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Sociology the family Writing Assignment

Sociology the family Writing Assignment

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Published by sarahrey

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Published by: sarahrey on May 03, 2014
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Reyner 1
Sarah Reyner 2 December 2013Sociology 214Dr. Kinnel Sociology 214 Family and Society Paper 
Reyner 2
For my paper, I hae cho!en to do an analy!i! bet"een my grandmother, Sandie #$dd, my mother, %a$rie Reyner, and my!el&. 'e&ore thi! a!!ignment, I already held a !trong relation!hip "ith the!e t"o "omen, and there&ore cho!e them to ba!e my ine!tigation on in order to reeal a deeper !ide o& o$r relation!hip. (y grandmother, "ho i! no" )*, gre" $p on a &arm in a !mall to"n called Do"agiac, (ichigan. +&ter marrying my grand&ather, enry erit-, !he had my mother. (y mother gre" $p in thi! !ame to"n and lied a !imilar li&e a! her mother, a! a &armer! da$ghter. /nce my mother "a! o$t o& college, my randmother diorced my grand&ather and remarried Dic #$dd. D$ring thi! time, my mother "a! dating and eent$ally married my &ather, Do$gla! Reyner. o"eer, a&ter getting married, my parent! migrated !o$th to (obile, +labama, "hich "a! "here I, to thi! day, !till call home. For oer the pa!t 4 year! I hae been dating #$!tin Kobla!, another re!ident o& the (obile area, and hae both attended the nier!ity o& So$thern (i!!i!!ippi. hi! paper "ill di!c$!! in detail ho" each generation ha! di&&ered a! "ell a! compared oer time. %oe, Dating, (arriageancian de!cribe! loe a! a relation!hip "hich i! an 5a&&ectionate, relatiely end$ring  bond "hich incl$de! a !mall n$mber o& people "ho are emotionally committed, tal &re6$ently, and &eel obliged to proide care and practical a!!i!tance to each other7 8hapter 9 Slide 14: (y &amily along eery generation ha! "itne!!ed thi! de&inition among each other and al!o "ith their !igni&icant other. ancian al!o de&ine! a term called the 5&emini-ation o& loe7 a! the moement to"ard! trait! a!!ociated "ith emotion! and &eeling! becoming more &eminine 8hapter 9 page 209:. hi! moement, ho"eer, ha! not !et &oot among the member! o& my &amily. +! long a! I hae been alie, I hae been ble!!ed "ith not only a &ather, b$t al!o three grand&ather! "ho di!play a great deal o& loe and a&&ection. he "omen in my &amily are not the !ole proider! o&
Reyner 3
emotional and phy!ical loe a! thi! moement "o$ld !$gge!t. 'oth my parent! and grandparent! !till hold hand!, c$ddle, and i!! a! I do "ith my boy&riend, "ith m$ch o& the!e actiitie! initiated by the male &ig$re in the relation!hip. o thi! day, I am acc$!tomed to a h$g and i!! on the chee &rom all &o$r generation! a! a &orm o& greeting. /ne intere!ting di!tinction that I di!coered "a! the di&&erence! o& dating practice!  bet"een my grandmother, mom, and I. (y grandparent! &ell into the era o& &ormal dating. (y grandmother told me that !he met my grand&ather at her !i!ter! "edding. Initially, they "ent on date!, and then they eent$ally !tarted 5going !teady.7 hi! i! e;actly ho" &ormal dating "a! de!cribed to $! in cla!!, and I "a! ery intere!ted to !ee the correlation 8hapter < lect$re, !lide 9:. (y mom and dad &ell $nder the era o& contemporary dating. /nce they !tarted 5!eeing7 each other, they "ere committed. hi! type o& dating re!embled the ie"! o& contemporary dating a! the the gender role! "ere m$ch le!! de&ined. 8hapter < lect$re, !lide 13:. (y mom too on a more independent role a! part time employee. (y relation!hip "ith #$!tin al!o &all! into the contemporary dating era. =ith &$t$re plan! o& marriage, "e identi&y o$r!ele! a! being on a 5!ero$!7 leel. I hae &o$nd that my parent! and I !hare the !ame type o& dating e;perience! in term! o& occ$rring in the !ame era and the do"nplay o& parental and comm$nal reg$lation that "a! common preio$!ly. hi! ha! helped them $nder!tand and g$ide me "hen I !hare my e;perience! and !tr$ggle! "ith them abo$t my c$rrent relation!hip "ith #$!tin. he i!!$e o& premarital !e; ha! been hi!torically highly &ro"ned $pon and $n!$pported in my &amily. hi! i! d$e to ario$! religio$! &actor! that many o& o$r moral! are ba!ed $pon. 'eca$!e o& my &amily! obio$! negatie ie" on premarital !e;, the initial reaction a&ter a!ing thi! 6$e!tion "a! one o& !$rpri!e and embarra!!ment. (y randmother! ie" coincide! "ith the gallop pole that "e !t$died in cla!! that !aid in 1<><, >9? !aid premarital !e; i! bad 8hapter

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