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Commercials From Hell

Commercials From Hell

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Published by Duncan
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Published by: Duncan on Nov 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Commercials from Hell
Last night I watched a weekly TV comedy program that I normally enjoy. When it wasover, I realized it was not that entertaining. However how could it be? It was supposed to be athirty-minute show and it was only about eighteen minutes long. I had to endure an endlessstream of senseless advertisement for over twelve minutes. Which interrupted the program atleast four times! Now why is that so? In addition to being silly and senseless, several wereinanely repeated. Believe me I got the message the first time and did not like it. Repeating itonly makes me less responsive to the touted product.There is a surge of ads for medicines; including male enhancements pills and cholesterolreduction pills, insurance; especially car insurance not to mention an array of towering greasedripping hamburgers all of which are superior to their competitors. I want to watch a program;not be inundated by advertising propaganda designed to seduce me into buy something I do notneed in the first place. Let me also dispel the idea that ads can be clever and entertaining. Adsare inane, offensive, and never, ever entertaining. They are about as pleasant as a sharp stick inthe eye.The shorter the ad the better! If I wanted to see advertisements, I would read thenewspaper, which is overrun with them also. At least there, I can skip them and read the articlesof my choice. Or, I could go for spin around town and read all the damn billboards that plaster our landscape and block our view. Hell has to be an eternity of 24/7 commercial watching.There is certainly a lot in this world that we cannot do anything about as one of the little people but why do we have to endure the degradation of programs in deference to commercials,which we are certainly not interested in viewing? Perhaps we should start a grass rootscampaign. I challenge each of you to develop a form letter that says: you saw the commercialthe other night and will never buy their products since it was a distraction from the show youwere interested in seeing. Then when you watch a program jot down the commercials and sendout your letters to the corporations behind them.Advertising does not sell products to adults but to children who should not be exposed toit anyway. Let’s take up arms against all these advertisements and demand programming withminimum ads. Two minutes per half hour, at the most and all shown at the beginning or end of the program. In addition, if you have a choice, watch stations that do not sell ads. Let the addriven stations know of your choice. While you may miss some shows you prefere you will at

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