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What is Chance

What is Chance

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Published by glennpease

"By one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin ; and so
death passed upon all men, because all have sinned." — ^Romans
V. 12.

"By one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin ; and so
death passed upon all men, because all have sinned." — ^Romans
V. 12.

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Published by: glennpease on Apr 30, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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WHAT IS CHACE ? BY CHARLES KIGSLEY"By one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin ; and so death passed upon all men, because all have sinned." — ^Romans V. 12. All death is a solemn and fearful thing. When it comes to an old person, one cannot help feeling it often a release, and saying, " He has done his work — he has sorrowed out his sorrows^ he has struggled his last struggle, and wept his last tear : let him go to his rest and be peaceful at last.'' But when death comes suddenly to people in the piime of life, who but yesterday were as busy and as lively as any of us, and we are face to face with death, and see the same face we knew in life — not wasted, not worn, young and lusty as ever, seemingly asleep, — some- thing at our heart as well as in our eyes, tells us that there is more than sleep in that strange, sharp, quiet smile — and we know in spite of ourselves that the man is dead. And then strange questions rise in us, " Is that he whom we knew ? that still piece of clay, waiting only a few days before it returns to its dust? It is the face of him, the shape of him, it is what we knew him by. It is the very same body of which when we met it on the road we said, " He is coming." And yet is it he f Where is he himself ? Can he hear ua X C^xl \^ ^^^ 1 28 What is Chance ? us? Does hjt remember us as we remember hvnii Surely lie must He camiot be gone away — ^there he lies still on that bed before us T And then we are ready to say to ourselves, " It must
be a mistake, a dream. He cannot be dead. He will wake. We shall meet him to-morrow in his old place, about his old work. He dead ? Impossible ! Impos- sible to believe that we shall never see him again — never any more till we too die ! " And then when such thoughts come over us, we can- not help going on to say, " What is this death ? this horrible thing which takes husbands from their wivee. and children from their parents, and those who love from those who love them ? What is it ? How came this same death loose in the world ? What right has it here, under the bright sun, among the pleasant fields, this cruel, pitiless death, destroyiDg God's handiwork, God's likeness, just as it is growing to its prime of beauty and usefulness T And then — there — ^by the bedside of the young at least, we do feel that death must be God's enemy — that it is a hateful, cruel, evil thing — accursed in the sight of a loving, life-giving God, as much as it is hated by poor mortal man. And then, we feel, there must be something wrong between man and God. Man must be fallen and corrupt, must be out of his right place and state in some way or other, or this horrible death would not have got power over us ! What right has death in the world, if man has not sinned or fallen T And then we cannot help going further and saying, " This cruel death ! it may come to me, young, strong, and healthy as I am. It may come to-morrow ; it may What is Chance ? 1 29 come this minute ; it may come by a hundred diseases^ by a hundred accidents, which I cannot foresee or escape,
and carry me off to-morrow, away from all I know and all I love, and all I like to see and to do. And where would it take me to, if it did take me ? What should I be ? What should I see ? What should I know, after they had put this body of mine into that narrow house in the church-yard, and covered it out of sight till the  judgment day ? " Oh, my friends, what a thought for you, and me, and every human being ! We might die to-night, even as those whom we know of died ! But perhaps some of you young people are saying to yourselves, " You are trying to frighten us, but 3'ou shall not frighten us. We know very well that it is not a common thing for a young person to die — not one in a hundred (except in a war time) dies in the prime of his years ; and therefore the chances are that we shall not die young either. The chances are that we shall live to be old men and women, and we are not going to be frightened about dying forty years before our death. So in the meanwhile we will go our own way and enjoy our- selves. It will be time enough to think of death when death draws near." Well then, if you have these thoughts, I will ask you, what do you mean by chance f You say, the chances are against your dying young. Pray what are these wonderful things called chances, which are to keep you alive for thirty or forty or fifty years more ? Did you ever hear a chance, or see a chance ? Or did you ever meet with any one who had ? Did any one ever see a great angel called Chance flying about keeping people from dying ? What is chomce on which you depend as you say for your life ? What is cfeaovcfc ^\>l\Ocl ^^n^^ ^saas:^ 1 130 What is Chance f

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