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How Do I Find The Best Breast Augmentation Surgery.pdf

How Do I Find The Best Breast Augmentation Surgery.pdf

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Published by maomao2012

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Published by: maomao2012 on Apr 30, 2014
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Breast augmentation surgery, also called breast implants, is a kind of surgery for dysplasia breast.At present, there are three kinds of breast augmentation surgery: false body breast implants,autologous fat transplantation, injections of breast implants. The pros and cons of breastaugmentation surgery methods are obvious.
Classification of Breast augmentation surgery
A: False body breast implantsFalse body breast implants are widely used through the world in the early 1960s after the birth of Silica gel prosthesis, is a kind of traditional, mature breast enhancement method. The prosthesiscan be divided into two categories: Silica Gel and Water Bag.Advantage:1.Amature method for breast implants used for decades.2.The false body can be taken out completely any timeObvious Flaws:1.The incision scar will not disappear 2.The feel is different from normal breast, for the breast prosthesis takes place under the major  pectoralis. The breast will harden like a stone when muscles contract.Possible complication:
1. Hardened breast. (according to the latest reports the contracture hardening rate below 5%);2. Prosthesis break (according to a report in the latest 10 years the break rate below 5%)Breast augmentation surgery also possible complications include: 1, breast
(according to the latest reports contracture hardening rate below 5%); 2, prosthesis breaking(according to a report in the latest 10 annual leave dyke break rate below 5%). Once broken, if thewater sac, little influence on the body, if it is a liquid silicone, especially silicone oil can penetratethe body tissues and are difficult to eradicate, which can produce huge harm to the body. So false body breast implant surgery is risky.B: Fat Injections Breast augmentation surgeryFat Injections apply liposuction from adipose accumulation parts such as: the abdomen and the leg,with an overall body curve beautification concept, can be regarded as
kill two birds with onestone
Method of Fat Injections Breast augmentation surgery
Fat Injections Breast augmentation surgery is implemented under local anesthesia and awake of the patient. Firstly use of up to date popular liposuction method to extract fat from the bloated parts of the body. Suck fat with a 2 ~ 3mm diameter suction needle, and rinse the mixture of fatand dermal blood clean, get pure fat particles, put them into several 20 ml syringes. Calculate theinjection volume of both breasts, inject the oily particles into the breast with a 2mm diameter needle from the outside of the breast. Inject the fatty particles into the breast hypodermic andadipose, glands surface, surface of the pectoralis. Distribute the fat evenly through massage, so asto obtain the ideal shape of breast enhancement. The number of injections is 2-3 times. Interval of each time is 2 ~ 6 months, which can meet with patient
s requirements for getting firmer and bigger breasts.Advantage:

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