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MRCHNTS Scribd 26 10 2009 A

MRCHNTS Scribd 26 10 2009 A

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Published by sergio dezorzi

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Published by: sergio dezorzi on Nov 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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An essay on the present evolution of theCapitalist socio-economic system beforedescent into ChaosAbout the triumph of selfishness and Humanstupidity.
FOREWORD 1980-2000.
 This is basically the foreword I have written at my first attempt topublish this booklet, naturally it has been updated and alteredduring the following years.
Partly because of inclination and partly because of circumstances,I believe that I have acquired an inquisitive mind. I am not surewhether for me this has been a gift or a curse. Often I haveconsidered lucky those people who live by instinct, withoutquestions, and let life to take care of itself.Because of this inclination and because whenever I had adiscussion about politics and the economy with friends,workmates or anybody else the discussion always ended up like ina vicious circle with the first questions or objections being askedall over again.For this reason, about ten years ago (1970s) I started writing asort of an essay with the purpose of delineating my personalopinions on the problems that were plaguing our society at thetime; I tried to explain the connection that those problems hadwith the current economic philosophy and with the nature of Capitalist economy; I intended to stop wasting time and breath
arguing each point that I was making and instead give them thebooklet to read.At the time, the Cold War was at its peak and that, more than thesocial and ecological problems, was the main concern. Today, the danger of a global nuclear conflict between thecapitalist West and the Soviet Union has disappeared, as theSoviet Union no longer exists. The first experiment of creating anew socio-economic organism directed by Humanistic ideals of fairness and justice has been made to fail. This attempt probably was doomed from the start; born from adestructive war and revolution in a society still under-developedand still with a feudal mentality, opposed from within and fromoutside, surrounded by countries with governments determined tocrush it in its cradle, it was compelled to acquire a siegementality.In such an environment, it was bound to develop into adictatorship. As it is the consequence of every dictatorship, iteventually produced a new privileged class and it becamecorrupt, the people lost their innocence and their belief in theideals for which, in the beginning, they were prepared even togive their life. This first failed experiment was not in vain. It produced reactionsin the rest of the world that forced the insensitive Capitalistestablishment to limit their exploitation of the Human resourcesunder their power, or at least to pay lip service to the sameHuman ideals that the Socialists were aspiring to. I hope that theexperience of this first failed attempt will show the pitfalls to beavoided, and will show us a more enlightened way to be adoptedin the next attempt that, I am sure, will eventually take shape(1980s).
I am so sure for two main reasons: one is that I believe that whatis good in Human nature will always manage to survive. TheHuman condition, those ideals of fairness, justice and kinship onthis small and fragile planet Earth, cannot have completelydisappeared. The second reason, and the more compelling, is thatthose problems that I ventured to analyze ten years ago are stillpresent more than ever, aggravated and compounded. Today the connection between our ecological and social problemsand Capitalist economic philosophy is ten times more evidentthan it has been in the recent past. The eunuchs of the Media, understandingly, are not prepared torisk their jobs by publicizing what should be obvious to anybodywith a bit of intelligence and common sense: that Capitalism hascome to the end of the road. There are a few journalists who stillhave some honesty and self respect and are timidly starting tohint at the hopelessness of Capitalist economy to solve theproblems that it itself is creating. The threat of global nuclear war has receded; but, in its place, thesenseless trade war that has been going on all along isintensifying. More contenders are coming into the battlefield. They are the ex socialist countries, that by adopting Capitalistphilosophy, the "philosophy of the merchant" - to buy and sell asthe only condition of survival - they are forced to indebt andcastigate themselves to be able to compete on the saturatedworld's market. As all other developing and underdevelopedcountries are already doing the same, it has become a senselesscompetition between Nations to throw each other out of work.So far all the answers to the problems created by the saturationof capitalist economy have been unconvincing and superficial. The solutions offered have been ineffective. The reason is that atpresent every investigation about the causes of our social andeconomic troubles has stopped short of a deep search into the

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