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Still feeling that social media is an alien planet?

Still feeling that social media is an alien planet?

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Published by salterbaxter
It's time to join the conversation.
It's time to join the conversation.

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Published by: salterbaxter on Nov 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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It’s time to jointhe conversation
Still feelingthat social mediais an alien planet?
Commnicating, sharing, learning,collaborating and participating are natralhman traits. Obvios, non? It’s becase weall love to talk, share and be part of a network.We all thrive when these activities are in place;we learn, adapt, innovate and improve. A keyotcome of this is that we tend to trst whator network shares with s rather than a pieceof commnication, advertising or promotion.Think abot yor own experiences as aconsmer; friends, family and peers haveoften recommended prodcts and servicesthat yo remember, vale and engage with.The companies that listen to yo, inclde yoin the process and respond to yor feedback,ltimately keep yo as a valed and repeatcstomer. As a cstomer, a consmer, oran employee yo want to be part of theprocess as it contribtes to a more enrichingexperience and one that’s more real andrelevant to yo.So if, as individals, we thrive in thesenetworks, why are so many companiescatios and resistant to embracing thisway of commnicating?At salterbaxter, we have a lot of conversationswith or clients and or peers who tell sthat social media doesn’t or won’t work forthe corporate sector. The mantra is that it isnot appropriate to embrace social media in acorporate context. ‘Facebook is banned’ and‘we don’t have access to YoTbe’. Many fearhow this approach wold work within existingcompany cltre. Marketing teams know theycan’t ignore it bt don’t know where to start.And some who do embrace social mediathen wonder why it doesn’t work, when theybroadcast the same old messages via thesechannels rather than recognising that theyare part of a network.Bt social media is so mch more thanFacebook and YoTbe. It is now an integralpart of the commnications media mix.Digital and social platforms are increasinglythe predominant way that messagesand commnications are absorbed.We wold arge that social media technologiesare sefl tools, and when sed in the rightcontext, help organisations to innovate andparticipate in conversations that engagestakeholders and keep yor cstomers happy– so ltimately spport shareholder vale.Bt engagement in social media and networkingneeds consideration like any other engagementstrategy. Companies need to determine whatthe right channels and networks are forthem and their commnities and how bestto provide vale.We recognise that in some cases there arebarriers to overcome and yo are not alone.Bt it doesn’t need to be overwhelming.Does it really work? We think so, and toillstrate the point we are highlighting somecompanies who are nding real vale incommnicating, collaborating and sharingsing social media.
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Withot qestion, digital technologies and now social mediahave radically changed the way we operate and commnicate asbsinesses, corporations, families and friends. The capacity to talkand share online in real time is amplied by social media. What socialmedia has provided s with is the ability to share or message andconnect with adiences mch more than before and with more visiblereslts. More importantly, in today’s climate, it gives eqal voice toyor cstomers, consmers, critics and competitors.
Social media – OMG
it’s so hard and so not corporate!
* Jst in case... OMG = Oh My God
Mel McVeigh
Head of Digitalmmcveigh@salterbaxter.com
Directions Supplement
October / November 09
Corporates using social platforms asa way of engaging their communities
It’s early days, bt we expect to see more companies integratingsocial media with traditional online commnications over thenext 12 months. These examples show companies that aresccessflly embracing social media.
of search reslts for theworld’s top 20 largestbrands are links to sergenerated content.
Corporate responsibility
FedEx Citizenship blog
http://citizenshipblog.fedex.designcdt.com/If yo are looking to engage yor adience freqently, thenreporting on yor sstainability programme every 12 to 18 monthswith old data will not meet that bsiness reqirement. Create aplatform that is scalable and exible to handle freqently pdatedcontent from varios sorces and then share them across the weband other social networks like YoTbe.What’s so good abot that? It gives people a reason to keep comingback. FedEx’s citizenship blog is freqently pdated – every week.There is an active commnity who share, comment and feedbackas well as a loyal adience of repeat visitors. A great and consistentway of sharing yor stories, performance and activity.More corporate responsibility websites exploiting social networkingand content:Gap inchttp://www.gapinc.com/socialresponsibility/The Gardian Newspaperhttp://www.gardian.co.k/sstainability
Corporate websites
ASDA Corporate website
http://yor.asda.com/Is this the ftre of corporate websites? Theycertainly don’t need to be static or conventionalreporting channels. This social platform forASDA is a great example of a strategy toreglarly commnicate to their core adience.What is so great abot it? ASDA haven’tsiloed their social media activity from theirexisting commnications, bt have createdan integrated experience.Other corporate websites integratingsocial media:International Hotel Grophttp://www.ihgplc.com/

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