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4basic English

4basic English

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Published by raden hilmi

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Published by: raden hilmi on Nov 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Chapter 4 :
We use possessives in English when we are referring to possession or ownership.They are very important and can be used as pronouns or adjectives or following anoun with
.Subject pronounObject pronounPossessive adjectivePossessive pronounImemymineyouyouyouryoursitititsitshe himhishissheherherhersweusourourstheythemtheirtheirs
 Now let me show you how to use them and when.
I know Sue. (I know her.)She knows me.Its my book.It’s mine.David likes Liz. (He likes her.)She likes him.Its his car.Its his.Liz likes David.Its Georges carIts Georges.
Conversation Practice :
Mark : Do you know that man ?Barbara : Yes, I know him , but I can’tremember his name.Mark : Isn’t he a friend of yours?Barbara : No, not really he works in my office,but in a different department.Mark : What about that woman ? Do youknow her ?Barbara : Yes, I know her. Her name is Rachel.She works in advertising with me.Rachel’s office is right beside mine.Mark : Does she have a boyfriend ?Barbara : No, but she’s married . Sorry, Markbetter luck next time.
Exercises :
Finish the following dialogues using examples from the conversation practice.
1A:. Do you know those people ?B: Yes, I know ___________ , but I can’t remember _________ names.2. A : Do you know Carol ?B : Yes, I know ______ , but I can’t remember _____ name.3.A: Are Adam and Anne friends of yours ?B : No, they work in _____ office but in a different department.4. A : Where does Stephen work ?B : He works in _____ department. ______ office is beside _______ .
Unscramble the following sentences.
1. needs / Joe / my / car.____________________________________ .2. her / understand / problem / Susan’s parents__________________________ .3. we / remember / friend’s / our / birthdays ______________________________ 4. Susan / will invite / mother / her / dinner / for _________________________ .5. want / I / my / tomorrow / money____________________________________ 
Practice the following conversation, and then substitute using the items below.
A : I just found this agenda ?Is it yours ?B :No, it isn’t mine. But it could be Lynn’s.She can’t find hers.A :Really, I´ll call her right now.B : When you talk to her, please tell her I say “Hi.”A : Sure, I´ll tell her. See you later.Charlies film Nancys clock Barbaras cat Warrens empty can

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