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Safe Routes Job Description

Safe Routes Job Description

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Published by Scott Franz
Job posting for new Safe Routes director
Job posting for new Safe Routes director

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Published by: Scott Franz on Apr 30, 2014
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April 27, 2014
Steamboat Springs Safe Routes to School Director – Job Description
The Steamboat Springs Safe Routes to School Director is a contract position under Bie To!n, "SA#$ The director represents the best interests of Steamboat%s school children in all c&cling and pedestrian related initiati'es and programs$ The director coordinates communication and efforts bet!een se'eral organi(ations and groups including) the *it& of Steamboat, Steamboat%s public and pri'ate schools, Bie To!n "SA, Routt *ountr& Riders, Steamboat Springs +inter Sports *lub, the Steamboat *hamber and others to promote c&cling and pedestrian safet& and participation$ The ideal candidate understands the benefits to indi'iduals and to the communit& that selfpo!ered commuting can pro'ide including- general !ellbeing, better health, less congestion and cleaner air$ The candidate should be familiar !ith the man& c&cling groups and communities in Steamboat, be highl& selfmoti'ated, a good communicator, organi(ed and able to plan and lead e'ents and en.o&  !oring !ith ids$ *andidates might include parents of elementar& school children, a business dedicated to c&cling and !anting a pro.ect to gi'e bac to the communit&, a retired indi'idual or couple$Steamboat%s Safe Routes to School effort currentl& includes the follo!ing programs, tools and e'ents$ The ne! 'olunteer !ould continue these programs as long as the& are deemed effecti'e, but also bring ne! ideas and energ& to eep Safe Routes to School fresh and effecti'e for Steamboat%s &outh$
Current Programs:
1$Spring Bie Rallies at Stra!berr& /ar lementar& School and Soda *ree lementar& Schools  / teachers at both schools organi(e these e'ents and !or !ith parent 'olunteers at schools$ The Safe Routes to School Director coordinates efforts and timing bet!een schools, cit& support and permits , business sponsors , orders supplies, organi(es publicit& for schools and communit& etc$ S/%s date is 3a& 0, 2014, Soda *ree%s date is 5une 62$8ie and Bie to School da&s  9or the past fe! &ears +ednesda&s ha'e been hie and bie to school da&s for all schools$ 8ie and Bie to School da&s start after Spring Brea, and continue until :ctober 1
 or until !eather shuts it do!n in the fall$ The SRTS Director recruits and o'ersees a group of communit& 'olunteers !ho patrol cross !als and Butcher ;nife Trail, communicates !ith Safet& /atrol officers to patrol some cross !als, communicates !ith schools < school bus director and promotes program$$/romote safet&, con'enience and fun of c&cling and !aling at a booth at the Spring Bie S!ap and other bie oriented communit& e'ents$
Future Programs:
1$Safe Routes to School 3ap  +e ha'e enough second edition maps to last another &ear and a ne! map is not funded for 2014$ The map !ill need to be updated !hen maps run out and !hen ne! connectors and routes ha'e been added$ The first map !as funded b& a *olorado Safe Routes to School grant, the second edition !as sponsored b& =i'e+ell and local businesses$
Additional duties of the Safe Routes to School Director:

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