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Published by glennpease

Luke zi. 2.

" Thy will be done."

Luke zi. 2.

" Thy will be done."

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Published by: glennpease on May 01, 2014
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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SUBMISSIO. BY J. R. MACDUFF, D.D. Luke zi. 2. " Thy will be done." Such is part of the prayer which our Saviour taught His disciples. It is familiar to us all. We have lisped it at a mother's knee, we have given utterance to it in the house of prayer, and in the secrecy of our closets we have offered it up at the throne of the heavenly grace. And yet, how seldom have we fully realised its im- port, and given our willing, heartfelt response to the petition ! The truth is, we can only fathom its deep meaning, and attain the power of saying " Amen " from the heart, hy degrees. And the place where our heavenly Father often- est imparts the power is the chamber of sickness. There we feel the intense reality of the spiritual struggle, — the battlings of the human will against the Divine, — the wrestlings between doubt and trust, between earth and heaven, between things seen and temporal, and things unseen and eter- nal. It is for the very purpose of tea<ilmi%^^ 6o SUBMISSIO. suhmissianj that trials, and sickness^ and sorrows come upon us. In health and prosperity our great desire is self-jpleasurSj or looking for a state of rest and satisfaction here, instead of taking up the cross, — of labour in duty, and submission to the will of God, with a renunciation of all worldly schemes of happiness, and patience for
death to put us in possession of it And Grod, who seeks our well-being, who desires to bring our will into entire conformity with His own, withdraws us from the world, that by the pain- ful necessity of sickness, suffering, crosses, He may break the strong chain which binds us to the world, may crucify our wills, may lead us to look ever to Him, and to trust in His promised faithfulness and unerring wisdom. God knows that without holiness we can have no true happi" nessj — ^that our hearts can find no true rest till they are drawn upwards j and centred in Him ; and therefore He appoints us a continual process of purification and refining, till the dross of sel- fishness, impatience, murmuring, and self-pleas- ing is removed from our hearts, and we are brought to say, as we never could before, " Fa- ther, Thy will be done." For this end are we SUBMISSIO. 6r Bummoned to enter the fomace of sharp afflic- tion, — for this end is long-continued suffering permitted, — for this end have we sometimes days, and nights, and months, and years of weariness, and anguish, and bitter disappointment. Tried one ! do you feel it a difficult thing, in the midst of pain, and weakness, and bodily in- firmity, to say, " Thy will be done." Oh ! deem it not strange, — saints now in glory have been vexed and troubled by the same thought ; often have they grieved and lamented because they were conscious of fretfulness and impatience under the hand of God. Whilst it is the very secret, the mystery of solid peace within, still it is the hardest and most difficult of all lessons, to resign everything to God's will, to be disposed
of at His pleasure, without one resisting, one opposing thought. But if you are learning^ if you are striving to endure with patience, if you are making constant efforts^ be they ever so feeble, to cherish a meek and submissive spirit, fear not. All shall yet be well ; more grace will be given you. The heavier the trial, the larger will be the measure of strength. Kemember the example of your blessed 62 SUBMISSIO. Lord. He went through far more than you can be called to suffer. His sorrows were not merited, as yours have been. He was all pure; suffering could find in Him no more to cleanse than sin could find to fasten upon. Yet whose sorrow was like unto His? who ever passed through such a fiery ordeal ? And why was it ? That He " might learn obedience by the things that He suffered." He was made " perfect " by sufferings ; and of this perfection, after the measure of a creature and the propor- tions of our mere manhood, are the saints made to partake ; they are purified, that they may be perfect. And therefore the sorrows of the holiest minds are the highest approaches to the mind of Christ, and are full of a meaning which few can comprehend. Oh, then, strive to fol- low the Saviour's steps ! Be not dispirited, be not afraid. Keep a good heart, and yon will be carried through. He that perfected His own Son through sufferings, will bring you to glory by the same path. Kemember, too, you are not your own, but His. You have given yourself up to Him.

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