (e en#ious to those &ho do get the likes and co""ents' /ro" this !oint$ they could either (ack a&ay fro" social "edia or they could continue to !ost ho!ing that their ne%t !icture &ill get "ore likes than the last' his of course could create an issue &here they are checking social "edia so "uch that they are una(le to get anything done during the day (ecause they are so distracted' So &hat e%actly &ould ha!!en if social "edia ,ust #anished and &e as a society &ere longer a(le to use it? +t &ould  (e fascinating to kno& ho& &e &ould learn to co""unicate &ithout !hones and ho& starting fro" scratch &ith co""unication &ould change the de#elo!"ent of society' o& e%actly does it affect the !sychological de#elo!"ent of the younger !o!ulation? he younger !o!ulation of today is unintentionally e%!osed to e%!licit content on a daily (asis$ + a" #ery intrigued a(out ho& it affects the "aturity le#el in youth' oes social "edia hel! or hurt the de#elo!"ent of !eo!le

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